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  • alexelegudin
  • Alex Elegudin is tasked with improving the accessibility of one of the largest public transit systems in the world — with a scope that includes subways, buses, above ground rail, bridges and tunnels as well as paratransit. Visit for more- https://newmobility.com/2018/08/nyc-transit-accessibility-chief/ [more]
  • cranesystems
  • Available in a double or single girder version, portal gantry cranes are a diverse option for many worksites. We carry both double and single girder gantry cranes for Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide-based customers. The single girder ranges from 1 to 50-tonne capacity, while the double girder version ranges from 5 to 160-tonne capacity. Its duties range from M3 to M6. Pictured is a double box girder gantry with the hoist crab unit running on rails attached to the top flange. Support columns are attached to the bridge structure to enable the crane to run along ground tracks. Catering for spans up to 40 meters, the portal gantry crane is available with single or double hoists, pendant or radio control, and inverter motor drives. Portal Gantry cranes can help you advance your construction business in Melbourne, Sydney, or Adelaide. Gantry cranes are an affordable way to increase efficiency on your worksite, which makes them a great long-term investment. For a top-quality gantry crane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney businesses rely on Crane Systems for experts in heavy lifting. To know more please visit our website... https://www.cranesystems.com.au/portal-gantry-cranes
  • jamessmitha
  • https://www.techugo.com/ We are a leading brood of talented mobile app developers catering to the global mobile app industry. Our strategists foster innovative mobile application development solutions to bridge the world digitally. [more]
  • Lovekesh28
  • AutoCAD is a piece of CAD software created by Autodesk and is dedicated for professional use in making design plans for projects such as manufacturing, infrastructure, architecture, and construction. AutoCAD is versatile and used in several different industries, therefore, learning AutoCAD drafting an important skill. The first release of the software had only primitive objects such as polygons, circles, lines, arcs, and text to construct complicated objects. Later, it came to support custom objects through an application programming interface. The latest version of the software has a full set of commands for solid modeling and 3-D. AutoCAD also supports various application program interfaces for automated and customized working. DWG (drawing) is the fundamental file format for AutoCAD and standard for CAD data interoperability. The software also provides support for the Design Web Format (DWF) format developed by Autodesk for publishing CAD data. Reasons for implementing CAD: To increase the productivity of the engineer. To improve the quality of design. To create a table/database for manufacturing. To improve communication & interpretation through documentation. Before the implementation of this software, all engineers & designers used drafters and sheets to draw or design a product. It consumed a lot of time for a designer to design a product. If the manufactured product didn’t satisfy the client’s need or if the manufacturer got an error in the product, then the design needs to be changed of the product which was a time-taking process. In the cases of errors, the drawing needs the modification by editing or erasing the incorrect to have the corrected final drawing. For more Details AutoCAD Course in Solapur AutoCAD Course in ahmednagar AutoCAD Course in Aurangabad AutoCAD Course in Kolhapur AutoCad Classes in Sangli AutoCAD courses in Nagpur It leads to the following problems: Delay in production & production rate. Increase in scrap rate & wastage of material. To minimize the mentioned problems, AutoCAD is the solver for it. In this software, we can save the design of the product & its modifications; we can edit the prior design that reduces time to design a product & human effort with great accuracy. Drafting in AutoCAD The technical drawing is an act and discipline of composing drawings that visually interpret how something functions or constructed. A draughtsman may be a professional who creates a drawing to precise its technical aspects. A professional draughtsman who creates the technical drawings is moreover called a drafting technician. Professional drafting and detailing is an ultimate and important function within the cycle of design to manufacturing the complex components and machines. A draughtsman bridges the gap between engineers and makers and contributes practical knowledge by detailing the drawing and technical proficiency to the planning process. Detailing in AutoCAD Drafting AutoCAD Drafting Detail drawings provides a detailed technical description of the geometric sort of a neighborhood of an object sort of a building, bridge, tunnel, machine, plant, etc. These are mostly large-scale drawings that show intimately parts which will involve less detail on general arrangement drawings. Detailed drawings could also be wont to indicate concurrence with regulations, guidelines and other requirements, to supply information about assembly and therefore the connection between components, to point out construction & manufacturing details, element form, and other technical details that might not be possible to incorporate on more general drawings. They may include dimensions, tolerances, notation, symbols, and specification information, but this should not be the same as information included in the other specifications as it may become contradictory and create confusion. Difference between Design & Drafting The fundamental of engineering where ideas, imagination & visual thoughts are converted into calculating and searching for feasibility phase where loads, stress and other engineering calculations are made along with the aesthetics part of the product, machine or any structure is Design. The design process is that the initial phase of an architectural or engineering project which incorporates breaking down the project into manageable pieces. Design acquires many shapes counting on the project and therefore the client’s requirements. Architecture or engineer makes drawings of the building or object which can be about the proper shape and size. Drafting is that the next phase of the planning process which is generally done by using Computer-Aided tools to organize drawings which will show the technical specifications of any project. The technical drawings are used as blueprints for the architectural or manufacturing project. Drafting is nothing but the 2-Dimensional representation of a 3-Dimensional structure or product. Plans, Elevations, and Sections are 2D views of a 3D object. Drafting is that the layout sketch or reference drawing made supported calculations, tolerance and 3D modeling acknowledged within the design phase. Drafting engineers design and make the blueprints required to get new concepts and products to life. Drafting engineers or drafters, prepare technical drawings like blueprints wont to build a broad range of products. Depending upon the character and sort of project or product or structure that 2-dimensional drawing is to be administered, there is a wide array of software tools that are used for drafting. AutoCAD Course in Pune is one such tool that can be used for drafting and modeling in various domains like mechanical, civil, electrical, etc. https://www.sevenmentor.com/autocad-classes-in-sangli https://www.sevenmentor.com/autocad-course-in-nagpur https://www.sevenmentor.com/autocad-2d-3d-course-in-kolhapur https://www.sevenmentor.com/autocad-training-in-aurangabad https://www.sevenmentor.com/autocad-course-in-ahmednagar https://www.sevenmentor.com/autocad-course-in-solapur [more]
  • nikhil
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  • johndavis202
  • Smart CMS solutions & ecommerce website development services by experts in Magento, WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, OpenCart. https://cmssolutions.bridge-global.com/ [more]
  • CharlesMichel234
  • avawilliams1122
  • The Hardy Boys is a famous American TV series that premiered on Hulu on December 4, 2020. The series is an adaptation of the book series of the same name. The actors Rohan Campbell and Alexander Elliot are in the lead roles and portray the characters of Frank Hardy and Joe Hardy, respectively, in the series. The story of the series revolves around Frank Hardy, who is 16 years old, and his brother Joe Hardy, who is 12 years old. They live in a big city, but due to a family tragedy, they are forced to move to their parental hometown, Bridgeport, for the summer. Visit:- https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/hulus-the-hardy-boys-5-reasons-frank-is-the-better-investigator/
  • Bridgeware
  • Bridgeware is changing the staffing industry with its comprehensive software product, "TempsPlus" that gives staffing agencies and recruitment professionals access to everything they need like continuous upgrades, enhancements, new features, third party integrations, applicant management system (ATS), onboarding, etc. visit at - https://bridgeware.net/
  • spidertech
  • A gentle version of kinesiology tape is used on the face especially on the bridge of the nose (See video) to protect the sensitive skin from mask irritation, enabling sticking and unsticking another layer on it without damaging the skin. A latex free, heat sensitive adhesive is applied on a cotton in a wave pattern, it has spaces in between which allow for air to pass through. Once the cotton is adhered and cured to the skin (the sticky adhesive cures at body temperature): It turns out to be rubber bands glued between the cotton and the skin. Visit Us: https://spidertech.com/us/kinesiology-tape-explained
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