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  • It's BARNEY need i say more. I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME, WE'RE A HAPPY FAMILY.... I forgot the rest
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  • Probably one of the greatest songs but its gonna be under appreciated in today's society. Still I can't fight this feeling
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  • I really loved this scene. Goes to show that there are other servants who can take on Gilgamesh. Too bad he was insane though BERSERKER
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  • I never had a chance to join an easter egg hunt. I'm 25 now and I guess its never too late but easter is already over maybe next year
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  • Bopis or also known as a pig's lung sautee. Gulp I can't believe I would eat this ever once. T_T
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  • The ever reliable ATM.Of course as long as I have money in my card it would be reliable
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  • Talk about sportsmanship but lols this was hilarious. A mutual respect between two fighters.
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  • I have garnet for a birthstone but the RUBY looks like a garnet for some reason. It has a lighter tone of red of course.
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  • Talk about attitude. Probably my most favorite WWF game ever. The intro alone is enough to get you hooked.
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  • To be fair sharks aren't as cold blooded as people think. They are just animals with no brain capacity in short they just know how to eat. But if a shark this big came up near me I'd be scared
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  • Yummy Yummy doughnuts. As a kid buying one of these could keep me satisfied for hours. My favorite flavors were Choco filled, Mocha, and Mango. Now i've added Bubblegum and Choco butternut.
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  • The Pancit Palabok an all time classic Filipino dish. It's mainly pork vermicelli type pasta with an orange sauce. I'm not very fond of it but if do eat it I prefer without egg and lime juice
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  • I'm not an American but I never really understood why the Republicans use an elephant as their logo or symbol. Maybe because of their physique? or maybe they just don't forget.
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  • Soccer is probably one of the most addicting sports. On the other hand if soccer was this funny then it would be more cool.
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