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  • Communication is very important for everyone as this a techno-world where everything is very hi-tech. Email is a vital part for everyone and many are available in the market. If you too looking for any email services then you can utilize Roadrunner Email as it has many features for you. In case you confront any kind of technical problem then you have the option to resolve them in the form of Roadrunner Email Customer Support Number where qualified technicians will assist you in resolving the issues. Read more: https://www.usahelplinenumbers.com/roadrunner-support-phone-number/ [more]
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  • If you are looking for the great solution for the HP products, You can contact the professionals through the HP Customer Support Phone Number +1-855-376-8777 Visit Site : https://customer-supportnumbers.com/ [more]
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  • We provide 24/7 123.hp.com toll free phone number 1-800-556-3499.#www123hpcomsetup Our technicians provide support to install #HPPrintersetup,#123hpcomsetup, Enter model number & download HP printer software.More information visit:-https://bit.ly/2QlnZZc
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  • Looking for HP Printer Support Number? Contact our third party HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number for HP printer driver network connectivity, printing, scanning or other issues. http://bit.ly/2RsyzyP [more]
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  • Resolve Your Lenovo Issues via Lenovo Tech Support Australia Lenovo Technical Support Australia is here to resolve all the technical difficulty related to Lenovo product like a laptop, desktop, scanner, printer, smartphone, etc. We hired a well educated and experienced team to tackle your problem and provide you with the best solution. Just give a ring to Lenovo Support Australia: +61 283173572 for your query. For more, info visit our website:- https://auemailsupport.com/lenovo-support-australia.html [more]
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  • KEEPING YOUR PET SAFE DURING TRAVEL https://www.wopet.com/blogs/pets-knowledge/keeping-your-pet-safe-during-travel We love our pets, they are a part of our family. It is not surprising that more and more people want to take their pets with them when they travel. But how do we keep them safe? CAR SAFETY The first rule in your pet’s safety is to NEVER leave your dog alone and unattended in a car. By now we have all heard stories of pets dying after being left in a locked vehicle. Cracking a window on an 80-degree day is not going to help. If you do not think you would be comfortable in the locked car then your dog will not be either. Do not allow your dog free roam of the vehicle. Use a safety restraint that hooks to a seat belt or crate your dog. If a crash occurs, you want your dog to be restrained and protected. Choosing a car seat or booster seat is an ideal way to keep your pet safe. Usually a car seat has an adjustable strap that attaches to the headrest and it has car seat loops on the back allowing you to secure the seat safely, protecting your pet in the event of an accident or sudden stop. You have the option of zipping your pet inside or securing their collar to the safety strap inside the carrier and leaving the top open. The mesh top allows for plenty of ventilation if you decide to keep the carrier closed. This is ideal for dogs or for cats. For large breed dogs we like the Adjustable Car Safety Mesh Harness by Pawaboo. This harness is placed on your dog and then it secures to the seat belt of the car. It allows for enough movement so that your dog can lie down or sit up but still keeps him restrained from wandering the car and will keep him secure in the event of a sudden stop or crash. BATHROOM BREAKS We all need them. Make sure to stop and take your dog out for potty breaks every once in a while. I always take mine out when I need a break myself and when I stop for gas. Taking him out for a short walk to let him stretch his legs and relieve himself is crucial to his comfort, and will prevent him from having accidents in the car. CAR SICKNESS If your dog is prone to car sickness or is not used to car travel then it's best for him to travel on an empty stomach. You can also talk to your vet about medications that may help your dog with motion sickness. Always make sure your dog has fresh water though. CRATING YOUR PET You may think it is not fair to keep your dog in a crate, after all, you wouldn’t want to be locked in a crate. Don’t project your feelings onto your dog. Dogs often feel safest in a crate, they are den-dwelling animals and it is instinctual for them to find comfort in small confined spaces. Make sure your dog has been walked and exercised before placing him in the crate. Be sure to remove any harmful objects such as a loose collar or leash before placing him inside. Offer fresh water. You can buy clip-on bowls for most pets that will prevent the water from sliding or spilling while traveling. Put a comfortable bed in the crate for him to snuggle up on but remove any toys or chew treats that could cause a choking hazard. EMEGENCY KITS Keep a doggie emergency kit in your car. Leash, extra collar, poop bags. Talk to your vet about Benadryl (in case your dog has an allergic reaction) and other over the counter medicines that are safe for your dog and find out what the vet recommended dose is based on your dog’s size. Bandages, topical antibiotics, scissors, nail trimmers, should also be included in the kit. HOTELS If you will be staying in a hotel with your pet make sure to research pet friendly hotels before leaving on your trip. You can read about some pet friendly hotels with amazing perks here. Before going into the room take your dog for a walk. Let him relieve himself and get used to the new smells. Your dog may feel nervous after the journey so be cautious when other animals or people approach you. Let him get used to his new surroundings. IDENTIFICATION Make sure that your dog is wearing a collar with ID tags at all times. Be sure the tag includes your cell phone number. If you are staying at one location for an extended time you can make a name tag instantly at many pet stores and even Walmart. You can include the name or address of the place you are staying at along with your cell phone and the hotel/ campground/ rental home number. You may also want to consider a permanent form of ID like microchipping. Make sure to have a current and clear photo of your dog with you in case he does get lost. If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, please remember to share. For more information on great products for your pet be sure to visit WOPET [more]
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  • Is Your Pet Overweight? https://www.wopet.com/blogs/pets-knowledge/is-your-pet-overweight Not only is obesity a huge problem with people, but it is now also a huge problem with our pets, with one in three of our cats and dogs now being overweight. Overfeeding our furry family members is often done by accident and is a result of our love for them. None of us can resist those adorable, big, sad eyes that look up at us from under the kitchen table. We only want to make our pets happy, but sometimes this can be causing them more harm than good. Whether your pet is already a little on the podgy side, or you are worried that your pet is starting to put on a little extra weight, there are, luckily, many ways of helping to control the situation, such as using small portions and an automatic feeder. Here are our top tips for helping to keep your pet at a happy and healthy weight. Feed your pet small meals Just like with people, it can help to feed your pet small meals. This means that they use the energy up before the next meal, instead of having excess calories which then turn into fat in the body. It is best to slowly reduce the amount that your pet is consuming. Consider reducing it by about 5% every couple of weeks. Then keep gradually reducing your pet's food until they begin to lose weight, and then keeping to that amount. Doing this slowly will ensure they lose weight over time, instead of too quickly, which could then result in them putting it back on just as fast. Feed your pet often As well as feeding your pets smaller meals, as they still need to get their required amount of food per day, you should feed them often. Little and often is the idea to keep in mind. This will prevent your pet from feeling too hungry, and therefore a bit sorry for themselves. This can be hard if you are out at work during the day, but with an automatic feeder, this problem can be easily solved. You can set it up to release up to six meals during the day, and control the exact amount that you pets are being fed at each meal time. You can even have a little chat with them to encourage them with their new daily feeding routine. Try to prevent your pet from being able to eat other pet's food It can be very tricky to control the amount of food your pet is eating if you also have other animals in the house, especially if you are out all day and leave food out for them. In some cases, there may be only one hungry pet getting all the food, while your others watch on as it gets gobbled up, and they're left hungry for the rest of the day. With an automatic feeder pet feeder, you can help to control this, and ensure that each pet is getting their own portion of food. You can even use the camera to check in with your pets on their new diet. Make your dog's weight loss programme a family project Get the whole family involved in the project! You could create a little pet log or calendar, and write down everything that he eats. This is great for checking to see if your pet is getting any sneaky treats throughout the day from other members of the family. It is great if your loveable friend is happily eating his regular, small meals, but it, unfortunately, will not make much of a difference if he is also being fed leftover toast every morning at the breakfast table. There might still be a member of the family who can't resist those big eyes. Weight your pet It is also important to weigh your pet regularly so that you can clearly see the progress that is being made! This means you can keep an exact account of how your pet's weight is changing, and it will also help encourage you and your family, as you will be able to see the results. This information could also be written in your pets log or calendar. Make sure to check with your vet what your pet's ideal weight should be though, as all breeds have different optimum weights, and you do not want to end up with your dog being underweight. Conclusion It is important to not only look after our own weight but also our pets, to ensure that we are all as healthy as possible. This can help prevent against many conditions, such as heart disease, in our beloved pets. To help with diet control we highly recommend the WOPET Automatic Feeder for Dogs and Cats. This feeder allows you to feed your pet up to six times a day, and you can control the exact amount that your pet is being fed at each time. You can either pre-set the feeding times or manually via an app on your phone. The size of this product is 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inches and accepts all types of dry food. This product means you can ensure your pet is eating the right food for them, and at the right time! You can even watch them from the camera to ensure that they are happily eating their food while you are out and about. https://www.wopet.com/blogs/pets-knowledge/is-your-pet-overweight [more]
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