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  • Heck yeah, wish Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner crossed paths. But this is still AWESOME. Watch for it in theaters.
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  • carl_lustre
  • Freaking hilarious, Family Feud has its funny moments. I can't believe what things comes in their minds under pressure.
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  • Incredibly funny, this is one of the funniest TV shows ever. What makes it funny? Well, if you put 4 geeky nerds and 1 pretty girl. This is perfect.
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  • Darn, Game of Thrones Season 3 is coming closer every second. Renowned as the biggest and greatest television show, I can't wait for what happens
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  • Oh my gosh. I love The Walking Dead. I can't wait for the newest season. Can't it come any sooner?
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  • What I loved with this anime is the fact that you can't ever know how things will turn out be. It has always been like a Roller Coaster Ride.
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  • As a One Piece fanatic, I love all Luffy's fights. Not only do they touch your hearts, but they give you an adrenaline rush. Enjoy.
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  • Yes, this are one of the greatest and finest moments of One Piece. Enjoy watching them as chill runs down your spine from these hair-raising moments.
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  • Heck, this has been one of the best moments of the movie industry. A movie all about dancing. Can't wait for this to come out in theaters.
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  • carl_lustre
  • As a Resident Evil fan, what makes me happy is the game made into a movie. That has been done. Now what needs to be done next is to tkae it up a notch. So enjoy the newest movie.
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  • Every Final Fantasy Fan can understand that there are numerous incedible and finest moments in gaming. The challenge is to know how to rank them fairly. Enjoy
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  • This game has been remarkably good. Plot was wonderful. You only often get t play games wherein the hero stands victorious. This has something to offer new and fresh. I love how their love is ETERNAL
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  • Well, truth of the matter is, TIFA is the best. What else would you look for, sexy, smoking hot, pretty face, and beats up baddies with her bare hands. No one else can compare.
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  • This is a video made from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and DOA. Remarkably splendid work Monty Oum. Wish you can keep up the good work.
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  • The best movie cut scene and the best soundtrack. This has been the finest moments of Final Fantasy.
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