• I like working on my hair and getting a new hairdo everyday. It definitely adds more fun to life [more]
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  • A hair tutorial on wavy asian/korean hairstyles. This is just a simple video on styling like a korean star, the products i used are Fudge wax and Gatsby hair spray. Hair products can be bought from:  [more]
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  • Low Cost Hair Transplant - Special Monsoon offer till 15th Aug Call for FUT/FUE/PRP- 9769737370 [more]
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  • Cute hair bow. :) [more]
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  • How would you rate this hair cut? Is it going to be your next fashion symbol? [more]
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  • Hi! Can you tell me if you highlighted your own hair? (besides the back, as you stated in your previous video). This lighter hair color gives you a much softer look than the darker hair. The reason I  [more]
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  • Hair Care Tips | Secrets for healthy hair, remedies for hair loss + lots more. Visit! [more]
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  • The hairdo tutorials on youtube are such a help.This one looks complex but is an easy do-it-yourself. [more]
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  • use a hair spa as an alternate to hair conditioners for more softer hair, i personally love this one with watermelon scent which keeps my hair fresh all day [more]
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  • don't worry about hair-fall until its no increases more than a hundred per day!!!! This is because our per day hair growth rate is more than hundred... [more]
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  • Are you a long hairy girl? Get 23 Sexy Ideas for Long Hair. [more]
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  • Hair Myth: Cutting Cutting your hair will make it grow faster - While cutting ends will prevent damage and encourage stronger, healthier hair, it doesn't tell the roots to grow faster. - DEBUNKED [more]
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  • Hair is the most important parts of the body for the girl, If you simply look at women hair you can simply describe what is she right now. She is inlove, haggard, and etc. [more]
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