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  • The prevalence of animal diseases, disorders and illnesses has put the spotlight on veterinary medicines. Farmers and pet owners bank on drugs to keep their animal disease free and healthy. The medicine can also be used to control and monitor zoonotic diseases and maintain livestock food supply. Veterinarians also work in agribusiness to ensure a safe food supply, while also helping farmers boost their productivity. Get your copy or request a free sample of the report @ https://www.grandviewresearch.com/market-trends/50-key-veterinary-medicines-estimated-sales [more]
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  • Lab Automation market Trend and Market Forecast 2035 Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on lab automation market, 2023-2035 covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities. Key Market Insights  Presently, around 350 players claim to have the necessary capabilities to offer several lab automation systems, catering to the needs of various end-users within the healthcare industry  More than 90% of the lab automation system manufacturers are focusing on pre-analytical stage-based instruments; of these, automated liquid handling systems and automated analysis systems have been more widely adopted by pharma and biotech companies  In pursuit of gaining a competitive edge, companies are actively enhancing their existing capabilities to enhance their respective product portfolios and drive compliance to evolving industry benchmarks  The partnership activity has increased at a CAGR of around 25%; in fact, the maximum deals related to lab automation have been inked in the last three years  More than 6,200 patents related to lab automation have been filed / granted recently, highlighting the growing interest in scalable and configurable lab automation systems  Majority of the lab automation software providers are headquartered in North America; more than 55% of the market is captured by small players  The increasing adoption of lab automation in the healthcare industry is anticipated to create profitable business opportunities for lab automation software providers  The market is estimated to grow at an annualized rate of ~15%; the opportunity is likely to be well distributed across various types of instruments, geographical regions, stages of automation and end-users Table of Contents 1. PREFACE 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Key Market Insights 1.3. Scope of the Report 1.4. Research Methodology 1.5. Frequently Asked Questions 1.6. Chapter Outlines 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3. INTRODUCTION 3.1. Overview of Lab Automation 3.2. Historical Evolution of Lab Automation 3.3. Stages of Lab Automation 3.4. Process of Lab Automation 3.5. Advantages of Lab Automation Over Manual Handling 3.6. Challenges associated with Lab Automation 3.7. Future Perspectives 4. MARKET LANDSCAPE 4.1. Lab Automation System Manufacturers: Overall Market Landscape 4.1.1. Analysis by Year of Establishment 4.1.2. Analysis by Company Size 4.1.3. Analysis by Location of Headquarters 4.1.4. Analysis by Company Size and Location of Headquarters 4.1.5. Analysis by Type of Lab Automation System(s) 4.1.6. Analysis by Type of Automated Liquid Handler(s) 4.1.7. Analysis by Type of Automated Microplate(s) 4.1.8. Analysis by Stage(s) of Automation 4.1.9. Analysis by Application Area(s) 4.1.10. Analysis by Type of Lab Automation System(s) and Application Area(s) 4.1.11. Analysis by End-user(s) 4.1.12. Analysis by Stage(s) of Automation and End-user(s) 5. COMPANY COMPETITIVENESS ANALYSIS 5.1. Assumptions and Key Parameters 5.2 Methodology 5.3. Competitiveness Analysis: Very Small Companies based in North America (Peer Group I) 5.4. Competitiveness Analysis: Small Companies based in North America (Peer Group II) 5.5 Competitiveness Analysis: Mid-sized Players based in North America (Peer Group III) 5.5. Competitiveness Analysis: Large Companies based in North America (Peer Group IV) 5.6. Competitiveness Analysis: Very Large Companies based in North America (Peer Group V) 5.7 Competitiveness Analysis: Very Small Companies based in Europe (Peer Group VI) 5.8 Competitiveness Analysis: Small Companies based in Europe (Peer Group VII) 5.9. Competitiveness Analysis: Mid-sized Companies based in Europe (Peer Group VII) 5.10. Competitiveness Analysis: Large Companies based in Europe (Peer Group IX) 5.11. Competitiveness Analysis: Very Large Companies based in Europe (Peer Group X) 5.12. Competitiveness Analysis: Very Small Companies based in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (Peer Group XI) 5.13. Competitiveness Analysis: Small Companies based in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (Peer Group XII) 5.14. Competitiveness Analysis: Mid-sized Companies based in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (Peer Group XIII) 5.15. Competitiveness Analysis: Large Companies based in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (Peer Group XIV) 5.16. Competitiveness Analysis: Very Large Companies based in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (Peer Group XV) 6. COMPANY PROFILES 6.1. Abbott 6.1.1. Company Overview 6.1.2. Financial Information 6.1.3. Lab Automation Product Portfolio 6.1.4. Recent Developments and Future Outlook 6.2. Anton Paar 6.3. BD 6.4. Beckman Coulter 6.5. ERWEKA 6.6. Leuze 6.7. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics 6.8. Pall Corporation 6.9. PerkinElmer 6.10. Roche Diagnostics 6.11. Siemens Healthineers 6.12. SYSTAG 7. PARTENRSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS 7.1. Partnership Models 7.2. Lab Automation: List of Partnerships and Collaborations 8. PATENT ANALYSIS 8.1. Methodology and Key Parameters 8.2. Lab Automation: List of Patents 8.3. Analysis by Patent Publication Year 8.4. Analysis by Publication Year and Type of Patent 8.5. Analysis by Application Year 8.6. Analysis by Patent Jurisdiction 8.7. Analysis by CPC Symbols 8.8. Analysis by Type of Applicant 8.9. Word Cloud: Emerging Focus Areas 8.10. Analysis by Patent Age 8.11. Leading Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Patents 8.12. Leading Non-Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Patents 8.13. Leading Individual Assignees: Analysis by Number of Patents 8.14. Patent Benchmarking: Analysis of Leading Industry Players by Patent Characterization (CPC Symbols) 8.15. Patent Valuation: Methodology and Key Parameters 9. MARKET FORECAST AND OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS 9.1. Methodology and Key Assumptions 9.2. Global Lab Automation Market, 2023-2035 9.2.1. Lab Automation Market: Distribution by Stage of Automation, 2023 and 2035 9.2.2. Lab Automation Market: Distribution by Type of Instrument, 2023 and 2035 9.2.3. Lab Automation Market: Distribution by End-user, 2023 and 2035 9.2.4. Lab Automation Market: Distribution by Key Geographical Regions, 2023 and 2035 10. CASE STUDY: LAB AUTOMATION SOFTWARE 10.1. Lab Automation Software Providers: Overall Market Landscape 10.1.1. Analysis by Year of Establishment 10.1.2. Analysis by Company Size 10.1.3. Analysis by Location of Headquarters 10.1.4. Analysis by Company Size and Location of Headquarters 10.1.5. Analysis by Type of Software 10.1.6. Analysis by Mode(s) of Deployment 10.1.7. Analysis by Type of Software and Mode(s) of Deployment 10.1.8. Analysis by End-user(s) 10.1.9. Analysis by Type of Software and End-user(s) 11. EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS 11.1. Chapter Overview 11.2. Africa Medical Supplies Platform 11.3. A.S.T. Biomedical 11.4. Berthold Technologi 11.5. Efevre Tech 11.6. HSE 11.7. Inheco 11.8. LabWare 11.9. SciRobotics 12. APPENDIX 1: TABULATED DATA 13. APPENDIX 2: LIST OF COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS To view more details on this report, click on the link https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/lab-automation-market.html You may also be interested in the following titles: Digital Therapeutics Market Global TIL Therapies Market About Roots Analysis Roots Analysis is a global leader in the pharma / biotech market research. Having worked with over 750 clients worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, academia, venture capitalists and strategic investors for more than a decade, we offer a highly analytical / data-driven perspective to a network of over 450,000 senior industry stakeholders looking for credible market insights. Contact: Ben Johnson +1 (415) 800 3415 Ben.johnson@rootsanalysis.com #LabAutomationMarketSize #LabAutomationMarketTrends #LabautomationSystem #microplatereaders #LaboratoryInformationManagementSystem(LIMS)
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