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  • I want to live in the U.S. This is the place whrre human being can feel himself as human being. I want to chase the american dream and breath in american oxygen.
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  • Anatolii_S
  • This is what my niece got as present. Looks scary as real) She loves such big toys, when I was a kid I liked more small toys like soldiers, etc.
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  • I want to buy new laptop, but can't do it here unfortunately. Government has prohibited credits in my area, because it's war here.
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  • I used to love my hair, but now I'm like Bruce Willis. It feels much more comfottable like this.
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  • I tried to use twitter for some time, but I like p-tweets much much more than. Good bye twitter. What about you?
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  • Good morning.If you could do anything in the world, how long would you stay in bed for?
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  • Someone said this and I am totally agree: relationships are tough, but it's cheaper than paying for hookers. [more]
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  • Going to sleep now and want to offer you to listen to great song by my favorite band Nothing more. Check this out.
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  • I wanted to buy Nexus 5, but have chosen an iPhone. Looking at this amazing baby Nexus5x I will certainly move from iOS to Android. [more]
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  • Wow! Just look at this. Japanese are awesome. Dude cuts the ball with sword at 161 km/h speed. Crazy!
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  • This is a website of my town site. The war has just stopped here. You can probably find something interesting. Check it out:
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  • This is my favoritr dish of all times: chicken with honey. Just try it.
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  • This is a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. James Brown (live)
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  • Have you ever heard perfect song? You should listen to this one. Isn't it perfect?
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  • This is truly the best rockband nowadays! Their songs - it is compilation of good music, deep and interesting texts and lots of energy. Nothing more can compare to them today I think. MUST Listen!
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