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  • What is truly the difference between “Your legs looked so good last night” and “I swear I didn’t cheat last night”? Where is the line drawn between a kind lie and a killer lie? Please visit  [more]
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  • Honesty hurts people. Lying hurts people. It’s like a double edged sword, and it seems to me no matter what we do whether we lie like the devil or swear to honesty we will always end up hurting someone. Details are provided by[more]
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  • I suppose it can be argued that at times lying can come from a sort of innocent place. Sometimes we lie because we are embarrassed about a situation or too afraid to hurt the people that we love, but then…is lying an act of love? [more]
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  • Every time I lie I regret it immediately; it’s that moment that you have been caught out and your stomach sinks, heart stops beating, and instant heat rises to your face, when you try and come up with some way out. That’s the problem with us humans, the moment we have been caught lying we instantly try to invent a new story to cover the last one; we literally cannot help ourselves! I think it’s a glitch in evolution. [more]
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  • I think the ability to lie is ingrained in us all and those that claim they are always honest are actually the biggest liars. I lie, you lie, we all lie, whether that be to our boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, friends, it doesn’t matter. We all lie. But when does a slightly exaggerated story become a full blown, dug yourself a hole, can’t turn back now lie? Details are provided by[more]
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  • I would lie awake night after night with my heart racing and trying not to cry over the thought of gaining a 2.2, mostly because I was worried about how I was going to explain why I didn’t get the desired 2.1. In many ways students are led to believe that gaining a 2.2 or lower in university is a failure. We are shown statistics over and over again to provide evidence before our eyes that 2.1’s will gain you a job and it the 2.1 you need to succeed. In my opinion, this is... [more]
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  • From my own perspective, I certainly felt the pressure of university, not from my family but rather from my school. I agree it is a great path to follow and I will never regret my decision to go to university, but looking back I cannot remember any other options given to me regarding life after sixth form. Please visit for more information! [more]
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  • Throughout our time at secondary school we are indoctrinated with the notion of higher education and the fact that we may not get a job without a degree, and as a result of this many students are filled with anxiety over the possibility of not gaining a place. [more]
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  • During my final year I was a student mentor to sixth formers at a local school in Gloucester, and although I encouraged higher education as an option after sixth form, but I made it very clear that university is not the be all and end all of life. Details are provided by [more]
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  • When you first become a student you hear horror stories about student accommodation, not only in halls but also in the world of real estate. You hear past students shudder at the memory of freezing cold nights with broken pipes; unknown stains on the walls; and crusty, dirty, old ovens.  [more]
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  • If you intend to be a student then there is one vital aspect of student life that you will go through. Nope, it’s not a dissertation, or debt, or even everyday value noodles for dinner. It is the dreaded student living. Details are provided by[more]
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  • Third Year is shit. But I guess I am going to have to deal with it. I have to realise that although the next 6 months are going to be hectic, I will have to deal with another 60 years (I hope) of stress and chaos. If anything, university could be the easiest of stresses I will ever have to face. !  [more]
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  • I went home for a week recently and it was amazing. I felt completely relaxed and the cloud of worries above my head disappeared, and was replaced with complete happiness. It reminded me that university is not the be-all and end- all of life. I am the first one of my family to go to university, and even though my parents or my grandparents didn’t go, they are still doing well and they are happy with or without a degree. [more]
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