• After rolling out "Yeh Jism" song sung by Ali Azmat, here present to you another soulful track "Maula" in his seductive voice from Jism 2 movie.  [more]
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  • One of the greatest album that i listen to in high school was City of Evil by the american rock band Avenged Sevenfold [more]
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  • Queen's I want to break free. Love this song and the band despite everything. OH i WANT TO BREAK FREE! [more]
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  • One of my favorite epic tracks. The title is Ocean's Princess by Thomas Bergersen. It gives you that feeling of an adventure and sailing through the seven seas. [more]
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  • The famous Bach composition that usually is the recognize music associated with horror and vampires. I like it [more]
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  • #Rolling Stones 50-Listeners Vote: What is your all-time favourite Rolling Stones track? click and vote @  [more]
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  • Goran Bregovici - Bubamara acoustic theme played by me with the guitar in the left: [more]
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  • I just heard of this last night and I can say wow its entertaining in a way that it makes you laugh. But in fairness I think they gave all their effort into this. [more]
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  • I'm 25 years old but yeah I cried to this when I was kid and still touches my heart even today Diana Ross - If We Hold On Together [more]
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  • bum a datta bum a datta bum a datta bum a dutta bum dutta bum a dutta HEART AND SOUL! [more]
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  • Had a rough day at work? Need some music to soothe the soul then listen to this song "Sacral Nirvana" by Oliver Shanti. So relaxing it just makes you want to sleep [more]
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  • Glenn Quagmire told me about this giggity giggity [more]
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  • Seriosuly? I can't even know how to play more than one instrument!! Help support :) [more]
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