• Bibingka! maybe in English its called double baked bundt cake. Bakes its top and bottom are the only sides that are baked. This is perfect with hot TABLEA chocolate yummy [more]
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  • The sweet and tasty BUCHI. There are several terms for this in English. Like Lotus balls. Sweet Sesame Paste. honestly I dont know what is called in English [more]
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  • Ayeahh balot .. Who wants this balot? Its more fun in the Philippines!!! [more]
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  • I remember the native Filipino dish Pinikpikan-- "Killing Me Softly", as they call it. :) Yummy, if your conscience doesn't eat at the fact that the chickens were killed by being beaten by sticks.  [more]
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  • Truly shows the innovative minds of Filipinos. Money really is a good motivator [more]
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  • its fun to have a lunch buffet at loboc river in Bohol, where your are being serenated while you are enjoying fresh food, and cruising the river at the same time! [more]
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