How to update your Sage 50 Accounting?
Sage 50 occasionally gives item updates to enhance or develop a current component in the program. They are discharged no less than twice every year, most eminently in December and June. All clients can download item refreshes that incorporate item upgrades at no extra charge, in any case, just clients who subscribe to Sage Business Care Gold or Platinum design may download finance assess refreshes. Clients who wish to subscribe or refresh their slipped by membership to Sage Business Care Gold or Platinum Plan should contact Customer Support at 18559249500.

There are three ways to obtain the latest update:

Automatic Update through Sage 50 (recommended)
Manual download the update from our website
Install update from CD

Both Automatic Update and Manual Download require an internet connection.

If you use Sage 50 Premium Accounting, Quantum Accounting, or Accountant Edition in multi-user mode, you must install the update on each computer that has Sage 50 installed.

Please review the steps below to install product updates. Before proceeding with any type of installation or major change, please always backup your data.

Automatic Update through Sage 50

If your software is already set up to automatically detect new updates, you will be prompted accordingly when you launch Sage 50. If an update is available, it should be prompting you, giving the options of Download Now or Don’t Download. Press Download Now.

A window will appear prompting for a folder to download to. The default location for this depends on what version of Windows you are using:

- Windows XP:
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsSage SoftwareSimply AccountingDownloads

- Windows Vista or 7:
C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsSage SoftwareSimply AccountingDownloads

Select the folder you wish to download to: either the default location above or save it to your computer’s desktop. To do this, click the "downloads" text box at the top and scroll up until you find the desktop.

Press OK and it will start the download. Follow the prompts and the update will install.

If you are not automatically prompted, go to Help menu from the main screen of Sage 50 - Check for Product Updates, Sage 50 will return a message to tell you if there's an update available or if your version is currently up to date.


Depending on your Windows security, it may or may not launch the update automatically. If it does not, please browse to the location that you selected the download to go to – you will see the file there. Double-click on the file and it will launch the installer manually.

Manual download from the Website

The updates are also available on our website. Go to one of the following links:
sage 50 accounting support product and payroll updates

product and payroll updates

Select Canadian Updates or U.S. Updates as needed and the window will expand. Should you require an update for an older version, for example Sage Simply Accounting 2011, they can be found under “Product Updates for Previous Versions”.

Choose the update that you require and download it to your computer: for example, you can choose "Desktop" as your "Save in" location.

Once the download is complete, close Sage 50 (if it’s open) and run the installer file from your download location (e.g.: desktop). It will install the update to your software.

Install Update from a CD

Close Sage 50.

Insert the produce update CD into your CD drive.

If the autoplay screen does not appear, go to My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista/7) on your machine. Double-click the DVD or CD-drive, and then double click the launch.exe file.

It will ask which version of Sage 50 you are updating. Please select the version you are using.

Follow the prompts to install the update to your Sage 50.


Receiving a CD requires a chargeable subscription to the Simply Freight program. Please contact Customer Service at 1 855 924 9500 to sign up a yearly subscription.

How to check if the Product Update is installed

To check whether the latest Sage 50 product update has already been installed on your machine:

1. Please open up any company file in Sage 50

2. Under the Help menu, click About Sage 50.

3. This screen lists the Version (i.e. 2013) and Release (i.e. Release 1) information on the help screen.

4. To view the date of the last tax update, click Support info.

5. The taxes are updated as of the date listed in the Payroll taxes effective field.

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