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  • WOPET Automatic Timer Cat and Dog Feeder with Voice Recording LY-104 - 4 Meals $75.95 Wopet Automatic Timer Cat and Dog Feeder LY-104 Makes Feeding Hassle Free for Pets’ Dietary Health & Well-being. Set Up to 4 Daily Distribution Alarms; Simply Pick Your Portion Size & Unit Dispenses Dry Meals. The LCD screen device and complete functions make the operate is very easy. Record Personal Meal Call Up to 10 Seconds; Runs on 3 D Batteries or DC Power Cable to Outlet. Conveniently feeds your pet whether you are at home or away!provide a interesting and better quality of living for your pet with Wopet! Product Feature: Customize Frequency:4 feeding times can be set for any time Voice Recorder and Speaker: Personal voice message calls your pet Food Category: Dry dog or cat food; no canned or wet food snacks Product Specification: *Material: ABS *Color: Blue *Product Size: 8.3 x 13 inches (15 inches with tray) *Food Container: 17 cups * Rated Voltage: 110-240V * Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/2A * Battery Powered:Requires D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces What You Get: 1 x Wopet feeder(Stainless Steel Bowl) 1 x Manual 1 x Power Adapter 1 x USB cable
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  • WOpet 7L Timer Programmable Feeder A36 $89.95 Our pet likes to be fed on a schedule. But that schedule doesn’t always match your to-do list. Make sure your pet is fed automatically and have one less thing on your list, provide an interesting and better quality of living for your pet with WOpet! We believe the best nutrition for your pet is personalized. The automatic pet feeder will help you manage feeding times, portion sizes, proper ingredients. Feature: Flexible meal portions from 1--39 protions 4 feeding times can be set for any time Personal voice message calls your pet Dry dog or cat food; no canned or wet food snacks Specification: Material: ABS Color: White Dimensions:9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inch Food container capacity:7lbs dry food Rated Voltage: 110-240V Power adapter voltage: 5V/0.2A Battery Powered:Requires D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces Package: 1 x Wopet Automatic pet feeder 1 x Manual 1 x adapter 1 x USB cable
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  • WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder LY-92 - 2 Meal $29.99 When you were away from home, Wopet automatic feeder got you covered! Our feeder is reliable and easy to use, conveniently feeds your pet whether you are at home or away. Timer allows you to set up to 2 meals within 48 hours. With the Wopet 2-meal electronic pet feeder you never have to worry about your dog or cat running out of food or overeating. Feature: Easy to use,easy to clean Food-grade plastic pets-friendly design How to use: It is a 48 hour timer. You line up the arrow to the 2, the feeder will open after 2 hours. If you line up the arrow to the 12, the feeder will open after 12 hours. Tips: Do not submerge it under water while cleaning. Always use ice bag. (product included) Put the ice bag into the fridge for a period of time before using. Notice: When the pet eat all the food, if you want to stop working, no need to take the batteries out, just switch it to the 'off' condition. The timer is not a clock, but a countdown of time, you dial up the number of hours till the time you want it to open. This product requires 2*AA battery,which are not included in delivery.
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  • WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder LY-92 - 1 meal $19.99 When you were away from home, Wopet automatical feeder got you covered! Our feeder is reliable and easy to use, conveniently feeds your pet whether you are at home or away. Timer allows you to set up to 1 meals within 48 hours. With the Wopet 2-meal electronic pet feeder you never have to worry about your dog or cat running out of food or overeating. Feature: Easy to use,easy to clean Food-grade plastic pets-friendly design How to use: It is a 48 hour timer. You line up the arrow to the 2, the feeder will open after 2 hours. If you line up the arrow to the 12, the feeder will open after 12 hours. Tips: Do not submerge it under water while cleaning. Always use ice bag. (item included) Put the ice bag into the fridge for a period of time before using. Notice: When the pet eat all the food, if you want to stop working, no need to take the batteries out, just switch it to the 'off 'condition. The timer is not a clock, but a countdown of time, you dial up the number of hours till the time you want it to open. This product requires 1*AA battery,which are not included in delivery.
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  • Wopet Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats With HD Camera for Video Recording APP Control V36 - 6 Meal $149.99 Wopet V36 works like a pet sitter,be able to feed your pet from anywhere and at anytime. remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly.Best automatic pet feeder for dogs and cats. The goal of Wopet is to enrich the life of your pet so they can have a happy and healthy life. Feed your pet on timed intervals or manually feed with a touch of a button on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Stay connected with your pet even when you are away; the HD Camera with audio enables you to view and talk to your pet.provide a interesting and better quality of living for your pet with Wopet! Technical Specs Product Size: 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inch Camera: 120° Wide Angle Lens | HD 720P Accepted Food: Dry food, 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter Food Container: 6.5L Rated Voltage: 110-240V Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/1A WOpet App: Android 4.0 or above / iOS 7.5 or above Battery Powered:Requires D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS 1. Connecting To Wifi - Make sure the WOpet feeder is turned on and plugged into a wall outlet - Connect your iOS/Android device to your home/business wifi and open the WOpets app - When prompted enter the correct wifi password in the WOpets app - Your home/business wifi signal needs to be a 2.4GHz signal. If needed, move the feeder closer to the wifi router 2. Downloading the App - Method 1: Search “PetU” in the Apple App,Search “Pet-U” in the Google Play store - Method 2: Scan the QR code in the user manual,or sides of the feeder, to download What’s In The Box? 1 - WOpet Feeder 1 - Power Adapter 1 - Manual
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  • A Huge Update of ezTalks for Mac Version 3.3.3 ezTalks has released a new version for Mac, which brings you tons of new features and bug fixes. With this new version, the ezTalks app for Mac has been at the same pace with the Windows app in respect of the features of video conferencing. Highlights of the changes in this version: 1. The Meetings interface brings a clear section to show the upcoming meetings and history meetings. From the upcoming list, you can see all the details of your scheduled meeting, including the invited attendees. Moreover, if you are invited by some other people, you can also find that meeting on the upcoming list. From the history list, whether you have hosted the meeting or joined the meeting, you can check how many participants have successfully joined and their email addresses, as well as the chat messages. 2. On the main interface, a new search bar is added which allows you to search your meetings and contacts in a fast way. 3. The recording feature allows you to record video and audio in MP4 format, and audio only in MP3 format. 4. The new version allows you to connect a second monitor to your Mac and show the video screen on the extended display. 5. Also, sharing an extended display is available on the new version. Download the app for Mac and enjoy the new version now! [more]
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  • How to Make Conference Call on Android In today's business environment, getting people to meet up is becoming more and more difficult since everyone is busy with schedules and meetings. As the saying reveals, where there are problems, there must be resolutions. The telecommunicating technologies solve these problems with remote conference calls, meetings or collaboration. Staffs from around the world can be in the same virtual rooms just like the “face to face” meetings. Among the various remote communication ways, the conference call is the most popular and efficient way to get teams connected. In this article, we will introduce how to conference call on android devices. Totally we have listed two effective options in two different situations and you can choose the one best suits for you. 1. Android conference call with default phone application The most convenient way to make an android conference call with your friends or teams is to dial out their numbers directly from your phone. Step 1. Launch your Android’s default Phone application. Find the default “Phone” application icon in your android device and tap to launch it; Step 2. Enter the number and make the call Enter a phone number of one participant in the number pad and tap the green Phone icon to make a call to him/her; Or you can choose a contact from your contact list and tap the green Phone icon to make a call to him/her. Step 3. Hold the call Once the first participant answers your phone call, you can tell him to wait for s minute for you to invite other participants to this conference call on android. Step 4. Call another friend Tap the Add Call icon on the screen and enter the second participant’s number on the number pad or select him/her from your contacts list; Then tap the green Phone icon to make a call to him/her. Step 5. Merge the calls Once the second participant answers your call, you can merge the two calls by tapping “Merge” icon on the screen. Then your calls are merged into conference calls android with three participants (including yourself) and chats are free now! Step 6. Add more participants If necessary, you can add more participants by repeating the mentioned steps. Depending on your carrier, you can have at most 6 people joining in the conference call on android. This is the most convenient and traditional way for conference calling android when you are not available to the Internet. With your cellphones and land-line costs, you can have a conference call on android devices easily. 2. Android conference calls with ezTalks Meetings The other method to make a conference call on android is the use of a third party app, and this is also modern and most frequently used way in current business. Take ezTalks Meetings as an example, it allows you to make conference calling android with up to 100 participants for free. If it is not enough, you can sign up for the professional plan for up to 500 participants. Your teams, friends and participants can not only enjoy the free android conference calls but also with a lot of collaboration features which lacks from the traditional landlines. The following are the steps for a conference call on android with ezTalks Meetings. Step 1. Download ezTalks Meetings app from Google Play You download ezTalks Meetings from your Google Play, or if you want to install on your other devices, visit the Download Center for other versions. Step 2. Install and Launch ezTalks Meetings Install the app and Launch ezTalks Meetings on your Android device. Click Sign Up and enter your email address. After finished, ezTalks will send you an email for activation. You can check your email address and activate your account then. Step 3. Sign in to ezTalks Meetings After activation, you can sign in with your ezTalks account and password. Step 4. Host a conference call on android Click , and then click “Host A Meeting” to make a conference meeting on your android device. Make sure your webcam,microphone and speaker are placed in the right places and you are in a free video conference calling android now! Step 5. Invite your participants Share the room ID to the people that would like to join this android conference call. Or you can send email invitation to their email address. They can download ezTalks Meetings to join your meetings via room ID, or simple click the invitation link you have sent to join the conference call for video/audio chats, screen sharing, instant messaging, recording and more. All is done now and enjoy your conference call then! This article has listed two ways on how to conference call on android. So if you are now avaialble to Internet or needs to make unofficial free conference calling android, you can choose the first way. Otherwise, you are suggested to use the second way, because you can even use it for your remote education and formal business meetings. In a word, give both of them a trial and see which method is suitable for you or your organisation. [more]
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  • Top 5 Best Free Conference Call Service For 2018 In this modern business environment, technologies make it easy and convenient for clients, colleagues and partners to get connected while they are distributed in different locations, which allows teams to communicate, collaborate and co-annotate without any limitation. No matter what the meeting room or company size, there is a growing trend toward conference call service to support remote work and productive collaboration. There are vast options for companies, enterprises and business entities to choose for conference call service and communications in the market. With various options available and a lot at stake, it can be a difficult task to choose the suitable platform and device that works best for your organization. We have used tons of apps, with both free conference calls or paid version, and have listed the below top 5 best free conference call service for our audience in the below session. 1. Skype The most frequently used and largest app for free conference call in both daily communication and business occasions. It allows you to make free conference calls with features that quick to access, easy to join and free to use. It is the most popular app for free conference call services and everyone knows its name. Besides, Skype also offers different calling plans to landlines and cell phones worldwide. One of the outstanding features is that now you can see up to 25 people to join your free conference calling and see each other clearly. 2. ezTalks Meetings This is one of the best free conference call services platforms that should be highly recommended, which is called ezTalks Meetings. It allows users to call from different platforms including smart phones, tablets, desktops, macs and even telephone if the Internet is not available. The app enables you to get connected with your friends or teams for remote education, online training, tele-health, remote interview and more. The free plan offers users the opportunity to host a meeting with up to 100 participants with rich functions including free group video calls, audio calls, screen sharing, remote support, instant messaging, recording and more. If you are in a start-up company, this is the best choice because it is totally free in the Starter Plan. Or if you are looking for an app for your enterprise with a large number of employees, you can consider the professional plan for better user management and controls. In a word, it is totally worth of your trying. 3. Whats App Whats App is another app that worth of recommendation for the best conference call service. It allows you to have texts, group chats, voice calls, video calls as well as document sharing with your friends, families, partners, clients and colleagues. The conference call service delivered from Whats App is free, simple, secure and reliable with more than 1 billion users in over 180 countries. Recently, WhatsApp has launched person-to-person payments into beta in India, the largest market for this app, and will activate this feature in the soon future. According to its features and use cases, it can be concluded that it is mostly used for informal conference calls and more likely to be a social communication app. If you are looking for formal free conference calling, this may not be the best for your organization. 4. ClickMeeting It is one of the business-oriented best conference call service with lots of professional features for business collaboration. And it is also one of the best platforms to conduct your webinar which also offers free online conference meeting calls for all its registered users. If your organization are trying to seek a professional platform for sales and marketing events, or e-learning courses, onboard & training or panel discussion, this platform is your best choice. ClickMeeting helps to engage the audience with your content and ensuring everyone in the conference is up to date. 5. Tokbox Tokbox is easy to conduct free conference calling with 20-25 participants for per session. You do not even need to download the app to perform interactive video, audio and messaging with your team members to maximize their creativity. So for every device, whether you’re building for web, mobile or desktop, their platform is compatible. Tokbox also supports of branded or custom solution for any possible requirements if your company is requiring for the special and outstanding design. If you are navigating through a vast array of choices in free conference call services which are available for your organization, the above mentioned 5 best free conference call service will be listed on your options.Try any of these and identify the best solution for you. [more]
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  • Three Biggest Mistakes You Should Avoid In Meeting Filipina Women Online personal ads are the best way for meeting gay singles these days. Apply these strategies to make your meetings effective. As with most things in life, being effective at performance One-to-ones requires planning, structuring and building effective habits This article provides a concise ‘how to' guide to holding effective one-to-one performance meetings to coach, improve and motivate your Team Members. Why are big women online dating sites so helpful in this regard? A well thought out agenda should include the amount of time needed for each agenda item, but typically the facilitator will need to revise and re-adjust the time as the meeting moves forward. Because of the sheer speed that the Internet has within it self and the ability to transfer information real time most of the web based video conference centers puts most of its resources online. Facilitator ?This person plans the meeting, leads the meeting and remains neutral. Other new features just feel tacked-on - the Wi-Fi Plaza, an online meeting room for trainers, doesn't really give many entertainment options outside of a few simple mini-games. This aspect of online dating, especially for members using free sites, saves single parents from spending unnecessary cash on dinners, outfits, and babysitters, not to mention time that could be spent with children. As you research and try out different resources, you will gain a better sense of what your specific needs are for online meetings and project building. There are thousands of single women and men in Europe waiting to meet you online. Time management within the context of holding meetings presents its own considerations. They are a very weak companion to the paid big women online dating sites since the free ones lack a number of customer service benefits the paid sites deliver. Let's face it, gyms will probably never be the ideal environment for meeting women, but these simple ideas may give you a better chance to make a play in a poor situation now and then. [more]
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  • How To Grab Top Spot In A Dating Site Ground rules are a very important part of any meeting; however, they become even more important when the meeting is conducted via conference call. Internet personalities are an obvious draw, but for some, the event was a once in a lifetime chance to meet fellow fans. How do you get everyone to relax, open up and participate in your women's group meeting when they've never been before and don't know other people in the room? Imagine you're an avid beekeeper or really into ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging) — it might be hard to meet people with similar interests at your 9 to 5. But go online and search for beekeeping meetups” and you might be surprised to find one near you. Lesson 6 - Creating memorable events and meetings is all about having more skilled resources at your disposal. When you consider the time needed to travel, as well as the travel costs involved, including train, flight tickets, accommodation, renting a meeting place, etc, a meeting over the Web quickly becomes more appealing. The introduction of internet has made the online meeting to become a reality. The benefits of Online Web Meeting applications are not limited to commercial institutes and organizations; it also extends to the educational institutes. In a business setting, you may want to build a rapport by sharing something personal with others, but be careful with what you share. In the past, online dating was frowned upon, and this was partly because it was radically different to meeting someone in the real world. A Washington DC office space can also be a site for other meetings such as status updates. There are many benefits, but one of the important benefits is that you can schedule meetings ahead of time. Even with your internet enabled phone, you can be able to meet these singles online. Many of today's dating personals have really basic search engines that show the result of any search in this or similar order: online now, online in the last hour, online in the last 24 hours and so on. This is very useful for our purpose. [more]
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  • How To Meet European Singles From Dating Sites In Europe In today's meetings you may have no idea the constellation of characters that you抮e meeting with. Motorola and Citrix have already teamed up to pre-load the latter company's GoToMeeting and Citrix Receiver apps on the Droid 3 , and they're now back doing the same with the long-awaited Droid Bionic The good news for everyone else this time around is that Citrix has also decided to release GoToMeeting as a free app on Android Market. Similar to online videoconferencing services, digital to-do lists can be several times more useful than to-do lists written on paper - because you can collaborate. 7. According to an industry estimate, 30 - 40 million people have used an online dating site at some point. We received a couple of reports of meeting stones not working on EU realms earlier today, and it was later confirmed by Blizzard themselves. This adds a mystery into the relationship which is why some people would like to have an online dating relationship before they take the next step of arranging to meet personally. Technologies used in internet conferences are of such a level that only people involved in businesses can actually afford them -oftentimes only to rent. TCI had accused LSE Chairman Donald Brydon of pushing Rolet out and called the shareholder meeting to try to reverse the decision and oust Brydon. It's the basic idea in meeting women. Question: Does a proper, professional sales meeting demand more Effort, take more Time to prepare, and cost more Money to pull it off? When people arrive at the meeting they can tap a button to let others know they have arrived. Where phone conferences only allow people to send information through audio and, sometimes, through fax, internet web discussions actually transcends this and enables people to simulate being in the same room as others. [more]
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  • Need To Crop Or Add Zoom To A Video After The Fact? Try Video Zoom Are you a person who hates traveling across the town just for one meeting? Along with preparation, send people the agenda of the meeting before it takes place and be in the room waiting before anyone gets there. This is especially important for large meetings. Yet in meetings you may have no idea the constellation of characters that you're meeting with. NeedToMeet is a free scheduling tool that simplifies the process of scheduling any meetings, appointments, events, etc. Try our online scheduling polls and coordinate any meeting, event, class, or activity today! Businesses, families and even medical personnel are all taking advantage of the benefits of video conferencing. Your ability to record meetings with the premium version allows you to make them available for viewing by employees who could not attend the live session. You can determine how you can improve each meeting and you will be more efficient during each meeting you conduct online. If your team members are using different cloud services, you might want to decide as a group to use a single service for group projects and meetings so that collaboration between members is more efficient. Although an in person meeting may not take place until later, many of the same components (aside from the physical) take place through a date online. Your date is probably nervous about meeting you too so you should work to put her at ease and make her feel excited to meet you in person. With online meeting software or webinars, attendees are no longer confined to or restricted by geographical proximity. And since then, conducting meetings have been even easier. You have the best way to chat as you meet varieties of women and men for pursuing, courting and having fun with any way you agree on. It is time you enhance your life through flirting and enjoyable casual fun with Arizona online dating with Yuma singles. [more]
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  • Nations Gather To Decide Who Gets The Keys To The Internet We will take a look at the agenda for a business meeting. A successful online relationship depends on active involvement on the dating site and sends a clear message that you're looking for more than a one-night-stand. You will learn those secrets and how to conduct effective meetings during this webinar. At this time there has not been an announced ETA on when an updated version of GoToMeeting is to be released to address this issue. We are a closed online meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Other features of online video conferencing programs include online directories, special dialing options, and address books. Much to the chagrin of many GoToMeeting users, other video chat programs - Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts - have released updates or already worked with the new MacBook Air. Behind the doors of the five-star Bohao Radegast Hotel in Beijing's central business district on Monday, troubled Chinese tech conglomerate LeEco held an extraordinary shareholder's meeting to elect new directors. We have to be aware that meetings costs time and money; and it would make business sense to only call meetings when they are warranted. Through internet web conferencing, people are given an opportunity to identify those they are talking to. With technological advancements online meetings have made their advent to the corporate world. When many people who have HIV would remain isolated and blocked off from society and dating, these sites give them a new outlook and ability to live a happy life with someone else. But sometimes date-seekers are so jaded of the fact that they must meet the other person in a safe place at a safe time. One of the biggest advantages that people get from online conferencing is the ability to send data in different forms through long distances. Tape recording your meetings may seem easier at the onset but it actually creates more work than it saves. [more]
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  • Cloud Communications: Make Business Communication Easier Nowadays, people are increasingly using technology in almost every sector. To get in touch with other people, we need the necessary collaboration tools. Cloud communications is one of those tools that is becoming popular especially for business purposes. We need it in order to connect with our employees, customers, suppliers or even business partners. What Is Cloud Communications? What is cloud communications? These are types of communications where voice, video and data communications are transmitted via the Internet. These cloud communications services are provided by a third party outside the institution that is enjoying them. The third party is usually the service provider. For cloud communications to work, there has to be appropriate hardware and software. For many years, cloud was data centered implying services available only revolved around storage of data and accessing it. However, this changed with the coming of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) enabling the aspects of both voice and video to be incorporated in the cloud. This is what transformed cloud services greatly. Cloud communications services may include: fax services, instant messaging, interactive voice response, call centre, call-tracking software, private branch exchange, voice broadcast, SIP Trunking, contact centre telephony, video-calling, web conferencing, and video conferencing. These services are provided through applications such as Skype, Gtalk, Prezi, Evernote, Office 365 and ezTalks Meetings. For these services, one needs to choose the best service provider based on the one that serves your needs best. This is to ensure you avoid delays caused by failure of cloud communication systems. The services are only provided to you after making the required payment to the cloud communication provider. Features of Cloud Communications 1. Accessibility - In case of network failure in an office or inaccessibility of stored information in local storage units, the same data can be accessed from cloud as they already backed up. 2. Scalability - With cloud based communications, the amount of data stored is elastic as one can store data to whatever size and at the same time access it from cloud with ease. 3. Reliability - They are highly reliable as the occasions that the clients can`t use these services due to service outage are minimal. 4. Security - Cloud communications guarantee security since authentication is required before any access to cloud services. 5. Service-Level Agreement (SLA) - Both the service provider and the client are required to enter into a legal agreement to ensure both protection and quality services. 6. Support - The service providers support real time customer services that are 24/7 based, meaning client`s complaints and issues are dealt with before they can have great repercussions on a business or an organization. How to Conduct Cloud Communications? ezTalks Meetings is a professional and versatile video conferencing software where meetings are organized online by using the ezTalks app. It enables employers to get in touch with their employees who are even in remote locations. For a free version of ezTalks Meetings, one can host up to a 100 people, while the paid version allows up to 500 participants. It allows one to engage in both private and group chat, enabling one to have control business talks accessibility. It also comes with other important features, such as annotations, content and screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, high definition audio and video, record and playback among others. One can hold as many meetings as possible in the cloud as no limit is set. cloud communications Steps to Use ezTalks Meetings to Start Cloud Communication Step 1. Download ezTalks Meetings from ezTalks Download Center, Apple Store and Google Play store. This can be done either on your mobile device or computer. Step 2. Sign up by using an email account to register, or simply login to with your Facebook or Twitter account. cloud communication services Step 3. Run the application on your mobile device or computer. Step 4. From the dashboard of the application, click Start a Meeting option. cloud based communication Step 5. Invite the participants of your meeting by using your meeting ID or using an email. Step 6. Once the invitation has been accepted by the members the meeting can start. You can start cloud communication with HD audio and video. communication cloud The benefits of cloud communication are numerous, ranging from high transmission speed, cost effective, more participation, better transfer and access of large documents, enhanced teamwork which has the overall effect of increased productivity in a business. This explains why many organizations have no choice but embracing cloud communication.
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  • What Is Web Seminar And How to Host a Web Seminar The technological age has led to advancement with regards to how things are done. The invention of the web, Internet and computers have been very significant in improving communication. Through these inventions, individuals and organizations in different parts of the worlds have been able to surpass geographical and time barriers when engaging in communication. Web seminar, for instance, is one of the outcomes of the technological age. It has facilitated creative and innovative ways of communicating. It has immensely encouraged online chats, sharing of digital materials and other things among people in various locations. web seminar What Is Web Seminar? Simply put, a web seminar is an online event. The event can range from a corporate meeting, a conference/workshop to a lecture session. Video conferencing software facilitates a web based seminar. A web seminar is used for various purposes, including to impact knowledge and skills through training, generate sales, and enable corporations to discuss management issues. Features of Web Seminar 1. Incorporation Video Conferencing Software This software is responsible for enhancing live conferences between or among participants in different geographical locations. The software integrates technology (computer networks) so as to enable exchange of textual, graphical, audio and video information among those involved. A good example of video conferencing software is ezTalks Meetings. 2. Interactivity A web based seminar affirms the power of communication. Through video conferencing, participants are able to share information, deliberate issues and give feedback simultaneously. A web based seminar also motivates participants to interact through the provision of interaction avenues, like questions, tests and simple surveys. 3. Entail Online Audience As mentioned previously, a webinar is an online seminar. It is entirely attended by participants who are connected online. In other words, a webinar is devoid of a physical audience. The online attendees follow the webinar proceedings using devices such as laptops, smartphones. Through these devices, they engage in visual, audio and video communication. 4. Many Attendees Involved Webinars are mainly used for hosting online meetings in which many people participate. Majority of webinars involve at least 20 attendees. The attendees use tools such as telephones, headphones and speakers during the webinar. The tools are necessary to enable them to listen to and decode audio information relayed by the webinar presenter(s). How to Conduct Web Seminars? ezTalks Meetings is a professional and feature-rich audio and video conferencing software which supports web seminars on a large scale basis. It gives you the freedom to involve into a web seminar with a large number (up to 500) of participants. During a web seminar, you can do screen sharing and interactive whiteboard sharing, use the instant messaging to chat with audiences, record the web seminar for later reference and playback, and more. All in all, ezTalks Meetings makes web seminar more efficient and successful. web seminars Three Steps to Use ezTalks Meetings to Start a Web Seminar Step One: Download It To use ezTalks Meetings, one has to first download it through ezTalks Download Center. After downloading it on your respective device (Windows/Mac computer, Android/iOS device), the next crucial phase of step one is the installation. When ezTalks Meetings is successfully installed on your device, it becomes possible to launch it. Step Two: Register Your Account To do this, you need to click on the Sign Up icon in order to key in your email and password. Thereafter, you will receive a message through your email address which will enable you to complete your registration. This will enhance activation of your account. web based seminar Step Three: Embark on Starting a Web Seminar This is the last step in using ezTalks Meetings to start a web based seminar. Prior to starting the webinar, you have to confirm possession of tools, such as a camera and speaker. Thereafter, login to your account and click the Start a Meeting icon to get access to your individualized web seminar room. web based seminar To include your participants, click the invite button icon. This will help you to key in their emails as a way involving them in the webinar. When all people get into the web seminar room, you can start hosting the web seminar. web-based seminars Conclusion Web seminar, as an emerging communication trend, is gaining firm ground at a tremendous rate. This is because web seminar has various attributes and merits that make it appealing as a form of communication. One attribute is the ability of a web seminar to facilitate interactive sessions. Web seminar is also time and cost effective because attendees participate from the physical locations in which they are based. In addition, web seminar has become a crucial learning tool. Facilitators can interact with trainees and provide multiple learning resources during learning. This increases the comprehension and retention levels of trainees. As the technological age becomes a reality, there is no doubt that web based seminars will continue to positively impact on communication.
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