Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol There are many factors that can cause this ear disorder. Most cases of tinnitus problem, however, are cause by internal ear damage, especially in the cochlea section of the ear. The following instances could cause tinnitus to trigger also.Patients who happen to be suffering 'Meniere's Disease' are definitely prone to this condition. The noise is described as a low pitched sound that resembles a hissing sound.Aging can also tinnitus. As people age, their ears slowly become fragile and weak making them more prone to internal ear damages eventually leading to the tinnitus condition.Loud noise is the number one cause of internal ear damage ranking it also as the number one cause of tinnitus. Patients who suffer from tinnitus caused by exposure to loud noise statement a whistling sound.Persons who once suffered from the next injuries are also susceptible to the tinnitus condition where they could experience Buzzing Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Ears:

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