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  • Subscription provides a tem licence to open QuickBooks desktop app fast, and when QuickBooks is unable to verify the subscription, it displays the error message "Ohh! It appears that your QuickBooks subscription has expired for unknown reasons." You will no longer be able to install QuickBooks Desktop updates if you encounter this error. visit for more - [more]
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  • What does QuickBooks Error Code 12157 mean? QuickBooks Error Code 12157 is part of the 12000 series and appears when users try to upgrade the software to get the latest features or to process payroll. This issue could be caused by web connectivity issues in your Windows operating system, most typically during downloading or configuring software updates. visit for more - @DavidDSS [more]
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  • The Make Deposits window in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) can be used to remove deposits. If you use an Undeposited Funds account, when you remove the deposit, the payment is also removed. You can recreate the original payment if you intend to deposit the funds later. If you're not using the Undeposited Funds account and intend to make the deposit later, you can keep the original payment for the deposit. Otherwise, make sure to delete the payment manually as well. Here's how it's done: Navigate to the Banking menu and then to Make Deposits. If the Payments to Deposit window appears, click Cancel. Use the Previous arrow to navigate through the transactions until you find the deposit or payment that you want to remove. Select Edit from the menu, then Delete Deposit. Concerning the undeposited funds: Select the Chart of Accounts option from the List menu. Undeposited Funds should be double-clicked. Choose the deposit to be deleted. Select Delete Payment from the Edit menu. You can also learn more about undeposited funds by reading this article: Understand How the Undeposited Funds Account Works. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I'm always willing to assist. Take precautions! URL - [more]
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  • Failed to Register QuickBooks Library Files? Fix the mistake! Method : Modifying the Default User Privileges Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard during conception. Press the Enter tab after typing File Explorer into the search field. Follow the 'C:Program FilesCommon Files' route to the Common Files folder. Right-click your mouse and choose Properties while your business files folder is open. Select Edit from the Security tab after pressing it. Under the header "Group or User names," you must choose Users. Mark the boxes next to "Permission for Users" that read "Modify, Read, Execute, List Folders Contents, Read, Write." Finally, press the Apply button and the OK tab before attempting to restart QuickBooks. Link to Blog -

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