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  • igrisgaming2
  • What kind of treasure is available in Destiny 2's Spire of the Watcher? https://www.igrisgaming.com/2022/12/what-kind-of-treasure-is-available-in.html [more]
  • igrisgaming2
  • Janehar
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  • urooja090
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  • destinyguide
  • Destiny 2 Gameplay Guide @Destinyguide is the place where you can find the latest information about Destiny 2 gameplay. Here We used to publish latest Destiny 2 gameplay guide and share incredible game hacks. Read the complete guide: https://destinyguide.co/ #Destiny2GameplayGuide #DestinyGuide [more]
  • deepikasharma8160579
  • Wondering how numbers can change your destiny? Find the best Numerology services you need to help you successfully meet your goals. Book Appointment for numerology consultation online : https://www.astroyogi.com/astrologer/numerologist [more]
  • jajaejanahe
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  • deepikasharma8160579
  • Numerology consultation helps you to understand the vibratory power of every number that impacts your life. Wondering how numbers can change your destiny? Get Online Numerology Consultation & talk to the best Numerologist online in India to transform your life. Consult now : https://www.astroyogi.com/astrologer/numerologist [more]
  • deepikasharma
  • Numerology consultation helps you to understand the vibratory power of every number that impacts your life. Wondering how numbers can change your destiny? Get Online Numerology Consultation & talk to the best Numerologist online in India to transform your life. Book Consultation Now: https://www.astroyogi.com/astrologer/numerologist [more]
  • khurrumzahoor
  • “A satisfied man is a foolish man” ​ “Sitting back in your expensive car while a chauffeur awaits to park it is the pleasure we all crave. For many this is an idol job, but don’t we all want to be our own boss? But, the only thing holding us back is our fear of losing the regular paychecks. But, as they say, you can’t achieve big unless you risk it all” ​ Mr. Khurrum comes from a family of lawyers and following the same path he finished his Graduation in BA. LLB Hons from Amity University. After a successful career as an Real Estate Investment consultant he decided to have something of his own. Just like him Mr.Devesh Nangla, his longtime friend, was working on building something of his own. It was no rocket science when these two like minded people started their first venture together. The things were turning very good for them and their dream came true. But, due to some unfortunate events they had to close it down. Both went on different paths but destiny had something else planned for them. After several years they met again. Their first meeting after 7 years seemed like universe conspiring to make them pursue the journey they left in between. This time they decided to put all their blood and sweat to make things work. All the dots connected when they met their friend Mr. Danish who had settled in Dubai with a brand of his own Alif Global. Many days and night went to gather all their contacts and planning to finally land on their first deal with Bhutani Group. Ever since then there has been no looking back. Alif proved to be a lucky charm. Every deal they touch reaps benefits. While the economies all around the globe were fighting to sustain and people lost their jobs. Mr. Khurrum along with Mr. Devesh started a new vertical Alif Realty in India. They have been creating jobs in Indian market by giving people an opportunity to earn while they are home. He believes every person is capable of sales if they use their networks right and this belief gave birth to their new campaign Alif Advisor. ​ When everything goes wrong a great planning helps you sustain and he is the living example of it.
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