The company employs 18 people at their present location. If they are given the Darkel contract, the directors expect the number employed on the new site to be around 35, and if they continue to be successful this number may grow. They are only planning for three supervisory staff in addition to themselves to relocate to the midlands, so virtually the entire workforce will be new employees. The new site is on a main road, (the A5) but out of town, and not served by public transport. A company called Midwich were on the midlands site before. Midwich, which has gone into administration, were employing 30 people on the site, about half of whom were members of a union, with whom Midwich had signed a collective agreement. Although Midwich will have closed their operations before Propipe relocate, their ex-employees are a potential labour pool, and some of them are likely to apply for employment with Propipe.

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