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  • CAN YOU MAKE MONEY FROM HORSE RACING Well, racecourses make money by selling their product to horse racing fans, sponsors, and TV companies. Breeders and trainers make money from passionate owners, while bookmakers make money from undisciplined punters. There are also professional gamblers that make money from horse racing by deceiving bookmakers and betting against the crowd of habitual punters that lose regularly. HOW DO RACECOURSES MAKE MONEY FROM HORSE RACING? Racecourses mainly make money by selling their product to people who love to spend a day at the races. They also top up their revenue by selling advertising space to prospective sponsors and by selling broadcasting rights to TV companies. A ticket for a day at the races can cost as little as £5 to frequent some of the picnic areas that offer families a cheap day at the races. Of course, you can also pay several hundred pounds for a ticket to enjoy the finest hospitality at meetings such as Royal Ascot. Most racecourses tend to offer a variety of food and beverages. Many have their selection of bars and restaurants, while many also charge rent to a variety of food vans serving everything from hot pork roast sandwiches to ice cream. Sponsorship is a massive source of revenue for racecourses. Much of the sponsorship is absorbed into prize money for races, but racecourses also make money from selling space on their advertising boards or in their racecards. Top-class horse racing attracts a big audience, which is why it can be a cost-effective form of advertising for many locally and globally popular businesses. While horse racing may not be as popular a sport to watch like football, millions of fans still watch the big meetings. That's why racecourses such as Ascot and Cheltenham can charge TV companies like Racing TV and ITV a lot of money for broadcasting rights. http://www.fairPlay.club/affiliate/Fbg Of course, Racing TV makes its money back by charging bookmakers for the rights to show the races in their betting shops. ITV also makes money from the adverts it shows in between races. HOW DO BREEDERS AND HORSE RACING TRAINERS MAKE MONEY? Horse race owners are probably the most underappreciated people in horse racing but, without them, horse racing would not survive. Many owners are indeed wealthy people, but there are also a lot of racehorses that are owned by partnerships that are a group of people who all own shares in a horse so that they can spread the cost and still experience the excitement of ownership. While the whole of the racing industry profit from owners, many of whom lose money while financing a hobby that they love, it's breeders and trainers that profit most from owners. Breeding in horse racing is all about bloodlines and finding a stallion or broodmare whose offspring is successful means that owners will pay good money for any foals that are born after this success. For many owners, it is the chance to buy a racehorse that is both brilliant on the track and at stud that motivates them to buy horses in the first place. Of course, all these horses need to be trained by a professional horse trainer, and these trainers charge fees that correspond to their success rates. WHY DO BOOKMAKERS MAKE SO MUCH MONEY FROM HORSE RACING? Bookmakers make a lot of money from horse racing because there are millions of punters out there that see betting as a bit of fun and are happy to throw a few quid each week as part of their weekly entertainment allowance. You can't blame bookmakers for cashing in on the services they provide as, after all, that is why they are in business. But what we don't like about bookmakers is that they try and stack the odds in their favor. HOW DO PROFESSIONAL GAMBLERS MAKE MONEY FROM HORSE RACING? Professional Gamblers make money from horse racing by working hard and being disciplined. Professional gamblers make money by only betting on selections when the odds are bigger than they think they should be. This process is often referred to as finding the value and it's the foundation of most professional gambler's success stories. But each gambler's idea of value is different as, like the odds offered by bookmakers, those odds are only an opinion. It is the professional gambler that can work out when odds are too short or should be shorter that makes money from horse racing. Professional gamblers are also disciplined. They don't bet just for the sake of it or when they feel like it. They avoid compulsive gambling and wait patiently to bet on only those selections they think offer value. HOW DO I MAKE MONEY FROM HORSE RACING? While we've highlighted how people make money from horse racing, not many of us will ever own a racecourse, or be a breeder, trainer, or bookmaker. You may also think that you don't have the skills, knowledge, and time to become a professional gambler. But you can also make money from horse racing by utilizing the skills of professional gamblers that are also willing to offer their analysis and tips to punters for an affordable fee. Following the horse racing tips of a professional horse racing tipster takes just a few minutes each day. You simply need to subscribe to a professional tipster that has a proven track record in making money from horse racing, then place the advised bets at the recommended odds to the recommended stakes. Making money from horse racing can be that simple, providing you have a disciplined approach. You can then set short-term goals that allow you to withdraw profits and spend them on things that you want. Alternatively, you can choose to use your profits to increase your staking plan to make more money more quickly in the long term. The choice is yours. We hope that's answered your question, can you make money from horse racing? Happy punting!
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  • Al Sidab Leader Limited Partnership, which was founded in 2014, was created with the goal of serving and meeting the IT and Security system needs as an Oman automation company. We are proud to continue to be among the best companies in the league. We are the only authorized distributor of eSSL Middle East. We are known for providing the highest quality services and exceeding industry standards. Access Control Solutions Control the security clearance of your employees effortlessly with the click of a mouse. Gate Automation Services Automate the entry and exit of vehicles in and out of your premises with our integrated security system Time and Attendance System Track the attendance of your employees with absolutely no manual interference. CCTV Camera Systems Monitor your living and office spaces to ensure maximum security even if you are away. Visit: https://sidabsystems.com/
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  • Explore the NMI Payment Gateway Features https://5starprocessing.com/explore-the-nmi-payment-gateway-features/ Over 1.2 billion transactions are processed through this service until now. They have good partnerships with many big banks and merchant account providers. With the NMI payment gateway, you can receive payments in multi-currencies. 5 Star Processing is a good partner of NMI, you can read about its other features on 5 Star Processing services. [more]
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  • The birth of Lavya Khanna was on April 21, 2004, in Haryana. She was born in the supportive family of Naresh Kumar Khanna and Sneha Khanna. The learned child went to Army Public School located in Ambala and where she scored well in academics. The student gained interest in dance from a young age. The kid was also fond of different hobbies like drawing, painting, making rangolis, etc. The mother and grandmother of the girl inspired her to take the first step towards her dream when she was six. The enthusiastic young one started the journey with Hip-Hop and various western dance forms. Subsequently, Lavya Khanna discovered her attraction towards classical and folk dance, and so, she joined Satyug Darshan Sangeet Kala Kendra at the age of 12 in 2015 to learn the graceful Kathak. She topped the dance institution in the 4th year with a fantastic score of 95 marks in the examination. The classical dancer in india achieved 2nd prize for Haryanvi Solo Dance in 2015 from Siddhesh Pai. In 2016, the emerging performer won three national awards for her superb skills. The talented star stood first in semi-classical group dance in the National Dance Competition organised at the LAY School Of Performing Art at Nanded, Maharashtra, in 2016. . The graceful teenager won a Gold medal from Rotary Club in 2017 in Sri Lanka. She stood third in the State Level Dance Competition and received the Governor's Award on the 14th of November 2017. Lavya Khanna was awarded 1st prize for her outstanding performance in a solo dance competition in 2018 from Uday Sachdeva, DID finalist. The exceptional entertainer received Karamveer Chakra Award instituted from ICONGO in partnership with the United Nations in 2019 at IIT, Delhi. The best female dancer in India has inspired everyone to achieve their dream. https://www.drilers.com/post/lavya-khanna-promising-dancer-stunning-world-with-dance [more]
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  • https://www.techugo.com/blog/truefan-harnessing-indias-unconditional-love-for-bollywood-celebrities/ The popularity of this celebrity-fan engagement platform is also inviting multiple high-profile partnerships. Chingari, India’s very own short-video sharing platform is now going to collaborate with Truefan for unique offerings for its user base. [more]
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  • Devon Upholstered Metal Stool- For nearly fifty years, Palecek designs have been inspired by the intrinsic beauty of natural materials. Strong partnerships with artisans around the world, have produced a signature style that marries centuries-old traditions with distinctly modern finishes. Wrought iron base in gunmetal finish with antique brass finish handles and an upholstered seat and hand-painted brass details. https://www.boydblue.com/collections/benches/products/devon-upholstered-metal-stool
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  • Our track record working across the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals provides us with valuable experience and proven policy expertise to ensure we all reach the targets set out in the #SDGs by 2030. Reach us - https://bit.ly/3nxvbmO for partnerships and collaboration towards the achievement of the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals.
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  • Top 10 Intelligent Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase RevPAR March 1, 2021|Hotel Marketing Marketing hotels is not easy. In recent years, the playing field has become more and more aggressive, and because of the stiff competition, getting bookings can be quite a challenge. So how do you make your hotel stand out to potential guests and increase your chances of getting booked? Here are ten ways: 1. Be easy to find Unlike before, travelers can now learn about accommodation places in their destination even before they start the trip. With a few swipes and clicks, guests can now do a quick research and make comparisons between hotels before booking. This is good news for travelers but makes the competition harder for hotels. The guest's experience starts with a simple online search. When a customer searches for accommodations on Google or looks up hotels on booking sites, the first things that come up are ads. So, make the most of Google search, third-party booking sites, and even social media platforms. This is a perfect window of opportunity for your business to be noticed. Make sure that your hotel is visible to any potential guest that is actively searching for similar facilities. To make this possible, optimize your site, use common keywords, and don't limit your business to a single platform. Assess all your collected data to determine where you get the most successful bookings and boost that campaign. 2. Target the right audience There are different hotel types because there are different kinds of customers. Each customer group travels, behaves, and spends money differently. And because each hotel is different, hotels must employ various schemes to target each slice of the market. This is why budget inns and luxury hotels exist. This is also why hotels offer rooms at different price points. It again proves how income targeting is important and why each customer must be pursued separately and differently. Even hotels under the same chain can be very different from each other. This is because one hotel's location may be more appealing to a particular group of customers than another. For this reason, you need to set up different campaigns to send the appropriate messages to your various target groups. This is where modern tools like Facebook's targeting options can be beneficial. Targeting the right audience is not only about putting out highly attractive ads and getting noticed; t is also about offering different alternatives to the market. 3. Offer incentives to build interest Your business should offer something exciting to potential customers to have the edge over your competition. Offer your customers a good reason to pick your hotel over other hotels in the area. e noticeable enough to set yourself apart from the competition. Highlight your property's strengths like the lowest prices or stellar reviews. Or, if it's not possible, consider giving out unique erks and other forms of rewards. If you haven't received enough reviews yet, it may be a good idea to offer discounts for first-time guests. It is an excellent opportunity to impress new clients because they will likely book again if they are. Limited time promos are also a good idea because people are more likely to book, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity. 4. Build local partnerships Establishing tie-ups with nearby businesses is always an excellent idea because it benefits everyone. Having affiliates help increase bookings because it improves the customers' experience through added perks and convenience. You could offer customers discount coupons for a local afé or restaurant or perhaps a massage spa. It creates a positive impression that everything about their stay had been well thought of, creating a win-win-win situation for all parties. 4. Build local partnerships Establishing tie-ups with nearby businesses is always an excellent idea because it benefits everyone. Having affiliates help increase bookings because it improves the customers' experience through added perks and convenience. You could offer customers discount coupons for a local afé or restaurant or perhaps a massage spa. It creates a positive impression that everything about their stay had been well thought of, creating a win-win-win situation for all parties. 5. Market the location, not just the hotel Marketing your hotel is not only about selling rooms and accommodation. It should include the whole experience, including other attractions that they can find in the area. Location is a significant factor why customers book a hotel. It is best to let future visitors know what makes your hotel location interesting, rather than concentrating on the hotel itself. In promoting your business, always consider targeting travelers who have not made up their minds about where to go and stay. The goal in highlighting your location and presenting the best things in the area is to attract travelers. Once they are convinced, that's the perfect opportunity to make your sales pitch for your hotel. 6. Concentrate marketing budget in peak booking times As previously discussed, you may need different campaigns to reach each specific target group properly. In targeting your audience, it is vital to study and know who they are so you know their behavior and booking patterns. If you understand your market's behavior and preferences, you can adjust your marketing budget and focus on which platforms and times work best. You can boost or scale your campaign depending on the time of day or week that your target market makes the most bookings. Read and interpret your analytics to better understand how to adjust your schedules and make the most out of your marketing budget. 7. Remarket abandoned online bookings The abandonment rate for online hotel bookings is relatively high. Around 7 out of 10 customers who initiate an online booking don't complete the transaction. Customers abandon their bookings for different reasons, such as being distracted by ads and other offers, being overwhelmed by too many options, or simply having too many other tasks to complete. Remarketing is essential for hotels because having abandoned bookings only means there are already interested customers and are probably going to make a booking at one point and that they need further convincing to proceed. In remarketing, you can target recent site visitors and offer booking incentives to encourage them to complete the transaction. 8. Ensure your website is simple but stunning Your website should give guests a preview of the kind of experience they can expect in your hotel. It should be clean, crisp, simple, functional, but beautiful. All the necessary information a customer needs should be easily accessible, along with high-quality photos and videos, and the booking process must be seamless and straightforward. It will not create an excellent first impression if your site takes too long to load or if it is not optimized for all types of devices. This may disappoint potential guests and abandon the idea of booking altogether. It reflects poorly on your business as a whole. 9. Superior customer service If a customer has to choose between two very similar hotels, excellent customer service can spell the difference. It is easier to pick a business that knows how to take care of its customers. That's why your staff must be well-trained in providing exceptional customer service and are knowledgeable in addressing various possible scenarios professionally in the hotel setting. To ensure that your hotel provides the best customer service, the organization should follow a customer-first policy. It won't harm the hotel to upgrade a customer's room if they're unhappy with the view, or perhaps send a complimentary breakfast to compensate for any inconvenience they might have experienced during check-in. Not taking these small but significant steps can cause the guest never to return and share undesirable feedback online and with other people. Putting the customer first can be pretty challenging. There are limitations to it, but making this central to the business will increase customer satisfaction, improve client feedback, and eventually, more business as they share their positive experiences with other people. 10. Build a customer loyalty program A loyalty program can make customers feel that they are valued and appreciated. It is a great way to encourage past guests to make repeat bookings. One reason why you should always go the extra mile to make a guest's stay memorable is that satisfied guests make loyal clients. If they had a great experience, it would not be wouldn't want to come back if you had such a great experience? Even more so if you are to get extra perks and bonuses as a loyal customer. If you need help marketing your hotel, give us a call at 888-999-8086 or visit us at Bezla.com. Bezla.com LLC Website: https://Bezla.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bezla Phone: +1-888-999-8086 1800 JFK Blvd Suite 300 PMB 91649 Philadelphia, PA 19103 [more]
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  • How to Market a Hotel? | Hotel Marketing December 13, 2020|Hotel Marketing 1. Boost PR While traditional advertising is an important part of marketing, public relations can play an equally important role and should always be taken into consideration in any marketing strategy. The press and the media can create a huge impact on just about anything, which makes them significantly important to many businesses, including the hotel sector. Genuinely positive reviews especially from journalists, travel bloggers and social media influencers are invaluable to this business, and having strong public relations can keep it within reach. 2. Get feedback from clients A hotel’s positive reputation and image can easily be created by getting feedback from happy customers. It is always best to ask clients for reviews and make them available in different platforms such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google. Customers’ feedback can help the hotel highlight its strengths, and also determine the business’ weaknesses, which can be used by the operations team to improve services. 3. Build relationships with partners Tourism and hotels go hand in hand. When local destination marketing companies promote tourism, it almost always equates to hotels being promoted as well. By making sure that the hotel has solid partnerships with local tourism companies, it ensures that the business is getting as much publicity and advertising as possible. It is best to always provide partners with the hotel’s latest prices and information. 4. Make direct sales This is probably the best way to connect with customers. Making direct sales through the hotel’s own website gives the business the most control and profit because there is no need to pay commission to affiliates or third party sites. In generating direct sales however, it is important to make the hotel easily searchable online. This is where search engine optimization steps in. SEO makes searching for the hotel easy and hassle-free, and conveniently converts a simple search into a sale. 5. Find a key selling point Hotels are always compared for their prices. But a hotel that offers something unique or exclusive to its customers delivers more value and appeal to potential guests. A hotel's unique selling point is hard to replicate. Make sure to establish what is, highlight it and use it to put the hotel ahead of the game. Bezla.com LLC Website: https://Bezla.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bezla Phone: +1-888-999-8086 1800 JFK Blvd Suite 300 PMB 91649 Philadelphia, PA 19103 [more]
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  • Should we offer flat or dynamic discounts for local negotiated rate accounts? August 10, 2020|Hotel Marketing If you have an LNR account, say a university or hospital in your area that is producing room nights within your market, you can start a referral partnership with them so that they will refer guests to your hotel. If the guest mentions the name of the LNR account that referred them, the guest will get a discounted rate. Set up a referral program that is a win-win for everybody involved. Offer your referred guest a discounted rate, which will not lower your hotel's ADR. If your LNR account cannot commit to a certain number of room nights and if they cannot sign an agreement with you for the whole year, offer them a dynamic discount instead of a flat rate discount. Why? Let's say you offer referred guests a $99 flat rate. On dates when you have high occupancy, and you are trying to push for a higher rate, you cannot offer a room at a $99 flat rate because it will lower your ADR. To avoid that situation, offer a dynamic discount, say 10-15% from your best available rate. When referred guests come in, you don't need to turn them down, and at the same time, you are increasing your overall ADR and revenue. If you want to know more about hotel referral programs or if you need help in setting up a hotel marketing strategy, call us at 888-999-8086 or email us at support@bezla.com. #HotelMarketing #BeatTheCompetition #Bezla Bezla.com [more]
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