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  • Martin-Garrix
  • #EmailAddress #iPhone #iCloud In this article, we are going to teach you how you can prevent emails from a particular email address to appear in your iPhone’s Mail app. https://marconixon.wordpress.com/2018/12/17/how-to-block-an-email-address-on-iphone-from-gmail-and-icloud/ [more]
  • eztalks
  • https://www.eztalks.com/webinars/free-webinar-platform.html 5 Best Free Webinar Platform In the course of running a blog or owning a business, there is probably going to come a time when putting on a webinar is necessary. This could be for any number of reasons: teaching a course, training employees, running a workshop, conducting an online panel discussion, hosting distributed events, or any other reason you might be able to think of. In today’s post we’re going to go over the best software currently available for making all of those things possible. 5 Best Free Webinar Platforms Available 1. ezTalks Webinar ezTalks Webinar is one of the most popular webinar platforms in the world today. It is designed to fit into various users’ needs regardless of whether you are an individual, a small start-up, or a multinational corporation requiring easy, flexible and reliable webinar experience. What makes ezTalks Webinar the best webinar platform? ★ Free and Easy-to-Use 1) Easy to schedule and conduct a webinar in seconds; 2) Join the webinar via this webinar platform or the web browser directly without app download; 3) It’s a cross-platform webinar app for android and iOS mobile devices besides PC and Mac. 4) Allow up to 100 participants in one webinar session for free; ★ Interactive Webinar Platform 1) It delivers flawless HD video and audio experience; 2) Screen sharing, whiteboard and co-annotation increase your webinar interactivity; 3) Polls and surveys allow collecting feedbacks from your audience. ★ Productive Webinar Platform 1) Personalize your webinar with your brand logo and customized webinar registration page, waiting room, and thank-you page. 2) Enable you to make money with your webinars by paid webinars; 3) Webinar cloud recording allows to review and sharing; 4) Get the insights of your webinar attendee via webinar report. 2.Google Hangouts Google+ Hangout is the breakout video calling/chat feature of the Google+ social platform. It’s been baked into Google Chat, Gmail, and the standard Google+ Profile. All you need to use it is have a free Google+ account. While not your standard premium webinar platform, it comes with a remarkable number of features for collaborative meetings, presentations, workshops, etc. About the only thing it doesn’t do (yet) is allow you to charge your audience to hangout or sell within a hangout. It has the ability to live stream straight to your attached YouTube Channel and/or a website. You can also automatically record and publish hangouts to YouTube. Google Hangouts is for you if the price is an issue. 3. AnyMeeting This webinar platform for free works an advertiser oriented model to maintain the webinar service free. It is a browser based and has screen sharing, session recording and live polling. It supports application and screen sharing with messaging, polling support and VoIP. You can record the webinars. Easy social media integration lets you share the recorded programs on various social networks. It is easy and simple to use. It helps host webinars without any problem and cut costs to travel to different countries to attend a meeting. 4. Mikogo Are you looking for an easy to avail online free webinar platform for online conferences and web presentations? Mikogo is a right choice. It has complete features to help you in hosting the ideal webinars. You can share any screen application or content in real color quality all over the world with about twenty five attendees at the same time, while sitting in your chair. Attendees can join from a browser. There is no problem of downloading it. This free webinar platform can be used for plenty of desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferences, web presentations, sales demos, remote support and so on. Avail Mikogo to conduct a meeting and talk about a present team project. You can hold product and sales demonstration for consumers. It offers technical support through remote control. 5.GoToWebinar GoToWebinar is by the folks at GoToMeeting, the popular meeting and screen sharing application/service. The webinar version is, as you can probably guess, catered specifically to the needs of people putting webinars on as products/services in and of themselves. Key Features: Full Services Attendee Registration HD Video Recording Archived Recordings Polls & Surveys Price: Starts at $89/month per organizer with up to 100 attendees (Much more expensive than other competitors) Conclusion With free webinar platforms, you can easily conduct a webinar perfectly for audiences in several countries and on many continents on the same day without walking out of the office. You can save your time and remove travel cost also. These free webinar platforms reviews enable you to choose the best one for you, and the ezTalks webinar is highly recommended because of its high-quality product and service.
  • smith655
  • The Best Ways Block an Email Address from Gmail and iCloud Mail Undesirable messages shouldn’t hinder a clean inbox, yet once in a while spam channels go astray and messages you unquestionably would prefer not to see begin showing up in your inbox. For More Information You Can Visit - https://paulgenin.wordpress.com/2018/12/11/the-best-ways-block-an-email-address-from-gmail-and-icloud-mail/
  • avawilliams1122
  • Using iCloud for Continuity While Restoring from an iPhone Backup While shifting from one iPhone to another, you can use iCloud’s continuity. If the new iPhone has been set up and is signed into iCloud using the same Apple ID as the older device, then there will be no loss while syncing with iCloud. However, users must be careful about the data that is stored on the old device but isn’t backed up in the iCloud. They must back up all the data on the cloud. All the pictures and videos in iCloud Photos get synchronised via iCloud across all Apple devices signed into the same Apple ID. If the automatic syncing mode is disabled, then the target iPhone on which you have taken or stored any pictures or other media that hasn’t been shifted to iPhoto shall have all the non-backed up files removed when the user restores from a different iPhone. Let’s check out the stepwise process: Check whether the iOS device is updated with iCloud. Go to Settings. Tap on Apple ID at the top. Select iCloud. Tap on iCloud Backup. Choose Back Up Now Now, move to the destination iPhone. Go through all the apps. Make sure to create a back up of all the app data that is not synchronised through any account or iCloud. Download or transfer all the data that is not backed up. Now, you just have to restore from the iCloud backup. Go to Settings. Click on the account name. Select iCloud. Tap on Manage Storage. Select the source iPhone to check the late of the most recent backup. After restoring from the iPhone backup, all the files used for syncing will be downloaded. source url: http://msfoffice.com/blog/using-icloud-for-continuity-while-restoring-from-an-iphone-backup/ Ava Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Harry Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup. [more]
  • w2ssolutions
  • #CloudMobileApps are a thing that grows faster due to seemless integration and low security risk. Adding to that, Cloud-based mobile apps extends an hand to help in saving the space in mobile devices. http://bit.ly/2KTAGsL [more]
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  • avawilliams1122
  • How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Windows 10 PC The iPhone cameras have fantastic photo and video skills. Owing to the premium quality of images clicked on iPhones, people usually end up taking thousands of pictures and videos. If you want to make more space on your iPhone, then you can just import photos to your computer. While backing up photos on the cloud is a secure option, what do you do when you don’t have internet? Well, you can easily transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to your Windows 10 computer by connecting them with a USB cable. How to import photos from an iOS device using the Windows 10 Photos App You will have to connect the iPhone to the Windows 10 computer. For that purpose, utilize the USB charging cable of your iPhone. Now, unlock the phone using either the Touch ID or passcode. After that, you will receive a prompt asking if you trust this computer. Tap on the Trust option. Now, the connected system can access all the iPhone data and settings when connected. Go to your PC and press the Windows key or click on the Start button. In the Start menu, click on Photos. When the Photos app opens, click on the Import button located in the upper right-hand side of the screen. From the pull-down menu, select the “On another device” option. Choose the images you wish to import. When you select an image, you will be able to see a blue tick in the upper right corner of its preview. For transferring all the media (images and videos), click on the Select All option at the upper side of the screen. Click on the Continue button. Hit the blue Import Selected button at the bottom of the screen. Now, the images will start getting transferred from the iPhone. If you want, you can click on the square located next to “Delete transferred items from the iPhone after importing.” You can do this if you do not wish to keep the original items on your phone. Source url :- http://msfoffice.com/blog/how-to-transfer-iphone-photos-to-windows-10-pc/ Ava Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Harry Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup. [more]
  • avawilliams1122
  • How to Keep Cloud Storage Secure Cloud storage has a variety of benefits and advantages but there some things where the cloud storage lacks. The security assurance is one it which must be a matter to concern. Still, when there is no security or fewer security measures, you can follow the tips mentioned below and enhance the protection of the stored on cloud storage. The guide is here with the list of some methods and tips to increase the security. Here are the tips on how to keep cloud storage secured 1- Backup Data Locally Whenever you are storing data on cloud storage, backing it up is a piece of advice which everyone needs to follow. The electronic copies of the data can be accessed even when the original is compromised or lost. One of the best methods to keep the data secured is backing up the data in other cloud storage or an external storage device. It would be better to create the back up in both storage platforms as the external storage device will be helpful during unavailability of internet connection. 2- Do not Store Sensitive Data If you are concerned about security of the data and information, then it is highly advised to avoid storing sensitive data in the cloud. Any information related to credit or debit cards details, passwords and contacts must be stored in an external device rather than storing it on a cloud service. The external storage devices are accessible too but are safer than the cloud service. The external storage device can keep the data unexposed to any malware programs. 3- Encrypt Data Some cloud storage services provide the local encryption feature giving more privacy to the data. The data stored on the cloud storage gains double security because the encryption disallows accessing the files and folders. Also, encryption takes some preventive measures and protects the data from administrators and service providers. Once the data is encrypted, the files are required to be decrypted before accessing. 4- Install Antivirus Software Before proceeding to any further steps and tips, download a trusted antivirus in your computer and let it help you secure the internet connection. Any malware will be disabled or blocked before entering the system, and the security software will keep the data stored on cloud service will remain safe. There are a lot of antivirus packages available online offering the protection to the system, and also to the internet connection to provide the enhanced security. In other words, the online activity and the data stored on cloud service becomes untraceable to the programmers. 5- Create Strong Password The strong password will always be a challenge to the programmers. Hence creating a strong password will keep the data secured. But, creating strong data only once will not be enough and thus, keep changing the password to make the situation more challenging to anyone with bad intentions. Remember when creating the password; always include the upper and lower case combining with symbols and numbers. The combination of symbols and number gives strength to the password. To secure the data on the cloud, these tips and methods are the best approaches. These mentioned tips are offering the security to the data, and hence by following them, anyone can create a more secure and friendly atmosphere around the cloud storage. Adopting the methods will help you in maintaining the files safe for a long time. Source url:- https://metnorton.com/how-to-keep-cloud-storage-secure/ Ava Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. Herpassion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. Shewrites for Norton security products at norton.com/setup. [more]
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  • #ManageTeamz cloud based solution, can help you make your field agents and drivers more productive by streamlining all aspects of your operations. https://goo.gl/m5pDxH #FieldEmployeeTracking #MobileApp
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  • Get familiar with cloud-based services for QuickBooks as per your business needs at QA Solved. Especially designed to assist SMEs and Startups , QASolved is a premier platform for information on QuickBooks online features, queries and errors. We provide best suited solutions for any concerns on QuickBooks. Talk to an expert at QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number and get the best suited plan for your business. https://goo.gl/2zmMSf
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