Eclectic selection of officials. In response to the shortcomings of the officials in the late Qing Dynasty when they chose to hire officials, Cai Yuanpei, as the chief of education, chose to hire members, and he showed a broad mind. In particular, Fan Yuanyuan was appointed as the second minister of education. At that time, Fan had participated in the Republican Party initiated by the constitutionalists in the late Qing Dynasty. Cai Yuanpei visited the country on several occasions with the principle of employing talents and non-partisanism, and said to him: "Education should be outside the politics. I invite a second-party leader. The Kuomintang is not without objections. They are my loyalty to the country and the Ministry of Education has national representation. Fan Xiangyu was moved by Cai Yuanpei’s sincerity and enthusiasm, and finally accepted Cai Yuanpei’s invitation to serve as the second minister of the Ministry of Education.

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