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  • Theoretical range: Economics Mathematics, Western Economics, Econometrics, Finance, Management of Commercial Banks, Central Bank, Financial Markets, Securities Investment, International Financial Management, Insurance, Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, International Economics, Financial Engineering Learning, Financial Law, Foreign Exchange Management, Financial Risk Management, International Settlement, Financial Management, Financial Supervision, and Personal Financial Planning. Read... [more]
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  • Its social effect is that "distribution of packages" can no longer be carried out by all means. This concept quickly migrated from post to university graduates. There was a phenomenon that less than the distribution of work units to work and seeking a better position by themselves. Some people go back in order to find a better unit, so derivative corruption and loss of distribution "authority" of the plan. After 1983, the system of single distribution of "package... [more]
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  • In the nationalist view of education, the logical order often emphasized is that a country has a home and a home only has you. When this logic is repeatedly publicized, many people also accept without thinking. According to positivist logic, his home can only exist in the presence of human beings. Ten million families make up the society and form a nation in a specific period of human development. The state is not necessary for individuals, individuals come to the country. [more]
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  • The rate of population growth affects the quality of education The more serious consequence of an excessively high population growth rate resulting in a dramatic increase in the population is the impact on the quality of education, starting with a reduction in the average educational funding and teacher quality. Taking the current situation in our country as a whole, there are hundreds of millions of children throughout the country who need to receive basic education, most of whom are rural... [more]
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  • The use of materials should be reasonable. Too little material results in poor performance, and excessive material leads to submergence. Trying to obtain material that is actually needed but still in place; trying to enrich and perfecting materials that are expressive but flawed; only cutting off love for material that is interesting but may cause misunderstanding or affecting the performance of the topic; Sentences with discrepant material should be resolutely deleted. Completely drastic cut... [more]
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  • What is "science"? He believes that science is about knowledge of nature; this knowledge has three parts: one is the observed object; the other is light, which is the necessary attention; the third is the inner perception of the eyes, that is, the perception of the soul . Thus he put forward the scientific pedagogy must include the following three steps: The first step is to present things to students; "Everything should be as sensible as possible, to the extent... [more]
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  • In his book The History of Western Aesthetics, Zhu Guangqian said that in the past, French people generally regarded realism as naturalism and quoted Shailey's words as "art and beauty." Realism, sometimes called naturalism, Advocating art to imitate nature for the purpose. Grant also said that in the nineteenth century, many people used both realism and naturalism as synonyms and synonyms, arguing that this tendency was more pronounced in Britain. [more]
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  • From the point of view of education, the imbalance of education in China is directly related to the diversity of education itself and the lack of autonomy. First of all, on the educational philosophy, Chinese are accustomed to using education as a tool. The government takes education as its own management objective. Schools use pupils and teachers as tools to achieve their own achievements. Parents still regard education as a tool Industry revitalization of the stage, the students themselves... [more]
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  • Costume design is the focus of science and technology and art, involving aesthetics, culture, psychology, materials science, engineering, marketing, color science and other elements. "Design" refers to the plan, ideas, ideas, the establishment of programs, but also the meaning of images, drawings, system type. "Clothing design process" that is based on the design object requirements of the idea and draw the renderings, floor plans, and then made according to the drawings,... [more]
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  • Theoretical range: Management Principles, Microeconomics, Basic Accounting, Statistics, Macroeconomics, Economic Law, Principles of Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Executive Information Systems, Operations Research, Industrial Economics, International Business Management Production and operation management, financial management, management of English, strategic management, organizational behavior, the introduction of the world economy, management research methods. [more]
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  • In 1989, the State Education Commission formulated the "Reform Plan for the Distribution System of Graduates of Higher Education" on the basis of summarizing the experiments conducted by various schools. The State Council approved the implementation of the plan throughout the country. The main contents include: Gradually changing the system of graduates' System; personnel department establish and improve personnel exchange service agencies, improve the reasonable flow of personnel... [more]
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