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  • Deductive approach originated from the natural science, where deduction is a dominating research method and laws present the basis of explanation,allow the anticipation of phenomena, predict their occurrence and hence permit them to be controlled (Collis and Hussey,2003 xy). Taking deduction approach, the researcher commences with the theory, present hypotheses ,collect data, analyses data and discover the findings and confirm or reject the hypotheses and finally confirm or revise the theory.... [more]
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  • Research Approach Research approaches ,to some extent, determine the methods to be used to collect data for answering the research questions(Tayloy and winfree,2005 XY). Please visit if you are interested in essay writing services. Researchers should have a very good understanding of the research approaches at the beginning of the research. In terms of the research approaches, there are two main... [more]
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  • Philosophy adopted in this study In this study, because of the nature of the research question, the positivism and objectivism philosophies have been adopted. Specifically, the variables to be examined and measured are external factual elements which should be collected and analysed in an objective manner. In addition, this study is a deductive research for which questionnaire based quantitative strategies are to be used in order to test certain pre-defined hypotheses. Please review here [more]
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  • Objectivism and constructionism In terms of ontology, there exist objectivism and constructionism. The former portrays the position that social entities exist in reality external to social actors concerned with their existence while the constructionism holds that social phenomena are created from the perceptions and consequent actions of those social actors concerned with their existence. Please order now at [more]
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  • Realism: Realism is another philosophical position in the abovementioned philosophy continuum which is somehow similar to positivism in that it assumes a scientific approach to the development of knowledge. Realism can be divided further into direct realism and critical realism. The direct realism treats what one experiences through his senses portrays the world accurately, while the critical realism holds that what one experiences is mere sensations, just images of the things in the real... [more]
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  • Interpretivism also takes such a view that truth is something that can’t be determined in any absolute way. People are capable of using evidence to work towards a consensus, but must sometimes agree to differ, and sometimes conclude that the truth is undecidable. For interpretivists, the purpose of enquiry is to gain sufficient understanding to predict future outcomes. In terms of the... [more]
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  • I’m currently typing up all of my notes in preparation for studying rather than what I did last year where I was still copying up notes the night before the exam in a desperate hope the information would somehow penetrate my brain without me consciously thinking about it! So I’m all full of good intentions of having everything copied up in the next week or so and then I can get down to remembering it! [more]
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  • I’ve done not bad in my coursework, however I was downgraded a grade for pretty much all my class tests as I chose those 5 days to go to New York with my boyfriend. (It was absolutley fantastic by the way, well worth a few grades!) So instead of getting A’s and B’s, I’ve ended up with C’s and D’s in coursework, so I must work a whole grade harder in the degree exam! [more]
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  • Aside from studies, I was in my first cheer leading competition in February! We did really well, it was the first time we had entered that particular competition and we won dance and came forth in stunting so I was REALLY chuffed for us all! We have another competition in April which is a BCA competition so it’s a biggie!  [more]
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  • So it’s been a month or so since University started back and I’ve already started to slack. I’m currently sitting in the library typing up my “Building an Organism” lectures as I have a test on it this afternoon and as I have slept through the majority of the lectures, I’m not too confident of my passing ability of this test.  [more]
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  • However on a positive note, I have, since the beginning of this semester, only missed about 3 or 4 lectures. And mainly for good causes such as it was raining or I was sleeping. I’ve also kept pretty much on top of my lectures, I’ve not left too much unwritten. I mean I know I say I haven’t written up my Building an Organism lectures, but I have the standard lecture notes printed off from good ol’ Moodle so it’s not as if I have nothing to go on. [more]
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  • My first energy metabolism lab was somewhat less interesting. Three gruelling hours of pipetting various solutions very precisely into 60 little tubes and then testing the absorbency of these at various times over half an hour. It was rather boring. If you like mucking about with test tubes in a lab then I suppose it would have been exciting, but it confirmed that I am destined as a doctor rather than a biomedical scientist to be honest! [more]
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  • I am trying to keep my news somewhat related to university, however this is a bit abstract; I have organised to start some voluntary work at the Victoria Infirmary to aid my application to transfer to Medicine in January. I met with the organiser yesterday to get my badge and it looks as though it will be quite good.  [more]
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