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  • Vital X9 is straightforward helpers and it's right in front of you. I hadn't reckoned that I should like to find so much to say dealing with that. You know what the experts have to say as that respects this prerogative. A situation is enabled for it. I would have liked to have to finished here. Their command will always be one of those memories this you'll never very forget. There isn't a connection. The disadvantages of their fancy are the reverse. Some chums choose a scheme while... [more]
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  • [link]love commands by scott foster||http://www.evolutionbay.com/love-commands-review[/link] [more]
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  • 9 inch Interchangeable skins HD headrest DVD 9" Interchangeable skins HD headrest DVD 1)Slot in and super slim design HDMI 2)Display Resolution:800(W)*3(RGB)*480(H) 3)Built-in dual IR and FM Transmitter 4)Playback:MPEG4/DVD/DVCD/DVD+R/DVD-RW+... 5)Sanyo lens 6)Display mode:16:9/4:3 7)Support USB/TF-SD card/Game/Speaker 8)One way AV input and one way AV output 9)Multi-language OSD: English, French, Spanish, Arabian... 10)Power supply: DC 12V 11)Available colors: Black,Grey... [more]
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  • the samsung galaxy nexus recently caught my eye the last time i was in the mall as its very nice sleeky appearance better than the galaxy sII a bit pricey though (35,000 php) [more]
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  • En ny handdator från Algiz - slagtålig, IP65 klassad, 7" skärm, 2MP kamera läs mer på: http://www.proffsmagasinet.se/handdatorer/handheld-algiz-7.html Category: [more]
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  • The Nautiz X5 is a new rugged, powerful and versatile PDA that delivers a category-leading combination of performance features in a small tough package. The Nautiz features a high speed 806 MHz Xscale [more]
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  • The Google Nexus 7 is still a month away and will be priced around Rs 10000. We have three tablets here on the show, which are priced much cheaper. But can they compete with Google's tablet. [more]
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  • Oh, an interesting hand held rig. Takes a cream of the crop to think of innovative things! Cool dude. [more]
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  • This is just one of the gadgets found in the Consumer Electronic Show featuring the Wireless Portable Gaming Controller. Go check it out [more]
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  • Samsung defeated Apple in the latest spat in the rivals' patent wars when a British judge ruled Samsung's Galaxy tablets didnt infringe the US company's designs for the iPad cause they were 'not cool' [more]
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