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  • The so-called employment structure refers to the labor force in the various sectors of the national economy employment ratio. In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology and the remarkable changes in economic structure have brought with it changes in the employment structure of the population. This change mainly manifested as the transfer of labor, namely: ① from agriculture, industry to service transfer ⑨ physical labor to intellectual labor transfer; ③ from... [more]
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  • Subjectivity is the essential attribute of man. Human subjectivity has three meanings: First, in the relationship between man and nature is small, human beings are able to place their natural living conditions under their own control so as to be the masters of nature. Second, in the relationship between man and society, man Second, in the relation between man and himself, man can self-identify, self-design and self-reformation as one of the objects of his body , Self-improvement, to be their... [more]
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  • the author thinks. The most important reason that led to today's pedagogical research's "superficial prosperity and substantial emptiness" and the exclusion of external factors such as social politics, economy and ideology is that pedagogy has long been trapped in the lost of "science of science." Blindly and blindly pursuing "scientific" education pedagogy farther and farther on the wrong path. Now is the time to criticize this wrong tendency. [more]
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  • Understanding stage is the last part of the process of acceptance of literary works, and its grasp of the ideas contained in the works is more comprehensive and systematic. However, the conclusion of the understanding phase only means that the conclusion of one acceptance process of literary works does not mean the process of accepting the literary works ends. The acceptance of literary works in different times, different countries, nations, regions, different groups of people, individuals... [more]
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  • In fact, many children in China feel that education is too boring for themselves. It is unbearable to bear this senseless pain brought about by a comprehensive examination-oriented education and only take the university entrance examination as the ultimate goal. The burden of basic education is too heavy. Children learn too much for exams and high marks. They have no interest in learning and are too loose in college. This is not in line with the growth and development of people. Children... [more]
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  • Therefore, the focus of papers written in financial accounting articles will pay great attention to examining subjects. Writers of focus essay writing can skillfully use a variety of software to be used in the calculation and analysis, and have a rich resource database to support writing, ensuring that the most accurate analysis result will be provided to guests with rigorous writing attitude. Focus on essay writing in the choice of financial accounting class writers, attaches great... [more]
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  • English translation field of expertise We can provide professional English translation services in almost all subjects, including electromechanical, petrochemical, construction, transportation, aerospace, medical and health, steel metallurgy, telecommunications electronics, computer software hardware, financial securities, bank insurance, paper and printing, environmental protection , Water conservancy and hydropower, energy and electricity, meteorology, geology and mineral resources,... [more]
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  • The basic value orientation of the nationalist educational philosophy is: First, pay attention to the cultivation of the concept of state in guiding ideology of education, paying particular attention to students' patriotism education so as to enhance the cohesion of the country; secondly, since the goal of nationalism is The state is so powerful that it has a strong administrative tendency to pursue centralization. It shows that education is the state's intervention in education development... [more]
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  • Since we are looking for people to write papers, we should not just pay attention to the price of writing papers in the United Kingdom, but also to understand each other's professionalism in the end. It is best to be able to find more local writers to cooperate agencies, but also clear their own needs, the only way we can get better service. Moreover, we must also make a simple assessment of the papers we have obtained and see if we can meet the requirements of the schools. We also need to... [more]
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  • First, the unity of education does not conform to the diversity of human nature, nor does it conform to the diversity of social needs of qualified personnel, resulting in a scissors difference between the two. The coping strategy is to understand the characteristics of different individuals and specific educational needs on the one hand, to teach students in accordance with their aptitudes to explore diversified talent growth education; on the other hand, we must understand the needs of... [more]
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  • The social function of education and the development and reform of education are not only affected by the natural environment of the society, the demographic situation, the development of productive forces and the political and economic systems, but at the same time, education reacts to social development in the form of its own unique activities, Development has a positive role in promoting and promoting. The social function of education is an attempt to clarify how education, in turn,... [more]
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  • Role of student role Students are educated individuals who are motivated and self-educated. In the process of education, middle school students are not passive educated people. They are subjective and initiative. According to materialist dialectics, external factors are the conditions for the development and change of things. The internal cause is the basis for the development and change of things. Middle school students' subjective initiative is the internal process of learning process. The... [more]
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  • Second, in the field of education and research, mature natural sciences serve as role models for accurate, quantitative and objective goals. The value of educational research lies in an objective and accurate description of the facts and laws of education. "The evaluation of educational research results mainly depends on the so-called scientific method of using mathematical statistics and experimental research etc. An article in educational theory without statistical data and It seems... [more]
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