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  • With the implementation of China's family planning policy, by the beginning of the 21st century, more than 90% of our children and adolescents will live in one-child children. This basic fact shows that the quality of our country's future population depends to a large extent on the healthy growth of the one-child children. From the perspective of educational work, whether we can grasp the characteristics of only-child children and conduct targeted education will have an impact on the overall effectiveness of education. Every educator should attach great importance to the study of one-child education. [more]
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  • Scientific community on pedagogy In essence, the cart before the horse. The system is good, the scope is good, are all tools of thinking, is used to express beliefs or ideas. Without faith, thought, or belief, there is a problem with thought itself, and a delicate system is just a beautiful "shell." In my opinion, the procedure should be like this: first establishing the proper belief in pedagogy, knowing what framework we should understand for education; and secondly, exploring what the theoretical system for expressing this belief is, Accurate or not. [more]
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  • Retrieving people's understanding of the basis of pedagogy can be said that every aspect is not satisfactory. Although pedagogy has its own object of study, the question is how can it grasp this object? Pedagogy also should have its own method of research. What are the problems and what are the effective methods of pedagogy? Had its own academic paradigm, the question is what kind of belief is reasonable? Education has its own scientific community, but the question is what kind of team? All these problems together, forcing us to look again for pedagogy Based on the methodology, reflection Pedagogy understanding. [more]
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  • Research on education It is not that education does not have an independent status, nor is it based on the absence of its existence, but that people's perception of these foundations falls into a "misunderstanding". The only way out is to change our way of knowing. To illustrate this issue, we still return to the study of pedagogy. [more]
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  • Know the way To put it bluntly, the subject of pedagogy is not purely objective and material; a solitary fact does not "automatically" enter into our field of vision, but arises only from the joint action of subject and object. Therefore, on the basis of the existence of pedagogy, it is not enough to examine the object alone. It is also necessary to examine the subject and examine the subject's mode of understanding. The existence of pedagogy inherently determines the way of human's cognition and education. When we reflect on the development of pedagogy, do not forget to reflect on the way of education. [more]
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  • Education awareness system For the educational world, the way of scientific cognition regards it as an object other than human (which is close to that of the natural world), and demands that its inherent attributes should be faithfully reflected; while the humanistic way of understanding regards it as the subjective expression of her and as a subjective The "derivatives." The actual world of education? It can neither be completely attributed to objectivity nor can it be attributed wholly to subjectivity. It is always a world in which people act, and subjectivity and objectivity are "naturally" unified in some activities. Therefore, the way of scientific understanding and Humanistic way of knowing has only relative meaning. [more]
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  • Of course, because of the practical activities that come directly from educators, they contain many correct understandings that conform to the laws of education. With the emergence of schools and gradual enrichment of educational practices, a great deal of problems have arisen about educational practices. Different from the past, these problems are no longer confined to the experience of individual education and have become problems experienced and felt by many people in society. In our words today, it is already a "social problem." To solve these problems, people have put forward a series of discussions and opinions, from which various educational thoughts have been formed. In the history of mankind, from the time of the slave society through the feudal society to the early stage of capitalist society, roughly seventeen centuries ago, the writings of China and the West on education (The Book of History, The University, The Analects, , "On the orator's education", etc.), basically belong to the educational experience and educational thinking, especially the educational experience. Read more. [more]
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  • The modern philosophy is no longer satisfied with the ontological tendency of ancient philosophy, but focuses on the reliable cognition itself, that is, it requires lay the knowledge on the solid gene. This also gradually affects the development of pedagogy. In the construction of pedagogy, people pay more and more attention to the basic problems of educational theory and gradually form the only scientific trend of pedagogy that is measured by the standards of natural science. The course of this phase can be summarized as follows. [more]
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  • What is "science"? He believes that science is about knowledge of nature; this knowledge has three parts: one is the observed object; the other is light, which is the necessary attention; the third is the inner perception of the eyes, that is, the perception of the soul . Thus he put forward the scientific pedagogy must include the following three steps: The first step is to present things to students; "Everything should be as sensible as possible, to the extent possible." The second step. Inspire Students Note: "With Attention ... you can understand everything that's in front of you." [more]
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  • The reason why psychology has acquired a scientific identity lies in its adoption of positivism and the use of natural sciences to study psychological phenomena. Before Wundt, did Fischer expect scientific methods that had struggled to quantify whether they could teach us to examine human spirits in the connection between man and the universe? The precise methodologies of natural science can, in turn, In the study of the world, finally he found that the content of consciousness can be dealt with by the stimuli that the controller faces. This control makes the psychology experiment possible and leads to the first mathematical model of the relationship between the mental and physical quantities. [more]
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  • the author thinks. The most important reason that led to today's pedagogical research's "superficial prosperity and substantial emptiness" and the exclusion of external factors such as social politics, economy and ideology is that pedagogy has long been trapped in the lost of "science of science." Blindly and blindly pursuing "scientific" education pedagogy farther and farther on the wrong path. Now is the time to criticize this wrong tendency.
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  • Second, in the field of education and research, mature natural sciences serve as role models for accurate, quantitative and objective goals. The value of educational research lies in an objective and accurate description of the facts and laws of education. "The evaluation of educational research results mainly depends on the so-called scientific method of using mathematical statistics and experimental research etc. An article in educational theory without statistical data and It seems that the survey can not be regarded as an academic dissertation, and as a mathematical ideal, we hope that there will be a formula to construct a model of educational activities without any problem. Through the operation of the model, the whole process and result of educational activities will be At a glance. Read more.
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  • (Thirty-eight) to promote political and technical separation, management separation. In response to the requirements of China's national conditions and the times, China should build a modern school system that runs schools according to law, independently manage, supervise, and participate in the society and establish a new type of relationship between the government, schools and associations. Adapt to the requirements of the reform of the state administrative system, make clear the authority and responsibility of government administration, and clarify the rights and responsibilities for running schools of all kinds and levels at all levels. Explore the school management system and school-running model that adapt to the growth of different types of education and talents, and avoid the one-thousand-school side. Improve the school goal management and performance management mechanism. We will improve the open system of school affairs and accept the supervision of faculty members, staff members and associations. With the promotion of the reform of the classification of state institutions, we have explored the establishment of management systems and supporting policies that are in line with the characteristics of schools, overcoming the tendency of administrativeization and canceling the existing administrative levels and administrative management models.
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  • Running schools according to law is the practice of building a state under the rule of law in education The Outline of the National Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020) states that the program of modern school system is: the separation of political school from management, the separation of management and operation, the establishment of a modern school that runs schools according to law, self-management, democratic supervision and social participation System, which represents China's understanding of the avant-garde of modern schools in 2010 and is still not sure of its realization in 2020. Running schools according to law instead of running schools with administrative instructions or administrative affiliation is the external premise of the modern school system. Schools established according to law naturally acquire the basic right to run their own schools. Such autonomous power does not belong to the principal or individual, but to organizations such as the council.
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  • Democratic supervision refers to the professional work within the school organized by a special committee to implement, and the overall formation of the effective supervision of administrative power. The internal governance structure of a school may vary according to the choices made by the members of the school. It can be divided into the presiding presidency under the leadership of the School Democratic Management Committee (the Governing Council, the Council of the Democratic Governance Committee, the School Affairs Committee and the School Affairs Conference) In all parts of the world nowadays belong to the basic type; in addition there is the school system of "principal responsibility system"; the type of school system dominated by "the principal presided over system under the leadership of the board of directors (council)"; Group presided over under the leadership of presidential "based school system type. Read more. [more]
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