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  • BIRT Reporting, BIRT Report designer Training http://activeintelligence.co.uk/birtreportingtool  [more]
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  • At California Bar Tutors, we provided a complete, customized solutions that give you the advantage on the bar exam. California Bar Tutors is one of the experienced tutors for law in California. #BarExamTutor #BarExamPreparation [more]
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  • Become a Linux expert with the help of training offered by our team of professionals. Join our Linux Administration Course and get access to hands-on Linux training available at a highly competitive price. To know more, please visit here:-http://tecnist.com/dt_courses/linux-administration-course/  [more]
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  • Lotto Destroyer System Review by Jared Wilson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKUMga8Wz30 [more]
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  • Oracle SQL Training :- Tecnist provides the best in industry oracle SQL training to the candidates who are willing to polish their database skills. Our online courses are documented by experts so that you can enhance your knowledge and learn the database programming. To know more, please visit here:-www.tecnist.com. [more]
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  • As many researchers have noted, small firms generally lack resources to aid their internationalisation. Social interaction which takes place in the social relationships between individuals can be seen as a channel for resource flows, especially information exchange. Social relationships can be usefulin getting access to the resources which are critical in the early stages of internationalisation, i.e. information about foreign business opportunities or potential international business... [more]
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  • The present study examined, both theoretically and empirically, the influence of social networks in the initiation of high-technology firm’s internationalisation process. The aim was to answer the question: How does social network influence the initiation of the internationalisation of a high-technology firm? [more]
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  • In Figure 3 the original theoretical model has been completed by the empirical insights. In the case study, the role of social network was emphasised as it included a mediator who took the initiative to pull the potential exporter towards initiation of internationalisation. It enabled the company to introduce itself to the important international actors. This brought the company foreign business opportunities which initiated the internationalisation of the company. Based on the empirical part... [more]
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  • Furthermore, the case study shows that the role of social relationships can extend beyond merely sharing information about business opportunities or potential partners. Social relationships can mediate or open doors to new business relationships, i.e. introduce the potential exporter to the international actors. In the case of Teknovisiot the whole idea for international introduction came from the long-lasting personal contact in a customer and cooperation partner firm. [more]
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  • The internationalisation process of the case company centred around two key people in the company whose social relationships were significant driving forces and enablers of internationalisation. The relationship between Teknovisiot and Metsähallitus has turned out to be an extremely influential one, as it has provided the company with the opportunity to represent Finland at an important international conference, and thus gain international recognition among companies, for example,... [more]
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  • The company still considers the home market to be its main market area and foreign operations are seen more as complementary business opportunities. However, the importance of international operations is expected to grow in the future and therefore it is seen as sensible to operate abroad. Please visit at [more]
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