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  • Rapid Tone Shark Tank cholesterol and fats can result in clogged up arteries, leading to heart disease and possible cardiac damage (in the form of a heart attack), stroke, and kidney disease fat packs a lot of calories - if you don't use those calories up in your daily activities, they will be stored in your fat cells and cause weight gain Low-fat diets are often higher in carbohydrates than the average American's diet. Low-fat products take advantage of the fat-carbohydrate trade-off; if... [more]
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  • Summer Keto You need carbohydrates or glucose for brain function, the truth is if you are on a hardcore low carb high protein diet, where carbohydrates are non-existent, you are on what is called a Ketogenic Diet. When on such a strict diet, your body produces ketones in the absence of carbohydrates, then converts the ketones into a form of glucose that enables proper brain function. This brings us to the next myth. [more]
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  • Vitax Lean They do not come from anywhere because most parents are not aware of how critical these nutrients are for optimal growth and overall health. If parents aren't aware of the importance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 and Amino Acids, than how is a child supposed to know that? The human brain needs the major essential long chain fatty acids known as "DHA" and "EPA," which are found in omega-3 for proper development. There is a handful of research to support that... [more]
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