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There are many occasions when your newly bought, or it-was-fine-until-now printer runs into an issue and you have to run a troubleshoot. Here at 123 HP com, we’ll guide you through the troubleshoot procedures. We might sometime need you take the help HP Print and Scan Doctor, or we might refer to 123 HP com Setup blogs. So, please read them whenever necessary as well.

The first piece of valuable information we always give our customers is that, most of your printer problems are based on the drivers. So, make sure that your printer drivers are updated frequently if you are an existing user. If you are new to HP, please look into 123 HP com Setup to know more about the drivers download.

Now, the second thing 123 HP com considers is the root cause of many issues is an unstable internet connection. Apart from these, here are a list of troubleshoot that we recommend for your printer related issues.

HP Print and Scan Doctor:

HP provides an application to solve most of the trivial printer and scanner related queries.
The first step would be to download the HP Print and Scan doctor. Now, make sure that you download a version that the latest. Any version below 5.0 wouldn’t be useful for your operating systems from Windows 7 or above. This is much similar to the 123 HP com Setup
Drive downloading instructions.

Now that you’ve downloaded, please follow these steps.

- Click on Start in the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
- By default, your printer should be listed here. If it is not, make sure that the printer is turned on and then choose My products and then you will see you printer listed.
- Select the printer and then click next.
- Even at this point an internet connection is a requisite, and we advise you read the 123 HP com Setup connection instructions, if you run into a connection issue.
- Once you get the dialogue box, make sure you select one of the “Fix scanning” or “Fix printing”.

The tool ideally solves the basic issues faced by the printer. Please follow the above steps from 123 HP com to get rid of the printer issues that you run into. Please note that these can only troubleshoot the software, and the hardware still needs to be fixed externally, if there is a hardware issue.

If you have any other queries or troubleshoot requests, please get in touch via our toll-free number +1-855-567-2017 or our website

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