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  • As an educational organization, cultivating talented school teaching and degree system. The school itself is a place for scholarship. The truth should be pursued. Its function is to train those who pursue the truth, mainly to cultivate people to seek some truths in the basic spirit, but also has some comparative professional skills. The school system itself must follow the law of pursuing the truth and cultivating talents. The school does not simply serve the needs of external society. Only... [more]
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  • As Marx analyzed the labor process, he pointed out: "The process disappears into the product ... What has been shown in a moving manner by the laborer now appears as a static attribute in the product as an existential form." Therefore, the objective form Although its manifestation is a system of static concepts and propositions expressed in terms and symbols, it contains the process of material-learning activities, which is a dynamic and static cohesion and a static-dynamic... [more]
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  • During the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu Suu was exiled to the Huns and tortured for 19 years without changing his mind. He always insisted on national integrity and named his name, and set a good example of "loyalty to the monarch" and influenced the value orientation of scholars over the past 2,000 years. Emperor Han Wudi accepted the proposal of Confucianism Dong Zhongshu to "unite Confucianism" and "Confucianism" in his ideology and culture and strive to combine... [more]
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  • Marketing thesis writing Marketing essay writing compared to other business papers, have higher difficulty and requirements, a successful marketing essay need to include both careful business thinking also need to combine the appropriate business essay writing format, in addition, some of the impact of business The social context of the activity, such as customer behavior analysis, is also essential. Focus article in writing market article has a wealth of experience, our writers through... [more]
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  • Moderate size of the title, can not greedy big demand, there must be a certain depth. In the dissertation writing, many guests often encounter the situation is too wide, or the subject can not be studied, that is, the so-called non-researchable. Previous publications and books have no relevant research data. The other is the positioning of research programs. There are often topics under study by guests that are one direction, but aims and objectives are yet to be studied in one direction.... [more]
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  • China's School Reform From 1953, when the state started implementing the first five-year plan for national economic development, education was formally incorporated into the state planning track, and the government implemented direct mandatory plans for public schools. Among them, the central government to colleges and universities direct instruction plan; by the local government to the local competent public schools to establish direct instructional plan; private schools to implement the... [more]
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  • British essay is generally how to charge a fee? It can be said that foreign countries, essay is really commonplace, you want to complete the relevant homework every day is not easy, we may have a lot of time wasted, and ultimately failed, but it is affecting their own studies. It is not because we want to rely on other people's strength to complete their studies, but really can not guarantee the highest quality. In foreign schools this will affect our graduation and further our studies. If... [more]
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  • Second. Establish personalized education-oriented. The cultivation of diversity talents requires individualization rather than rigid standardization. The arrival of the information society needs individualized education as the orientation. Innovation is the result of being individualized rather than uniform. Conforming to the requirements of the times, leading the way and promoting individualized education mode It is the inevitable choice of humanistic education. After personalized education... [more]
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  • The social functions of education and the development and reform of education are not only affected by the natural environment of the society, the demographic situation, the development of productive forces and the political and economic systems, but at the same time, education, in its own unique form, reacts to social development, Development has a positive role in promoting and promoting. A section on the social function of education seeks to clarify how education in turn promotes social... [more]
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  • In the relationship between the theme and the thick material, the specific writing, there will be two different situations. In the first case, the point of view comes from the large amount of material accumulated by the author from objective reality and practice, that is, the point of view comes from the material. After possessing a large amount of materials, the author finds out the objective law through analysis and shaping, and forms the theme of the article. Many scientific papers are... [more]
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  • All work of the school aimed at training one-minded people, all work to understand the needs of students growth and development as the basis, to meet the growth and development needs of students, from the system design to protect the student's learning masters position, from the enrollment, teaching All work, campus life, teaching evaluation to graduation work, is to enable students to learn, future research, including the depth of his life thinking. Students are not the subject of passive... [more]
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  • This kind of knowledge can not be produced without the objective world and does not harm the world without reflecting it. At the same time, it relies on human's scientific activities. Without such activities, it can not reveal the essence of things and can not form an objective world The exact and systematic understanding. As Marx put it: "If the manifestations of things and the nature of things are directly united, all science becomes superfluous." Thus, this objective knowledge,... [more]
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  • Confucianism in the Warring States period is divided into eight schools, of which there are two groups most affected: First, thinking, Mencius school; second is Xunzi school. The principle of "benevolent government" should be practiced without a child advocating political rights and advocating the people-based ideology of "honoring people, nobleness and lightness." It is a school of thought with a high human value. Mencius also from the perspective of philosophical theory... [more]
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