• Just stumbled upon this hairstyle - found it very cute indeed! Here are some more cute hairstyles and how to make them: [more]
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  • I like working on my hair and getting a new hairdo everyday. It definitely adds more fun to life [more]
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  • A hair tutorial on wavy asian/korean hairstyles. This is just a simple video on styling like a korean star, the products i used are Fudge wax and Gatsby hair spray. Hair products can be bought from:  [more]
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  • Low Cost Hair Transplant - Special Monsoon offer till 15th Aug Call for FUT/FUE/PRP- 9769737370 [more]
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  • Cute hair bow. :) [more]
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  • How would you rate this hair cut? Is it going to be your next fashion symbol? [more]
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  • Hi! Can you tell me if you highlighted your own hair? (besides the back, as you stated in your previous video). This lighter hair color gives you a much softer look than the darker hair. The reason I  [more]
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  • Hair Care Tips | Secrets for healthy hair, remedies for hair loss + lots more. Visit! [more]
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  • The hairdo tutorials on youtube are such a help.This one looks complex but is an easy do-it-yourself. [more]
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  • use a hair spa as an alternate to hair conditioners for more softer hair, i personally love this one with watermelon scent which keeps my hair fresh all day [more]
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  • don't worry about hair-fall until its no increases more than a hundred per day!!!! This is because our per day hair growth rate is more than hundred... [more]
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  • Are you a long hairy girl? Get 23 Sexy Ideas for Long Hair. [more]
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  • Hair Myth: Cutting Cutting your hair will make it grow faster - While cutting ends will prevent damage and encourage stronger, healthier hair, it doesn't tell the roots to grow faster. - DEBUNKED [more]
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