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  • Eclectic selection of officials. In response to the shortcomings of the officials in the late Qing Dynasty when they chose to hire officials, Cai Yuanpei, as the chief of education, chose to hire members, and he showed a broad mind. In particular, Fan Yuanyuan was appointed as the second minister of education. At that time, Fan had participated in the Republican Party initiated by the constitutionalists in the late Qing Dynasty. Cai Yuanpei visited the country on several occasions with the principle of employing talents and non-partisanism, and said to him: "Education should be outside the politics. I invite a second-party leader. The Kuomintang is not without objections. They are my loyalty to the country and the Ministry of Education has national representation. Fan Xiangyu was moved by Cai Yuanpei’s sincerity and enthusiasm, and finally accepted Cai Yuanpei’s invitation to serve as the second minister of the Ministry of Education. [more]
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  • Since Cai Yuanpei has a deep understanding of the physical and mental characteristics of young students, the measures taken have been welcomed by young students and have achieved remarkable results. Peking University was transformed from a feudal decadent ideology and bureaucratic school into a center of the May 4th New Culture Movement, advocating a new moral and new fashion position. In the modern era of education, Cai Yuanpei was able to "get rid of the chickens" in the "stormy" years, and to fight against corruption and promote honesty, it is because of his lofty great personality and consistent behavior. [more]
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  • Never be with the corrupt Cai Yuanpei is eager to revitalize the science education of the Chinese nation, but at that time, his good wishes were often limited by various restrictions. In order to protest against evil forces and not to collude with corrupt people, he has repeatedly resigned from his post. At the beginning of 1912, Cai Yuanpei was appointed as the chief education administrator of the Nanjing Provisional Government, and then detained the education chief of the Beijing government. [more]
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  • When Cai Yuanpei was the chief educator, although he was blind and high, he still maintained a simple life. Without a servant, the clothes were washed by himself. When he was the president of Peking University, he received a high salary of 600 yuan per month. However, due to the frequent donations to support the public welfare and Zhou Ji’s friends and colleagues, and the warlord government’s deduction of education funds, the teaching staff’s salary is often not paid in time, so his economy Still not affluent, perennial life is a life of shrinking food. [more]
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  • For a period of time, we have attached great importance to investment in education, that is, research on the investment of education funds, attaching importance to the financing and allocation of education funds, and urging the government and society to pay attention to the investment in education, and the material conditions for education maintenance and development, such as schools. School buildings, campus construction, library materials, equipment, and cultural and sports equipment have all improved to varying degrees. However, while the investment in education has gradually improved, the quality of education has not been satisfactory. Judging from the qualities that educators show in virtue, intelligence, body, beauty, and labor, and the characteristics they can meet in the needs of social material civilization and spiritual civilization construction, there are still many problems in the quality of education. Although there are many factors, it has a close relationship with policy investment, emotional input, time investment, and energy input. [more]
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  • Whether it is a major policy on education development, such as a fundamental education policy, or a specific policy on a certain type of education, the party and the government have made a series of decisions. However, there are some policies, such as the strategic position of education, the provisions of education investment, the improvement of teachers' treatment, and the protection. In some places, they have not been well implemented. There is still a considerable gap between the requirements of the party and the government. As far as the internal education system is concerned, some specific policies formulated by the State Education Commission, such as correcting the unilateral pursuit of the rate of enrollment, reducing the burden of heavy school and primary school students, and curbing the regulations on school fees, are also weak and difficult to implement. [more]
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  • In recent years, private schools have made great progress, but we have not made clear regulations on who can set up private schools. The founders of private schools use the tuition fees to establish school buildings and purchase school equipment. The issue of attribution has not been clearly defined, and there is no clear provision for the use and supervision of private school funds. That is to say, the state still lacks a systematic supporting policy for the establishment and development of private schools, which makes it difficult to solve many problems in the development of private schools in a timely manner. [more]
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  • Literature is presented to people by language as material material. A literary work, a literary image, can only be printed in the form of language on paper and other planes, and then for people to read. Left the language, literature can not exist. The ancient literary theory in our country divides literary works into four levels: "language" (language), "image" (image) "meaning" (meaning), "Tao" (essence). In these four aspects, language is the most basic: language shapes the image, the image determines the meaning, the meaning contains the essence. Without language, none of the other three dimensions of the work exist and they must both be carried over to the language. This shows that language is the most basic and most basic thing in literature. [more]
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  • Indirect image Indirect image has two meanings: The first meaning refers to the image can not directly affect the senses, can not be directly received by the human senses. Modeling, performance and comprehensive art has a strong intuitive: the role of modeling arts in human visual; art in the integrated film, television and so on is the dynamic image of the realistic and intuitive effect on the viewer visual, auditory, motor sense And other senses: The music in performing arts, although not very specific and vivid, is still a direct effect on human hearing. Through the melody, rhythm and other changes, the audience is either excited or depressed. Or happy, or sad feeling. [more]
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  • Performance of social life from time and space constraints Language is the direct reality of the mind. The field of human mind is extremely vast, and thus the field of linguistic activity is extremely broad; on the other hand, language is an artificial symbol that is at least materialistic in comparison with the materials used in other arts. And therefore the least subject to the material conditions, which can usually be manifested by whatever the mind can imagine. [more]
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  • Longer than the expression of human inner world From the perspective of the relationship between man and the world, the objects of artistic expression can be divided into two categories: the external objective world and the internal subjective world. Although generally speaking, any art genre should be involved in these two major worlds. However, due to the differences in the materials and means used, the emphasis of different art in presenting these two worlds is also different. The image created by the art of molding and performing arts mainly acts on human senses, which must be accepted by the human eyes and ears before they can enter the human mind. Therefore, they emphasize the sensual immediacy of the image and lack the directness of the senses People's inner world. Only through the external image to be hinted. [more]
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  • Why language can show life, build an image Realistic or imaginary life, manifested through language, becomes a literary image and a literary work. Therefore, to discuss why language can represent life and create image, we should first explore whether language can show life or not. Whether the language of life is the real life of reality. We think the answer to this question should be affirmative. [more]
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  • First, classical naive realism. This mainly refers to literary works with elements of realism from ancient Greece and Rome through pre-Renaissance European studies. It can be said to be a lack of conscious consciousness of realism. Homeric epics, ancient Greek tragedies, comedies, etc. can be regarded as representatives of this type of work. Second, Renaissance and 18th century Enlightenment realism. This is the starting point of Western modern realism, and began to have conscious awareness of realism creation. Door mound, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Defoe, Fielding, etc. can be regarded as representative of this type of realism. In the 18th century, European classicalism possessed both classicism and rationality, but also paid attention to the performance of real life with less romance and symbolic style in the history of literature. Often also seen as a type of realism. [more]
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  • The primary characteristic of realism literature is its realistic spirit of creation Any kind of literary creation method should start from the author's world view and aesthetic view to form some kind of creative spirit to show the writer's understanding and evaluation of life and handle the relation between literature and reality. Harry Levine said: "The exploration of realism will culminate in the major issue of the relationship between life and art." Soviet literary theorist B. Sukhikov also pointed out: "In world literature, whatever is happening now What is arguing? Behind all these debates and discussions of a different nature, there is one of the most fundamental and fundamental questions about the interrelationship between art and reality. Or, to be more precise, there is a realism and its Boundaries and its place in modern art. " Read more. [more]
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  • Therefore, realism emphasizes the authenticity of the details, attaches great importance to the typical description, attention to detail the authenticity and typical unity. Wellek argues that the concept of canon is of particular importance to the theory and practice of realism because "canons" form the bridge between the present and the future, the truth and the ideal of society. " From the realism of the overall grasp of life, understanding and ability to view the typical shape does indeed occupy a very prominent position in realism. Read more. [more]
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