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  • Apple provides the feature to turn, modify, and adjust the color scheme and style on Apple Watch. Users may modify the settings related to their display that suits their preference and choice.[more]
  • How to Add Users Extensions and Assign #RingCentral Phone Application The RingCentral is a unified communication system based on Cloud regulated application. It enables the users to manage all the communication based set up through the internet. You need not purchase an onsite VoIP system or physical, digital switchboards as you can set up your voice network system by plugging into the cloud. [more]
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  • The 5 Best i5 Processors of 2019 The best i5 processors of 2019 are affordable than ever before and won’t put a hole in your pocket.[more]
  • Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday updates rolled out earlier this week, and you should update Windows pronto. The updates include patches for four severe “wormable” security exploits that can...[more]
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