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Sage makes available for its customers, a telephonic support facility which enables one to seek support or have queries answered for all systems pertaining to Sage payroll. The Support team comprises of more than 350 well trained technical advisors to provide support for clients of Sage Payroll software.

Sage Payroll Online Support - Key Features and Advantages

Special discounts on extra licenses, upgrades & stationery
Periodical (quarterly) Solutions magazine
Sage Community: you can ask questions or seek and/or may take business advice from other members of the Sage Community.
Web-Chat: You can communicate/web chat with our support team in real-time, by speaking out your queries.
Telephonic Support: Our support personnel will provide a person to person telephonic support for all your queries. You can contact us from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Email Support: We understand that at times it’s hard to get us on phone. That should not discourage you from connecting with us. Email us at We’ll revert back to you as soon as possible.
FAQ: By clicking the Ask Sage button, you can now access several frequently-asked questions online.
HR Advice Online: Access several gradual guides, letters, policies and forms; to be found online in order that you may better understand employment law.
Health & Safety: Helps you keep yourself updated with the most recent health and safety legislation /laws.
Software Updates: Helps you keep your software updated with the latest laws pertaining to the same.
Repair Data: If your Sage data is lost or has been corrupted, the data repair service is also by the software.
Business News: The software provides several online documents and news which covers a vast range of business-related topics.
Monthly e-Newsletter: Another advantage of using the Sage Payroll Online Support lies in the latest technical tips provided on your software, via e-newsletter.
Exclusive savings: You can save a lot on Sage software & services.
Annual Upgrades: It’s always beneficial if you are able to stay ahead of your competitors, with the most recent features & improvements.
Let Us Call You Back: Can’t reach us via phone? Why wait? Let us call you back.

Sage Payroll is of two types. They are as follows:
1. Sage Instant Payroll

Sage Instant Payroll is capable of managing payroll for up about ten employees. Sage has made 3 different levels of Sage Instant Payroll Annual License Plans. As is understood, that every trade is dissimilar and their sizes do not fit all. However, every Annual License Plan gives the user, assurance that his/her software is continually updated and he/she is adaptable with, even the very least legislation. 3 different levels of Sage Instant Payroll Annual License Plans:

Sage Instant Payroll Explore
Sage Instant Payroll Exchange
Sage Instant Payroll Extra

2. Sage 50 Payroll

The software is recognized by the HM Revenue & Customs. Sage 50 Payroll enables its user to control his/her entire payroll everyday processes which include providing payments to staff and maintain one’s records on employees to the managing starters and leavers. This becomes perfect for owners of businesses, managers, book-keepers and accountants, and those who require management of the payroll for more than 10 employees.
Benefits of Sage Payroll

Sage 50 Payroll is supported by our exemplary support team who hold awesome expertise which help you to acquire greatest profit out of the software.
Our support includes:

Online support
The Sage Community
Access to Sage experts

How to Acquire Help/support With Regards to Sage Payroll?

Often certain problems crop up while using the Sage Payroll software, which hinders your work. A Multiple factors might cause such problems: maybe it’s an installation error/ update error/ upgrade or even conversion, and from customization to compatibility issues; furthermore lead into system requirements. We’re here 24* 7 if you require us to help you out. You can either call us at 18559249500. Apart from calling us, you can either chat with us or email us, your problems; regarding the software. We promise to definitely try getting back to you within 24 hours.
Who We Are?

We at Agile Sage Support are a firm which provides you with necessary answers to your various queries concerning Sage usage. We provide services pertaining to updation, upgradation, clarification & technical issues and other related issues. Got a query? sage tech support phone number 18559249500,

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