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  • Help for Gmail, likes fix your issues how to delete Gmail account on iphone, so wan't to help then just visit they informative website https://www.ehelplinenumber.com/how-to-delete-gmail-account-on-iphone Get proper expert help and resolve your issues.
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  • #officesetup In case the users wish to change the Safari browser preferences on their iPhone, then they can do so by using iPhone settings application but not the Safari browser application. https://bit.ly/2EnL8Wo [more]
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  • How To Delete News Feed From Spotlight Search in #iPhone and #iPad? Spotlight Search shows up different news feeds in the latest versions of iOS for iPhone, and iPad. However, some find this annoying as well. Luckily, by going through some steps, the removal of such news feed is immediately possible from the Spotlight and well as from getting displayed throughout the whole iOS search results. Read More - https://askmesetup.com/blog/how-to-delete-news-feed-from-spotlight-search-in-iphone-and-ipad/
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  • How to easily track your flights on Apple devices An Apple device comes with a new feature of tracking your flights through iPhone, iPad, and Mac and this is the easiest way. The options like Flight Aware and The Flight Tracker helps you track your flights, while providing full details of your flight status. Only airline name and number is needed to know the status of your trip. For More Information You Can Visit - https://paulgenin.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/how-to-easily-track-your-flights-on-apple-devices/
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  • How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Windows 10 PC The iPhone cameras have fantastic photo and video skills. Owing to the premium quality of images clicked on iPhones, people usually end up taking thousands of pictures and videos. If you want to make more space on your iPhone, then you can just import photos to your computer. While backing up photos on the cloud is a secure option, what do you do when you don’t have internet? Well, you can easily transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to your Windows 10 computer by connecting them with a USB cable. How to import photos from an iOS device using the Windows 10 Photos App You will have to connect the iPhone to the Windows 10 computer. For that purpose, utilize the USB charging cable of your iPhone. Now, unlock the phone using either the Touch ID or passcode. After that, you will receive a prompt asking if you trust this computer. Tap on the Trust option. Now, the connected system can access all the iPhone data and settings when connected. Go to your PC and press the Windows key or click on the Start button. In the Start menu, click on Photos. When the Photos app opens, click on the Import button located in the upper right-hand side of the screen. From the pull-down menu, select the “On another device” option. Choose the images you wish to import. When you select an image, you will be able to see a blue tick in the upper right corner of its preview. For transferring all the media (images and videos), click on the Select All option at the upper side of the screen. Click on the Continue button. Hit the blue Import Selected button at the bottom of the screen. Now, the images will start getting transferred from the iPhone. If you want, you can click on the square located next to “Delete transferred items from the iPhone after importing.” You can do this if you do not wish to keep the original items on your phone. Source url :- http://msfoffice.com/blog/how-to-transfer-iphone-photos-to-windows-10-pc/ Ava Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Harry Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup. [more]
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  • Are you looking Apple Support Toll Free Number for Apple products like iPhone, iMac or Mac? You will get all the solutions instantly. http://bit.ly/2IFg8mG
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  • 5 Top Video Collaboration Companies https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/5-top-video-collaboration-companies.html Video collaboration has grown in popularity over the years due to the convenience it provides to individuals and companies alike. Some of the reasons why video collaboration is preferred by businesses are; it allows easy connectivity through mobile or a desktop device, improved relationship due to face to face communications and its cost efficient. A video collaboration tool should offer secure connection, should be easy to use and access, should be affordable and should be easy to upgrade and maintain. Video collaboration software are used by companies for purposes such as recruiting and other human resource functions, employee team building, training, sales and marketing and customer care services. There are numerous video collaboration companies, each with its own specifications of what they have to offer to their customers. Here are some of the top video collaboration companies and their features. 1. Microsoft Skype You can connect and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the globe on any device of your choice through Skype. Microsoft is well known and trusted company so a business or an individual is assured of expert control and great security while using Skype. Skype for business is custom made to support companies, whether small or large. Meetings with up to 250 people can be held at once. It allows for desktop and mobile connectivity and all that is required is good internet connectivity. Skype numbers can accept calls that are not from Skype and there is a Skype manager that allows creation of accounts, managing features and allocation credit. 2. Cisco WebEx Cisco systems boast over twenty years of providing networking and telecommunication equipment and services. It is the world's largest networking company and therefore a business can have confidence in getting quality services and security. Cisco WebEx provides online meetings, web conferencing and video conferencing services. WebEx meeting provide clear video and voice sharing, screen sharing, a white board and whiteboard editing tools, it can record meetings for later reference and one can create a personal meeting room. Connections can be made from any device and therefore meetings can be held on the go. 3. ezTalks ezTalks has made its name in the video collaboration industry by enabling face to face communication from anywhere at any time of the day. Their video conferencing software -ezTalks Cloud Meeting combines HD video, audio, screen sharing and content sharing to give the best quality services to its users. Cloud meetings can be used for video conferencing, interviews, training and teaching and other forms of video presentations. It can support a meeting of up to 100 participants free of charge and can be upgraded to allow more participants at a fee. This means that ezTalks is an ideal video collaboration company for both large and small businesses. Not only is it reliable, it is also affordable and easy to use. 4. BlueJeans BlueJeans offers cloud based video communication services to businesses. Members can connect through various mobile and desktop devices. It allows connection of up to 100 people at a go across devices. What sets BlueJeans apart from other companies is that they have an on social feature that lets members engage through social media services like Facebook. This feature enables face to face interactions through live streaming over Facebook Live. It is also easy to use and makes meetings simple through screen sharing, recording of meetings and private and public chats during a meeting. With Blue jeans, every member has a private meeting room in the cloud and allows them to make video conference calls, webinars and video chats at any time they need to. 5. Citrix GoToMeeting GoToMeeting is among the known names in video conferencing. They boast having been in the video collaboration business for over 10 years and they have long list of satisfied clients who can offer positive reviews. They offer options for both start-ups businesses, small to medium companies and large businesses as well. Their software allows businesses to hold meeting in real time. GoToMeeting can be supported on desktop and mobile platforms. The mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and android devices. It can host a meeting of between 50 to 100 members depending on the premium subscription option. Conclusion Having received the list of video collaboration companies, a business should be able to make a well informed decision about a video collaboration company. Video collaboration is efficient, improves communication between employees, it saves time, improves productivity and saves money. Video calls help break boundaries in terms of distance and any other challenges that are experienced in audio conferences. It is important for a business or company to know how much of the business finance can be used in video collaboration and the exact features and services they require before decided on a company. Video collaboration companies have their different features and different costs. This means that there is no excuse for any business for not adopting the use of video collaboration platforms in their operations. [more]
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  • How to Host Online Meetings for Free https://www.eztalks.com/eztalks-tips/how-to-host-online-meetings.html Nowadays video conferencing is playing an increasingly important role in daily life, especially for enterprises since it keeps mobile and global workforce closely connected. Hence, it's high time we learned to host online meeting with ezTalks Cloud Meeting solution, the best free online meeting software around the world. Step 1: Download ezTalks First of all, get yourself the latest version of ezTalks via the download button below. Follow the wizard to rightly install it on Windows PC and launch it afterwards. online meeting Note: ezTalks also enables you to host an online meeting from Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Click Download Center to download and install your wanted version. Here, we talk about how to host an online meeting with ezTalks Cloud meeting on Windows computer. Step 2: Sign Up for ezTalks Next, follow the instructions below to get an ezTalks account for free. 1.Click "Sign Up" in the lower-right corner of Login interface to register an ezTalks account. online meeting 2. A page pops up. Full in your email address,and click "Sign Up Free". online neeting for free 3. ezTalks will send you an email to the email address that you filled in just now. 4.Navigate to your mailbox, and open the email that ezTalks sent you. Click "Activate Account". free online meeting 5. In the pop-up page, fill out your first name, last name and password. Then, click "Activate Account". Done! Step 3: Start ezTalks Online Meeting for Free Get your microphone, speaker and camera ready. Then, login ezTalks to get its primary window and click "Start Meeting". video meeting Congratulations! You're arriving at the virtual meeting room of ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Then click "Invite" button to invite others to enter the meeting room. In the pop-up window, input others' email addresses adn click "Invite" them to attend the meeting. Or, you just share the meeting room ID at the upper-left corner to others to let them join meetings. This powerful solution allows you to hold up to 100-participant online meeting for free at a time, which absolutely meet your needs. attend online meeting Done! All you need is to wait those invitees to join online meeting. And FYI, if you want to meet more than 100 people with ezTalks, please check ezTalks Plan. [more]
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