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  • congratulations to the newly weds aimee and erwin last july 28, the photos are very nice!
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  • It has been almost a week since the typhoon named Gener visited the country and until this moment its raining and very windy in my area, i hope everyone is safe [more]
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  • these are my favorite radio disc jockeys that i listen to every afternoon, i love rx 93.1 because they play hip music and discuss sensible topics
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  • after spider man and the dark knight rises, he will have the next superhero movie! its on 2013
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  • do you think your child has intelligence way above their normal playmates? have them checked at philippine association for the gifted with their intelligence testing process [more]
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  • yay! the mcdonalds twister firies is back! and because the new store is just right across the block, i can have it anytime
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  • the samsung galaxy nexus recently caught my eye the last time i was in the mall as its very nice sleeky appearance better than the galaxy sII a bit pricey though (35,000 php)
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  • ive noticed that kaspersky antivirus contributes to the slowing of my laptop when i use it, what can you suggest if ever i plan on changing my antivirus? [more]
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  • i really like this car audio set up for a girls car, its personalized with lights!
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  • are you an social security member that has a 2 year continuous loan? take advantage of your benefits by applying for a salary loan at a low interest rate, visit for more info [more]
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  • i use this precious cucumbers for my tired eyes, its effective and lessens the puffiness
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  • my great grand father in his early years, how bout you, do you know the family tree of your clan as well
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  • the chocolate hills of bohol province, i want to come back to this place next year and experience it again
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  • kaici my officemate and friend recently has developed a great passion for playing volleyball, i might try to catch him play this weekend to play
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  • visit for more updates, medal tally and everything about the current olympic events
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