The reason why literary appreciation has both emotional and rational factors lies in the fact that in regard to appreciating objects and officials, as an active reflection of life, literary works not only infiltrate the author's subjective exquisiteness but also reflect the vast social life, not only having Aesthetic and entertaining, but also cognitive and educational. As far as the subject of appreciation is concerned, he not only needs to grasp the emotional factors in literary images, but also grasp other factors in his image. Moreover, he must judge and evaluate the literary images, which makes it impossible for him to participate rationally. This is indispensable for grasping the literary image. Such as Li Bai's "Qiu Pu" tenth fifteen: "White hair three thousand text, like a long melancholy? I do not know the mirror, where the autumn frost!" "White hair three dry husband" is obviously contrary to common sense of life However, after analysis, we know that the author here uses an exaggerated tactic to write "deep grievances" of "unhappiness," a realization that is the result of rational thinking. As for why to understand why the poet worry, worry about what, even less rational participation. This shows that literary appreciation can not be without reason.

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