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  • tomjrichards
  • Global Interview With Tom Richards And Vivianne Sharpe Hear the global interview with Tom Richards and Vivianne Sharpe, as well as Myron Grace, about Always Come Home, Dolphin Song and A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland. The questions singer and Minister Vivienne asks are insightful and full of emotion. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/clevelandsmoothjazzwjzz/2022/06/05/vivian-louise-sharp-presents-shooting-the-breeze-ft-tom-richards Tom talks about what inspires him to write, his relationship with Carmel, his partner who has early onset Alzheimer’s, and what motivates him to keep writing. For more information about Tom’s upcoming publications go to www.tomrichards.ie. To order your Paperback or eBook go to: www.tomrichards.ie For more information or to chat with the author email: tomrichards141@gmail.com
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  • heatedmall
  • Enjoy Your Ride with Heated Motorcycle Gloves in Cold Weather Wearing heated motorcycle gloves would be the best option for making the best ride. Choosing the best-heated motorcycle gloves is a perfect wind-blocking material, heaters, and extra insulation. Heated gloves maintain finger warmth, but they are not sweaty. Visit: https://www.heatedmall.com/blogs/news/enjoy-your-ride-with-heated-motorcycle-gloves-in-cold-weather #bestheatedmotorcyclegloves #handwarmingglovesforarthritis [more]
  • appoint123
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  • bily666
  • Are you troubled by the false alarm of the carbon monoxide detector, when the alarm goes off, you wake up from your sleep, immediately pick up the child and rush out of the house, calling 911? Will you go mad when the people involved finally come to your house and you are told the alarm is a false alarm? False alarms are unavoidable, though they are a headache, for safety reasons, move outside immediately and call 911. Today, I’m going to share a few tips to reduce false alarms from carbon monoxide alarms, and I hope they’ll help you all. Maintenance And Tips: Test carbon monoxide detectors monthly to see if they are functioning properly Check/replace battery-powered detector batteries every six months to prevent dead power Clean the detector monthly to remove dust from the surface, do not use water or liquids such as disinfectants, because the detector will short-circuit due to internal water When using the kitchen, please turn on the hood and open the window Do not grill indoors Do not turn on multiple heaters at the same time Avoid Installing Detectors In Wrong Locations False alarms can easily occur when you install a detector in the wrong place, such as next to a fireplace or 5 feet around a heater. Too close to the source of the carbon monoxide will have high concentrations of carbon monoxide, which can easily lead to false alarms. Therefore, avoid installing detectors in the following places: Dusty, dirty, greasy, and confined environments, such as garages, storage rooms Avoid direct sunlight Ten feet from a fire or gas source in the kitchen, nearby air currents can send smoke into the detector causing unnecessary alarms Room with high temperature and high humidity, which is not only make the detector false alarm, but may be scrapped due to water or high temperature in the detector, such as shower room, sauna room, humidifier, dishwasher, laundry room, etc. Why Is Carbon Monoxide Alarm Beeping The detector will sound an alarm in three cases: the presence of carbon monoxide gas is detected, the low battery alarm and the detector reaching end of life. The beeps of each detector convey different meanings, so refer to the alarm’s user manual for the specific model. E.g: 4 beeps and a pause: The alarm has detected carbon monoxide in the air, please evacuate the house as soon as possible and call the police 1 beep every minute: This means the battery is low, please replace the battery in time 5 beeps every minute: This means the detector has reached the end of its life, please replace it with a new one If you’re sure that there’s no carbon monoxide present and the alarm is still beeping, maybe it’s a false alarm, it’s possible that the alarm needs to be reset. To do this, press and hold the test button on the alarm for 5 seconds. If the alarm still doesn’t stop beeping, it might need to be replaced. More details about beep please click here. [more]
  • arif11
  • Precision Agriculture Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% During the Forecast Period | Research Report Size, share, Growth & Analysis Precision Agriculture Market size is forecast to witness a CAGR of 16% over the forecast period, owing to the continuous development in agricultural economy with farmer's inclination towards digital technology For Additional Insights, Click to Access Complete Report – https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/precision-agriculture-market-is-expected-to-grow-at-a-cagr-of-16-during-the-forecast-period-research-report-size-share-growth-analysis-2022-06-09 [more]
  • erikben
  • Hoe een fout op te lossen bij het installeren van Garmin Device-software op Mac? https://trackthattravel.com/travelblog/9955 [more]
  • verkfaeriehf
  • Leica Geosystems býður upp á mikið úrval af vörum og fylgihlutum til að framkvæma könnunarverkefni. Gerðu starf þitt auðvelt með háþróuðum mælingabúnaði, leysifjarlægðarmælum og ýmsum öðrum leysibúnaði. https://cutt.ly/qJGQ9tg [more]
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  • This emulsified body buffer is great for hyperpigmentation (dark marks), especially for your intimate areas and underarm, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth all while sloughing off dead skin cells that can clog pores. Sweet almond oil may help to improve complexion and skin tone and moisturizes dry skin. Visit us at https://poshskinessentials.com/collections/bath-products/products/turmeric-lemon-honey-emulsified-body-buffer [more]
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  • https://solacebiotech.in/blog/third-party-manufacturing-in-pharma/ Solace Biotech Limited is the best company as third party manufacturing in pharma with high quality Products both in Allopathic and Ayurveda. Submit Query.
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