• Don't operate a hair dryer where aerosol or spray products are being used, or where oxygen is being administered [more]
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  • Babies on adult beds risk suffocation from hidden hazards such as entrapment between the bed and wall; entrapment involving the bed frame, headboard and footboard; or soft bedding. [more]
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  • ND Tiwari is the biological father of a Delhi-based youth Rohit Shekhar, the Delhi high court on Friday said while declaring the result of the DNA test of the veteran Congress leader. [more]
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  • Vehicle and Carseat Safety - Buying Guides and Articles. Must read for reckless drivers [more]
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  • Site Safety Management | Auditing of Mining Site Safety, Advice & Training. Find Out More. Who Are We? Learn More About Our Services Find Our Offi [more]
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  • I know, playing Wii doesn't seem to be dangerous. But just on the bright side, check out these safety videos about handling your Wii [more]
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  • Ever rode on the Virgin America plane? If not, here's your chance to watch their hilarious safety video. Freakingly fun. [more]
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  • Always put your seat belts on! [more]
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  • Free Mobile App Stops Texting While Driving - Free mobile app puts an end to texting while driving. Listen to text messages and emails in real-time completely hands-free [more]
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