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  • jackaaronjack18
  • In this modern world, different technical appliances are making life more and more convenient. The home assistant devices (such as Google Home and Alexa) are just the next step to achieve a more comfortable lifestyle. http://aka-office.com/how-to-pair-two-nest-speakers-for-stereo-sound/
  • daniel11ryan
  • Source: http://setup-request.net/5-hidden-uses-of-your-amazon-echo-you-are-missing-on/ You might not be aware of that your Alexa smart speaker has some cool features that are not discovered by most users till now. These features are not one of the common features of the Echo speakers since very few people heard about them.
  • GoshoppiAE
  • Hear all, feel more with our brand new wireless headphones and portable Bluetooth speakers. Explore our range of portable wireless headphones & sound systems for home to experience sound as it should be. Buy it right now: https://bit.ly/2RvzAYW #headphones #music #earphones #headphone #wirelessheadphones #audio #bluetooth #airpods
  • fluidaudio
  • The best studio monitors are designed with integrated power amplifiers that provide the power of specifically demanded monitor speakers. Read more: https://jmp.sh/cgzVSuB [more]
  • eztalks
  • Top 5 Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 Alternatives https://www.eztalks.com/alternatives/logitech-conference-cam-bcc950-alternatives.html In today's economy, many companies are compelled to cut their travel budgets. These organizations end up in video conferencing, a resourceful substitute for face-to-face collaboration meetings. Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 is the primary camera used by businesses to achieve their goals. But its call button doesn't work on most devices. Plus, the irregular pan-tilt movement. For better video conferencing performance, other alternatives are available on the market to serve a better video capturing purpose in any size of conference room. They allow real-time video talk with several correspondents and they are worth checking out if you're considering quality over ordinary. Top 5 Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 Alternatives 1. ezTalks Meet Plus Meet Plus is the newest cam for video conferencing with unique features that distinguishes it from the rest. It features 4x digital zoom with ePTZ which allows images to focus at any distance within the conference room. It is especially designed for small rooms. The 180-degree horizontal field of view ensures the entire conference is in sight. Also, the 12.35 MP image sensor ensures unbeatable high-quality video output. And, the adoption of CPU+GPU in Meet Plus guarantees high-performance decoding or encoding ability. Also, auto exposure and white balance (WB) removes unrealistic color casts. WB ensures white objects are rendered white in your video. Meet Plus works with ezTalks software, which makes it compatible with other approved video conferencing tool. It works fine with Zoom, WebEx, Business Skype, Skype, GoToMeeting, Lifesize, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, etc.  Other important features include: - Up to 720p resolutions - 1/2.3 inches CMOS - 70-degree vertical field - VCM continuous autofocus - High Profile image output in MJPEG - Built-in high-quality speakers - Two built-in beamforming microphone arrays Besides, ezTalks Meet Plus is an all-in-one design; all video conferencing components are built in one device. Users can set up the camera without any stress, very easy to install. HD video and crystal-clear audio combine high quality with high value. 2. ezTalks Meet X Meet X is another powerful video conferencing solution that modern organizations used as a camera. It is built on a fully integrated camera and comes with installation software. It allows enterprise and collaborators to meet in one room, helping them grow their businesses within a confined place. Meet X is an HD (Higher Definition) camera built on 1080P PTZ. It has a lens with a 1/2.8" high-quality CMOS sensor and 2.07 million pixels. With this feature, superior image quality is guaranteed. The HD camera has 12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, which ensure images are entirely focused. Also, Meet X is capable of panning around the 170-degree range - a feature that lets the camera covers the entire conference room, irrespective of the room size. Also, Meet X is a portable gadget for meeting flexibility in medium and large conference rooms. It also works perfectly with Zoom, WebEx, Business Skype, Skype, GoToMeeting, Lifesize, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, etc. Other features include: - High-performance hardware - Effortless installation and set up process - Built-in codec for processing capability 3. Cisco Precision 60 Cisco Precision is a premier imaging tool for video conferencing, allowing a high level of business flexibility. Precision 60 has a sharp camera with a 1080p60 resolution which integrates easily into small, medium, and large meeting rooms. It also incorporates into boardrooms and unique industrial projects. Precision 60 has a 10x optical zoom which produces HD image quality in the industry. It can adjust to diverse light conditions. Ideally, you can use it with the Cisco SX80 Codec, especially for Cisco PresenterTrack. The core features are: - The primary video source is HDMI with 1080p60 maximum resolution. - The secondary video source is 3G-SDI, also with 1080p60 maximum resolution. - HDMI extenders support EDID cable. 4. Meeting Owl 360 Degree Meeting Owl, an outstanding 360-degree smart video camera for conferencing, is also among the top alternatives to Logitech Conference Cam BCC950. It can highlight and shift focus automatically to different people when they speak in a room. Also, the 360-degree allows you to see everything happening live from the other end. Owl 360 combines a camera, mic, and speaker in one device. The camera can conveniently sit in the center of a table. While the 360-degree lens can show the whole room, its eight microphone picks everyone's voice within 12ft. The setup is easy and quick. Plug in the power and USB, then load up your preferred video conferencing platform and let your meeting begin. Meeting Owl can connect to WiFi to ensure you get the latest features automatically. All these are helpful features that will give you the best video conferencing experience. 5. PTZOptics 20X PTZOptics ensures an excellent video conferencing, either in a medium or large conference room. Its 20X optical zoom helps to target your object correctly. Also, it has two streaming functionality; Dual Streaming (H.264, H.265 & MJPEG) and IP Streaming (RJ45 input). These are low and high bitrate streams that work simultaneously. It also features a concurrent HDMI, 3G-SDI, and IP Video Outputs for flexible connection and an STD VISCA RS232 control. PTZOptics has a full video resolution of 1920x1080 and 10 IR / 255 RS232 PTZ presets. These features guarantee high-quality and industry-standard images for all your video conferencing. It also works perfectly in low light conditions. It's built on 2D and 3D, the latest noise reduction property. Conclusion There are many different cameras in the market; the list above is the alternatives to Logitech Conference Cam BCC950. They have the latest technology in video conferencing cameras, and they are a value for the money. Article from: https://www.eztalks.com/alternatives/logitech-conference-cam-bcc950-alternatives.html
  • alexais
  • #Echo_Dot is one of the most used smart speakers and is the successor of Echo. It works as a personal assistant on “#Alexa,” a cloud supported service to command various works and tasks to perform #wirelessly. It can make phone calls, play video or music, tuning news and weather forecasting, etc. Sometimes Echo Dot does not register on a particular Wi-Fi network or flashes issues. It is possible as there is no device or mechanism without challenges. Source Url: https://bit.ly/35oqxNc
  • fluidaudio
  • While our quintessential speakers are designed to make the sound as desirable as possible, which is fine if you want to listen to music that has already been mixed. However, it is the studio monitors that serve as the primary piece of audio output equipment while mixing. Read more: https://fluidaudio.blogspot.com/2019/12/studio-monitors-think-before-you-invest.html
  • fluidaudio
  • you need something to place them on. Well, you can put your speakers on the floor or on a desk. But, if you’re looking to a crystal-clear sound and effortless access to the settings of your monitor, you will have to buy desktop stands online. Read more in details: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1047038966332993536?referrer=fluidaudio23 [more]
  • fluidaudio
  • They are used to project the audio most precisely and can be used in different studios, including Radio Studios, Television Studios, Home Studios, Recording Studios, and Film making. If you are looking to buy the most proper studio speaker online for you need, this beneficial guide will help you make the right choice. Read more in detail: https://5ddb84a48fd01.site123.me/a-simple-guide-to-buying-the-best-studio-speakers-online/a-simple-guide-to-buying-the-best-studio-speakers-online
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