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  • IT Asset Disposition. Did you just upgrade your company or office IT electric equipment? Are you In need of disposition of your business electronics? Get rid of all your outdated electronics with zolopik. Take advantage of the recycling services and you won’t have to worry about the data in the hard disk & ram or any other data stored devices. We guarantee you the data in the electronics will be safely discarded and recycled environmentally responsible. With today’s latest technology & constantly updating, we understand that businesses need to be able to replace electronics quickly and with a latest technology and we take care of your existing used electronics and scrap electronics by paying the highest market value for the scrap materials available at your company of organization.visit
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  • Sell Your Used Laptops & Old Computer Scrap for Recycling with Zolopik who takes care of all these things. So just by contacting these firms, you can take one step towards recycling and help this world to reach in a healthier position. For more info visit here [more]
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  • If your phone didn’t check out your current or past cellular provider. Recycle old electronics offers phone recycling services, generally free and offered through both in-store drop-offs and postage-paid mail-ins. Your phone’s maker (LG, Motorola, etc.). For more info visit here
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interests: Zolopik is always searching for recent-model used test equipment such as spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, power supplies and much more. Keeping your small business well-equipped with the technology it needs to both operate smoothly and remain competitive can p
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