• The Hot Batchoy one of my favorite things to eat in the afternoon. It gives your body a warmth that you need. It has noodles, pork, spring onions, crunchy pork skin, pepper, and other spices [more]
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  • Polvoron is a type of powdered milk candy very popular in the Philippines. [more]
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  • If you have heart problems or just don't want to get fat then the CRISPY PATA isnt for you. Yummy and crispy [more]
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  • The BUKO SALAD or Coconut Salad. One of my all time favorite deserts. I can only eat during birthday parties because I'm too lazy to make one [more]
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  • The Pancit Canton one of my favorite snack foods, although i prefer the instant ones. but the ones that are manually made are the best with different ingredients. [more]
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  • The BICO or sticky rice cake very sweet and delicious. [more]
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  • Pininiyahang manok is a must-try recipe! Tastes really good. :) [more]
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  • Yummy sinigang it has a nice sour and salty taste. I always love it with pork ribs rather than shrimps and fish. then again we all have choices. [more]
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  • i suddenly missed eating these ilocos longganisa with a different garlicky taste and aroma from vigan, ilocos sur philippines, served with hot rice and vinegar. taken from my last visit in ilocos [more]
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  • SHAKOY is the Philippines version of fried dough with sugar on it. It's sweet and tender just how it should be. [more]
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  • Ah the delicious crispy Lechon in English its whole roast pig. Is there someone a single person that can eat this all by himself. Its also considered as the Philippine's national food i think [more]
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  • Kinilaw one of the best Beer Matches. Its raw fish mixed with white vinegar, garlic, onions, chili, ginger, salt, and other spices. I always eat this with a soda to help the digestion process. [more]
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  • The SISIG or in English maybe sizzling pork mask. I was never really fond of it with liver or eggs. I like it with mayonnaise and 3 pcs of garlic rice and I'm covered. [more]
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