Structure to be complete, harmonious and unified
The basic requirement of the structure is to achieve complete unity, which we actually already mentioned when discussing the organic unity of structure earlier. What needs to be pointed out here is that structural integrity, harmony and unity are not contradictory to the structural variability of the structure, and it is exactly the organic structure in which the structure full of change and development potential is truly harmonious and unified. When the Song Dynasty painter Guo Xi talked of the chapter on painting, he said: "The mountains are high, while the ones that are exhausted are not high, Is far from carry on. Gai Shan out of the non-show non-exuberant, and what is the difference between painting pout? Water out of the non-discounted discounts far, He painted earthworms. "(" Lin Quanzhizhi ") is precisely this The complete unity of kinds of dialectical relations and structures is contained in its enrichment, development and changes.

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