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  • Best Digital Marketing Agency in India BrainGuru Technology is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India. Digital marketing is an online strategy used for promoting merchandise and services through varied online channels. Call now:-+91-8010007799, visit our website:- https://brainguru.in/
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  • Canon printer is used worldwide by users for their official as well as personal work. Though it has a name in the market still not free from any kind of technical errors which hamper the work. Keeping this point into consideration, we have designed a Canon Printer customer support team to assist users who are there to guide you. https://bit.ly/2OjGe4S
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  • Mobile gaming holds a huge potential for further development. There are a countless number of gaming apps in the market. So don’t you think that it is necessary for your app to stand out from the crowd? https://techugocompany.kinja.com/successful-mobile-game-development-how-to-make-a-game-1837363190 #mobilegamedevelopment #makeagame #mobileapplicationdevelopmentcompany #androidappdevelopmentagency #iosappdevelopmentagency #appdevelopers #appbuilder [more]
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  • Big companies that can afford traditional marketing preferred LinkedIn for lead generation. Small businesses with fewer resources in terms of money, time and manpower has an equal opportunity to boost their leads by generating leads from LinkedIn. However extracting leads data from LinkedIn manually is impossible due to complex data and huge number of profiles. Third party tools are available to solve this problem. Extract leads data with LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor is the most used and trendy LinkedIn scraper software to generate b2b sales leads. Using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor you can search and extract the latest clients, prospects data for communicating directly. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor is exclusively designed and prepared for extraction of lead data from LinkedIn, and it is helpful for big or small both firms. By using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor you can extract b2b leads data such as name, authentic emails, valid phone numbers, messenger ids, company details, job title, website URLs, country name and location and profile links from LinkedIn and Sale Navigator. LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor can grab and extract b2b leads contact information from LinkedIn and Sales navigator and can export this information into CSV, XLSX or TXT files. https://www.ahmadsoftware.com/97/linkedin-sale-navigator-extractor.html [more]
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  • 5 Best Free Childcare Software 2019 https://www.cloudbb.com/blog/5-best-free-childcare-software.html The free child management software make it possible to facilitate communication between teachers and parents through notifications, alerts, messaging, and feedback without any cost. Pre-school and childcare centers are able to manage the numerous internal operations such as billing, scheduling, and attendance while parents are able to pay for services easily and even be supplied with daily reports about their child’s development and schedule from instructors. Nowadays, various pieces of free childcare software are available in the market which are very helpful to manage childcare in school and as well as in the home. Here are the 5 best free childcare software providers: 1. CloudBB CloudBB is definitely the best afterschool childcare management software which has a special feature like “Secure Pickup” feature after the school. It is packed with all the requisite features that manage classrooms, handle administrative tasks and stay in touch with families in a hassle-free way, creating a bridge between the parents, driver, and after school staff. Advantages ·It enables secure and digital attendance tracking by digitizing check in-out process for parents and staff in a very easy and efficient way. ·It gives the security after the bell rings in the school as the safety is not finished in the school. So the software tracks the children from the school to the learning center after the school to maintain accountability of child’s location from the initial pick up to the drop off at a learning center. ·All the check-in has been modified to digital check-in. No more paper which is very hard to maintain. Parents and approved pick up can check in when they enter in the learning center. · The software has fully digital invoices to print payments of the tuition and other bills. Users can create and manage invoices with custom items. It is feasible to minimize data entry by reproducing invoice plans. ·All the work like management of the staff, lessons, rooms student data can be handled by the CloudBB software for the after-school childcare. ·It can be used for marketing to improve your enrollment potential. Users can plan campaigns and measure their own marketing ROI so you can improve your marketing strategy. ·CloudBB childcare software provides 30-day free trial with a series of brilliant features. As for the paid version, it is extremely cost-effective, suitable for any size of schools. 2. Kinderlime Kinderlime is one of the free child care solutions which is often used in small to medium sized daycare and childcare center or preschool, which saves time and effort. The main feature of this software is the meal tracking facility and accurate record keeping facility. Advantages · The app is very easy to use and can keep the record of the whole day. · This application allows you to send parents photos and monthly newsletters. ·The software replaces paper sign-in sheets and attendance tracking with digital sign-in / sign-out like CloudBB. ·It generates invoices based on how many classes each child attended. Parents can pay bills online through the software. Disadvantages · The training video should be more informative as they need to improve more. · The billing setup is a bit difficult to set up and modify if you need to edit it. 3. Brightwheel Brightwheel is among the best free childcare software systems which are used by the centers, preschools, daycare and after-school programs. It has features like SMS messaging, teacher to parent messaging, attendance tracking, check-in and checkout facility, classroom management and others. Advantages · Parents and teacher can easily communicate with each other. · The interface of the app is relatively user-friendly and the functionality can be accessed easily. ·Brightwheel can send real-time updates to the families from the school to reduce the paperwork. Disadvantages · The main problem in this software is that you are not able to delete sent or read messages. · The billing portion keeps changing. Ones will get used to knowing how to deal with invoicing plans and check reports and then once again the format will change. · Its free trial version is quite limited. 4. Procare Software Procare is one of the all-in-one childcare software which is used in the preschool or daycare or after school. The specialty of this software is it has a special audit feature by which it can show the detailed transaction record to the parents that who did the transaction and when did this. Advantages · It has the facility to generate multiple records. · The software has the facility to operate everything independently. · The features allow the automation to the many levels of the business. Disadvantages · It's hard to navigate by oneself. But the training you can get is very good. · Its pricing plan is expensive compared to other similar software. 5. EZCare EZCare is a completely customizable childcare program which can be the part of the many preschools, child-care programs. It is worth mentioning that it is completely customizable to the needs of almost every type of childcare center and school age program. This software aims to promote engagement at home and also creates family child communications and increase their engagement and involvement in the home. Advantages · This is very much customizable software which is very user-friendly. · It has good technical support and nice customer support. · It eases the effort of creating menus that conform to federal requirements as well as meet special dietary needs of individual students. Disadvantages · Its add-on features need users to pay more. · Only the ESSENTIAL & PREMIUM pricing plans include more features. Even, users can’t get the important features in other relatively cheaper plans like attendance tracker, advanced attendance billing, database personalization, etc. Conclusion After the analysis of the 5 best free childcare software, we can get an overall idea of the software. Above all, make sure that the software you choose is packed with all the requisite features that make it easy to achieve your goal. There is no doubt that the most important point is that the security of the child after the school which can be provided by the CloudBB software.
  • cloudbb
  • Top 6 After School Pick up Programs to Increase Safety and Security https://www.cloudbb.com/blog/top-6-after-school-pick-up-programs-to-increase-safety-and-security.html How to make sure that the children enjoy the trustworthy and reliable care? Well, after school management apps come as the efficient tools for managing scheduling, attendance, enrollment, transport, communication and accounting. They are particularly efficient when it comes to after school child pick-ups. Such is mostly because they are safe and trusted by all-important stakeholders. Now, if you’ve not found the best after school pick up programs to use, here are the 6 most reliable apps and software available for you! 1. CloudBB CloudBB is one of the most innovative and reliable after school pick up tools. It was created to bridge the existing gap among drivers, parents and child care centre managers. With this software, no child would be left behind during the after school pick up process as the pickup management could not be easier and more secure. It is an integrated system which uses enterprise solutions and computing services to create a coherent all-in-one pick up tool. What’s more, it works with both childcare and after school centers to ensure success in the entire process. Most importantly, it has centralized its entire pick up routines into one location. Therefore, you won’t waste time as you navigate through the site looking for what you need. Manage Pickup Plans: Can bulk generate pickup plans for each enrolled student. Bell Schedules: Can quickly specify the start time and duration of instructional periods. Monthly Pickup Tasks: Can easily create monthly pickup tasks and assign them to drivers, helping to reduce the amount of manual data entry effectively and update, edit, create as well as reproduce monthly pickup tasks flexibly. Today’s Tasks: Can seamlessly update today’s pickup task and push the latest lists to drivers by sending notifications like instant SMS, E-mails, and updates via CloudBB App to keep everyone in the loop at all times. Powerful Reports: Can scientifically analyze detailed pickup status for each driver and student. Pickup Module on App: Can efficiently complete pickups by clicking student names on app. Other impressive features on the website include: • Online registration form to capture your web visitors. Convert and track them until they have enrolled; • Check in-out feature to enable secure and digital attendance tracking; • Parent connection feature to keep parents in the loop with their child’s activities throughout the day by viewing real-time photos, videos and notes posted by teachers. • My school feature to manage all staff, student data, rooms, lessons and much more on its BB School App for your after schools and childcare centers. • Invoicing plan feature to make it possible to create and manage invoices with custom items. Minimize data entry by reproducing invoice plans. • Marketing option to plan Open House to improve enrollment volume measure your marketing ROI so you can improve your marketing strategy. Click here to get the free trial chance >> 2. FetchKids FetchKids is also one of the most comprehensive after school pickup programs. It’s dedicated to streamlining and organizing the entire process. It also works to give all those involved a safe and seamless experience as it uses a unique GPS tracking tool to ensure that this exercise is safe, efficient and as fast as possible. Some of its notable features for both parents and school personnel include: • It creates an orderly list of all arriving vehicles • It uses Google Maps and the GPS tracking system to predict vehicle arrivals • Gives parents the change to come up with suitable pick up schedules • Parents know the person who’s going to pick up their child, for instance, if it’s a Lyft or Uber But such an after school pick up program is only limited to the pickup service and lacks for other features to help to manage your preschool or child care center. 3. PickMyKid Here is another safe after school care pick up tool. It uses a robust interface to run the child dismissal process expeditiously and securely. It even offers real-time updates and routine change management systems to all parents. Sadly though, it does not handle transportation that is picking up and dropping off kids. It only deals with front office validation processes to know who enters or leaves the school as well as alerting parents on the school’s routine changes. 4. PickUp Patrol Just like PikMyKid, this, after school pick up service, removes the need for schools to keep on tracking phone calls and notes. Parents only have to plan how they want their child to be picked up on this convenient app, and the information is automatically transferred to the learning institution. The software also comes up with lists of transportation changes to help the school heads know who’s going where. Some of its powerful features include: • Customized printouts and lists • It keeps tabs on all absentees • Prints bus or car passes 5. Quick Pickup App Quick Pickup App provides the after school pick up service that’s available in both Android and iOS devices. It uses mobile device features to help schools, parents and the local community. It allows parents to review the school’s notice boards and schedules in a flexible manner. Quick Pickup App is also a solid platform which decreases the parents waiting time. Its most remarkable feature is the SchoolBus option which alerts parents on the actual location of the bus. It also sends them a notification so that they know when their child boards and alights from the bus. It makes it possible to reach a pleasant pick up journey. 6. Shuttle4kidz This after school pick up program is specifically designed to help kids get home safe. It’s a safe, economical and reliable place that’s been in existence since 2002. It offers a wide range of transportation features such as: • One-way trips • Two-way trips • Unlimited and random schedules Unlike CloudBB which is the childcare software provides excellent after school pick up service, Shuttle4kidz prefers to be positioned as the transportation service instead of a pickup management service to get your child to and from school, recreation activities, afterschool programs and many more scheduled locations affordably and safely. Conclusion The biggest challenge in childcare must be the fear that your kid may not get home safely from school. Luckily, if you’re a parent who uses either of these amazing after school pick up programs, you have nothing to worry about. After all, you can plan and track your child’s drop off and pick up times with ease by virtue of the top after school pick up program.
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  • What Could a SEO Company Website tell About the Company? The best way to determine reliability of a digital marketing company India is to visit its website and check how the site works. Website design can tell a thousand words about a SEO company. for more information please visit our site at http://www.indiameansbusiness.in/what-could-a-seo-company-website-tell-about-the-company/
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  • https://www.techymob.com/motorola-one-action-launched-with-three-rear-cameras-and-cinema-vision-display/ Motorola: Motorola One Action price is EUR 259 (Around 20,400 INR). Motorola One Action was launched on Friday. It is the latest member of the Motorola One family. Earlier, the company has launched Motorola One, Motorola One Power and Motorola One Vision in the market. The new Motorola phone will work to capture action shots with a special sensor. The most important feature of the Motorola One Action is the triple rear camera setup. It is equipped with a 117 degree ultra-wide angle lens camera. You will be able to record the video in landscape mode by holding the phone vertically. The Motorola One Action also comes with a 21: 9 CinemaVision display. It has a hole-punch design.
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  • Flying with American Airlines is a privilege. The outstanding fleet size serving both domestic and international destinations and the finest brands in terms of aviation markets has made millions of travelers proud. For more info: https://bit.ly/2ySpDuJ [more]
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