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  • ezTalks: How to Work from Home Effectively You will spend less money on restaurant lunches, and more importantly, you will have plenty of free time to have fun with your family and friends. Besides that, a plethora of virtual communication tools makes it incredibly simple to have remote meetings with your managers or other employees. Now that the entire world is fully connected to the internet, you can really do anything from anywhere. work from home tips It sounds like working remotely is great on so many levels. Well, it can be, but if your self-discipline is lacking, then the idea of working from home comes with some unique challenges and pitfalls. How do you stay away from getting distracted with home-related duties? How do you manage your job if you have kids moving from one room to another? How do you handle a friend was has just paid courtesy visit without prior communication? How do you remain productive and stay focused amidst all these home disturbances? Typically, there are endless challenges associated with working outside an office. However, if you are equipped with the right productivity strategies and you are aware of the incredible tips for working from home effectively, then you will enjoy working from home. Here below are six tips to this effect: 1. Have a working schedule One of the first tips for home office is structuring the day. Just like when working in an office environment, you have to structure and plan your day appropriately so that there is a definite time to start the day’s work, time for lunch, time for short-break, and so on up to the time to stop working. It is important to note that when working remotely, it is very easy to forget about lunch-break, which often affects you in one or the other. The bottom line here is that you have to introduce a proper plan to your day, so you are at your work-desk at a given time and leave at a particular time similar to when you were in an office.online meeting tools 2. Set up a work space In the introductory section, it was noted that there are several distractions when working at home, one of them being your kids. Therefore, you will not be entirely productive if you are working from the living room. In this regard, it is essential that you set up a workspace. If you have an extra room, then you can turn it your home office. Invest in a comfortable chair, desk, and even some nice stationeries just to inspire your productivity. If you do not have a spare room, you can always choose a quiet corner and set up appropriately.screen sharing online 3. Stay connected Stay connected is one of the most important working from home tips for success. Experts say that prolonged isolation often lead to weakened motivation and productivity. Working remotely being one of the jobs that promote isolation requires people to put some extra efforts to ensure that they have stayed connected. If you are working for an organization, then make a point of organizing regular meetings with other teammates or the managers. The good news is that nowadays great virtual meeting apps that allow remote teleconference, video or call conferencing, live chats, and so on. One of the best you can consider investing is none other than the ezTalks Cloud Meeting app. 4. Pen down a to-do list Maintaining a regular schedule is not only enough, you need write down a list of activities you are supposed to do during the day. Having a to-do list while working from home is one of the most valuable tips for telecommuting. Writing down is not enough either, you have to stick to it to the latter. A to-do list helps you to effectively use the scheduled time well, stay focused, and avoid giving in to distraction.best skype alternatives 5. Maintain a professional attitude Maintaining a professional attitude is another important work from home tips suitable for a person handling virtual clients. More often than not, you will be interacting with customers through email, live chats, and even phone calls. During this communication, be very careful to respond to them in a professional manner. A home office can be an informal environment that gives the freedom to address your clients casually, but you always need to know that whenever you are, customer interactions should include certain decorum. As such, having businesslike interactions with your customers help build confidence about the quality of work you are offering them.video conference apps 6. Motive yourself Being able to motivate yourself is one of the vital working from home productivity tips. As we all know, in an office setup, there is a co-worker or supervisor who motivates others to complete their work. However, when working remotely, you only have‘yourself' to push you to succeed, which means staying motivated can be a big challenge especially due to numerous home distractions. One of the ways to motivate yourself is to spend a moment or two acknowledging what you’ve so far achieved. You can also reward yourself by listening to your favorite music after accomplishing what was listed on your to-do list of the day. From: https://www.eztalks.com/telecommuting/tips-for-working-from-home-effectively.html [more]
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  • ezTalks: Virtual Training Software Best Suitable for You Here are some of the best in class virtual training software listed for your perusal. 1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting Presently, most popular and highly used virtual training software is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. This software is admired for its easy to use features and trendy interface. Hosting any conference or seminar for your virtual training purpose is very easy. You can start your training from anywhere anytime.microsoft video conferencing ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables to add up to 100 members in your training list for free which is revolutionary in comparison with any other virtual reality training software. You can enjoy HD video conferencing for seamless demonstration and share your screen with the attendees for better interaction. Besides, it is possible to schedule, reschedule or cancel any virtual training session with the reminders, and record your whole training session for future use. In addition, you can use ezTalk Cloud Meeting in any device either iOS or Windows or Android.free alternative to teamviewer eztalks cloud meeting 2. GoToTraining The world famous software developer company Citrix has developed this cloud based virtual training software. It allows you record your session and use them for e-learning and training session. This is well secured and easy to use software is equipped with some of the best in class features like screen sharing, file sharing, stream YouTube videos, add trainees etc. GoToTraining has the option to integrate PayPal into their program. But unlike the ezTalk Cloud meeting, you need to go with their membership paid plans to get all the benefits from this software.webinars hosting gototraining 3. Cornerstone Cornerstone offers the employees of any organization with online training Medias and syllabus. The worker portal can be accessed for the examination and evaluation purpose. Cornerstone is available for PC as well as for the mobile devices to enhance the support for 24X7. It gives the opportunity to get certified or complained regarding training session. The learning option can be used to access the employee engagement and performance of the company. The biggest feature of Cornerstone is this software allows you to coordinate with other software to upload files. cornerstone 4. Velpic If you want to manage your training session like a pro, Velpic is a great choice for you. This easy to use software allows you to create, manage and share any virtual training session instantly. Velpic is equipped with a feature rich video editor which enables you to create, edit and upload any training files on the training module. The best feature of the software is it is available in 3D which enables the trainees to watch the session in virtual reality on mobile. velpic From: https://www.eztalks.com/training/best-virtual-training-software.html [more]
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  • ezTalks: How to Improve Collaboration in Your Team Working in teams helps ensure the employees to offer you better and quicker results than what they would if they work on projects alone. So, collaboration does play a very important role towards the success of a company. What Is Collaboration in the Workplace? Collaboration in the workplace is when two or more employees work together by sharing their thoughts or ideas to reach some common goal. It is basically teamwork but on a higher level. Teamwork usually requires two or more people to be physically present in the same place to complete a certain task, but with advancement in technology, with high-speed internet and amazing tools like ezTalks being made available, collaboration is a more productive and certainly better way of doing things. If, however, you have tried to use collaboration but it has not worked, then let us get to learn how you can improve collaboration to enjoy better results. how to share screen How to Improve Collaboration in the Workplace? 1. Give importance to social interaction One of the reasons why collaboration is not successful in many workplaces is because the members of the team comprises of people who do not get to work with each other too often. It is important for companies to find out ways following which the employees regularly get to interact with each other. A sports event, a picnic, or a movie night planned by the company can prove to be good ways for people from different departments of a company to get to know each other. When such people will need to work as teams in the future, unified communication and collaboration are sure going to be a lot easier. Regular informal meets can be arranged for employees from other parts of the world to get to know each other.best skype alternative 2. Make use of video conferencing Video conferencing is a great solution for businesses as it is inexpensive and effective. Even employees in the same building can use video conferencing without having to worry about any huge expenses. In fact, one big hurdle to collaboration is the inability of the employees to meet with other team members when needed to discuss important matters. However, video conferencing will make things easy as you can meet your other team members without even having to move out of your desks. It saves time and helps you collaborate whenever necessary. Just make sure you use the best free video conferencing tools like ezTalks. unified communication 3. Collaboration should not be limited Many people are of the opinion that there are a particular place and time for collaboration which must be followed. If, however, you limit collaboration to a particular meeting place or meeting time then you are just limiting chances, as good ideas and the need to discuss the same may come up anytime. Companies can plan open meeting areas outside the office which can be used whenever people need to discuss an idea. Screen sharing tools should also be offered by a company to spread the information throughout the group whenever any impromptu collaboration session happens. 4. Having focused goals is important If any group does not have set goals in mind this only proves to be a hurdle to good collaboration. Whenever groups meet to collaborate they should have a clear focus and goal and everyone must be aware of it. Until and unless the goal is reached the collaboration cannot be said to be complete. Groups certainly can collaborate on many issues, but it is important to tackle only one issue at a time to enjoy proper productivity. 5. The collaborative information must be available easily If the information required in not available easily it can become difficult to collaborate effectively. So, technology should be used to make sure collaborative information is always available to the employees whenever they need it. An interactive whiteboard can be used to capture the ideas and the details can then be saved as a file that group members can refer to when needed. A cloud computing service can be used to save documents and files in one place. ezTalks is one such tool that offers all these facilities, innovative whiteboard, recording and playback, and a lot more. From: https://www.eztalks.com/unified-communications/how-to-improve-collaboration-in-the-workplace.html [more]
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  • Colt Ledger is very aggressive person.” This is good actually because it takes courage and strict actions to deal with these crooked frauds. He has built his armed force that has vast knowledge of latest tactic to handle such cases. He believes and created the Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. an efficient and trustworthy organisation. More at http://www.colt-ledger.com/
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