• as a public commuter, i am against the fare hike of ten pesos which the transport groups are proposing, and the taxi drivers should refrain from asking them because theyre asking for tip anyway [more]
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  • Riding a jeepney is fun. You get to see different people and the wind breezes to your face. The only thing annoying is air pollution but its tolerable. [more]
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  • In need of a laugh? Watch this video all about bike commuting and the perils of doing one. Take a whiff and laugh your heart out! [more]
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  • Bored of routine work? Then watch this and enjoy ass he goes to work in an unconventional way. Enjoy! [more]
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  • the public utility jeepney (PUJ) is the most common mode of public transportation in my country [more]
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  • Taking the LRT has always been easy; except when it is rush time and there is too much people. Your personal space becomes compromised. :)) [more]
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  • Increment and Decrement Operator in C programming. People find it more confusing about using increment and decrement operator in C programming. Watch this video and learn about C programming series... [more]
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