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  • Nictcsp123
  • CSP stands for Central Service Point wherein all digital services are provided to the consumers at their doorsteps without being visiting far placed banks thus avoiding all hassles of commutation or time wastage in reaching there. CSP Kiosk are not only a boon to the consumers but also provide job opportunities to many others whether they are distributors, retailers, service providers or vendors. https://nictcsp.org/blog/requirement-of-csp-kiosk-in-india [more]
  • raksha
  • Starting out as a Massage Therapist, I took the leap into massage education and started out my massage school. That was my dream so I was desperate to achieve that and that's the reason behind my leap. I served on the board of the Ahmedabad Massage Therapy Council for almost 5 years before heading up its new school approval process, which oversees the approval of 130+ massage schools. I believe quality education supports a strong massage profession and I like to write the blog on massage in my spare time. Do you know, how did I get started in the massage industry? One of the leading Spa In Ahmedabad portals has helped me a lot to find the foremost massage class in my area. I found massage as a result of my marathon training and let me tell you I had not been much of a runner up until this point of my life, so the long runs left me sore for days. After a few days, I have realized that others in my group were incorporating massage in their daily life so I thought I also need to give it a try. I took the help of Spa In Ahmedabad portal, suggested by my colleagues. And I found the nearest Salon where my recovery time went from three days to almost none. I was stunned, what an hour of “rubbing” could do!! Always curious about how things work so I enrolled and took training, never intending to become a massage therapist. However, I enjoyed practicing on my friends and colleagues and they also kept asking for more. Before the massage, I had worked in the bank and then the family business of Insurance. While these are very different industries, the common goal is to make people feel better. And only massage therapy allowed for instant gratification of making people feel better right at the moment. Coming from a business background, it helped me grow in the profession. A professional massage therapist may only massage 20-30 hours a week and the remaining 10-20 hours are all about taking care of the business. And if I ignore that, it's hard for me to make the desired income. Therefore, After a few months, I started as a Sports Massage Therapist and I and my friend from Massage School partnered to buy the massage school we had attended. We wanted to build a clinic attached to it because it was nearly impossible to get a zoning permit at the massage time. Luckily, we did not know the difficulties and never faced any issue during the process. As a result, we loved growing our little massage school and eventually selling it to the large organization of massage. What I thought would be a year transition during which I managed opening two more schools for them. As part of my duties there, I was the school's primary contact to the massage profession, including five years serving on Ahmedabad's new certifying school. And when the law changed to approve the schools, I took a job of creating and overseeing the division, which I do now. And again the online portal - Spa In Ahmedabad helped me to find a job. Bringing some sort of order to the wild west of massage education in the city is the achievement I am proud of. Of course, I loved my clients, I loved helping others but I feel like what I am doing now has a long-term impact on the profession and thus, helps most of the people through the Spa In Ahmedabad portal. https://ahmedabad.izydaisy.com/classifieds/cat/Spa-Salon/11/0 [more]
  • ajsharma
  • Our money transfer software is a fully regulated money transfer platform that banks and licensed money service businesses use to support their business models. It has high compliance controls available for CIP/KYC and ongoing transaction monitoring. https://cyrusrecharge.com/money-transfer-software.php
  • Nictcsp123
  • Bank Mitra CSP provides Kiosk Banking services to the agents across the country. At NICT, we provide CSP/Business Correspondent of all Nationalized Banks such as State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Allahabad Bank, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Bank of India, Central Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Bandhan Bank and many more. Associate with us and become a Bank Mitra. https://nictcsp.org/bank-mitra-csp.php [more]
  • olivialewis790
  • https://writeupcafe.com/blog/recreation/1195621-the-most-effective-method-to-keep-your-online-slots-account-safe/ Technology has made our lives simpler, progressively helpful and increasingly productive. We can do everything from banking to viewing our preferred network shows online absent much exertion and that has made a significant number of us ignorant of the risks the online world brings to the table. https://www.divineslots.com/ [more]
  • krsubhay
  • How to use Bonuses on Aztec casino When you get into gambling, you realize that sooner rather than later you will be betting real money and making deposits. While making deposits has become easy with credit cards and online banking, it sometimes gets tedious to use these tested methods. https://www.slideserve.com/krsubhay/how-to-use-bonuses-on-aztec-casino-powerpoint-ppt-presentation
  • kinapatel
  • Top 10 Largest Public Sector Banks In India India houses many public sector banks that have been operational since decades. These banks are mainly owned by the government of India. The government owns more than 50% of their stakes. https://www.justwebworld.com/public-sector-banks-in-india/
  • kinapatel
  • Best Private Sector Banks In India 2019 India houses many private sector banks. These banks are known for offering numerous banking and finance products and top quality service. Most people in India prefer private banks due to their quick service and lucrative schemes. https://www.justwebworld.com/best-private-banks-in-india/
  • way2smile
  • #FinanceMobileAppDevelopment solutions and #AgentBanking services are about to witness upsurge in the world in future. Both have their own advantages. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2kpOLoZ.
  • helpline24
  • Get CSCS Card in Clydebank - CSCS Card Centers in Clydebank https://www.constructionhelpline.com/cscs-card/clydebank Get full detail about CSCS Card in Clydebank with Construction Helpline and get your CSCS Card at your nearest CSCS Card Center in Clydebank.
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