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  • To evaluate and describe education in terms of people's value depends on the size of human values in all aspects of education. When the value of human beings is assessed as high and the value of social organization or other existence as less than the value of man as human beings is greater than 1, when the value of social organization or other existence is above the value of man, man Value is less than 1. The higher the person's valuation, or the lower the social organization and other existing valuations, the higher the value of the person, and vice versa.
  • The reason why literary appreciation has both emotional and rational factors lies in the fact that in regard to appreciating objects and officials, as an active reflection of life, literary works not only infiltrate the author's subjective exquisiteness but also reflect the vast social life, not only having Aesthetic and entertaining, but also cognitive and educational. As far as the subject of appreciation is concerned, he not only needs to grasp the emotional factors in literary images, but also grasp other factors in his image. Moreover, he must judge and evaluate the literary images, which makes it impossible for him to participate rationally. This is indispensable for grasping the literary image. Such as Li Bai's "Qiu Pu" tenth fifteen: "White hair three thousand text, like a long melancholy? I do not know the mirror, where the autumn frost!" "White hair three dry husband" is obviously contrary to common sense of life However, after analysis, we know that the author here uses an exaggerated tactic to write "deep grievances" of "unhappiness," a realization that is the result of rational thinking. As for why to understand why the poet worry, worry about what, even less rational participation. This shows that literary appreciation can not be without reason.
  • Second, in the field of education and research, mature natural sciences serve as role models for accurate, quantitative and objective goals. The value of educational research lies in an objective and accurate description of the facts and laws of education. "The evaluation of educational research results mainly depends on the so-called scientific method of using mathematical statistics and experimental research etc. An article in educational theory without statistical data and It seems that the survey can not be regarded as an academic dissertation, and as a mathematical ideal, we hope that there will be a formula to construct a model of educational activities without any problem. Through the operation of the model, the whole process and result of educational activities will be At a glance. Read more.
  • Role of student role Students are educated individuals who are motivated and self-educated. In the process of education, middle school students are not passive educated people. They are subjective and initiative. According to materialist dialectics, external factors are the conditions for the development and change of things. The internal cause is the basis for the development and change of things. Middle school students' subjective initiative is the internal process of learning process. The so-called subjective initiative refers to the subjective consciousness of the middle school students and the reaction (or positive effect) of the subjective activities to the objective world.
  • The social function of education and the development and reform of education are not only affected by the natural environment of the society, the demographic situation, the development of productive forces and the political and economic systems, but at the same time, education reacts to social development in the form of its own unique activities, Development has a positive role in promoting and promoting. The social function of education is an attempt to clarify how education, in turn, contributes to social development. Read more.
  • First, the unity of education does not conform to the diversity of human nature, nor does it conform to the diversity of social needs of qualified personnel, resulting in a scissors difference between the two. The coping strategy is to understand the characteristics of different individuals and specific educational needs on the one hand, to teach students in accordance with their aptitudes to explore diversified talent growth education; on the other hand, we must understand the needs of diverse people in social transformation characteristics, on this basis: Diversification of Talent Growth Education ecological system, construction of diversified talent development and diversification of educational access to improve the diversity of talent development and diversification education corresponding assessment mechanism.
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