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  • Energyperforma
  • Award-Winning Multi-Genre Artist The singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, producer, and film & television actress is an engaging and entertaining performer; who continues to perform nationally and internationally bringing audiences to their feet. Performing mainly as a solo artist, Gina shares compelling stories through her songs – captivating audiences from intimate venues to stadiums. Artistic Versatility For over a decade, Gina performs Pop, Rock, R&B/Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Christian, Dance, Caribbean/Latin, and Classical music at numerous festivals and concert stages. She has shared the stage with notable artists including Burton Cummings (The Guess Who), Take 6, and Kardinal Offishall. Over the years, Gina has had extensive media coverage including Radio “Eye” I (Japan), CBC News Story (Canada), and National Ukrainian Radio and Television. From the Twix Cookies and Creme commercial to appearing in Riverdale, her career as an actress has allowed her to work alongside the likes of John Cusack, Jennifer Beals, and director Alex Graves (The West Wing (1999) and Games of Thrones (2011). Her song “You Are Not Alone” was placed in the Russian film, “Love Is The Best Medicine.” As a composer, Gina has written works from solo piano to orchestra and won the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies Call for Scores Competition (2019). As the first Black female Canadian orchestral composer, Gina was commissioned to write “Glory” (1999) the anthem for Grenada’s 25th Anniversary of Independence. Versatile Singer https://ginawilliams.com/ [more]
  • johnwill7889
  • Peacocktv.com/tv is a streaming service launched by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. It offers a wide variety of television shows, movies, original content, live sports, news, and more. Peacocktv.com/tv is designed to provide viewers with on-demand access to a broad range of entertainment options, both from NBCUniversal’s extensive library and new, exclusive content produced specifically for the platform. https://ww-peacocktv.com/tv [more]
  • Lakshmirays
  • Rays 3D is a well-known 3D stereoscopic conversion studio in India. Rays 3D is an award-winning, recognized leader in high-quality conversions of 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery. Our services also include end-to-end 3D production services on feature films, television productions, and commercials. We provide a wide range of services, such as stereo VFX, , stereo paint, VFX paint, Rotoscoping, and 3D lenticular printing, as pioneers in the 2D to 3D conversion industry. With successful projects like Day 13, Shakuntalam, Vikrant Rona, Rudrammadevi, Street Dancer, and Vampire Dog in our portfolio, we are dedicated to delivering our clients the highest quality and cutting-edge solutions. Rays 3D is dedicated to providing high-quality products, whether it is transforming common formats into exciting 3D experiences or producing beautiful 3D films. We stand out in the business because of our proficiency in 3D technology. To know more visit : https://rays3d.net/
  • ScartOff
  • https://blog.libero.it/wp/television4k/2023/08/25/viene-costruita-smart-tv/ La costruzione di una smart TV è il risultato di un'ingegnosa fusione tra tecnologie hardware e software avanzate. All'interno del suo sottile telaio, si trovano componenti chiave come il processore, la memoria, il display ad alta definizione e le porte di connessione. Il cuore della smart TV è il sistema operativo, spesso basato su piattaforme come Android TV, webOS o Tizen, che abilita funzionalità interattive e connessioni Internet. I sensori e le antenne consentono la comunicazione Wi-Fi, Bluetooth e, in alcuni casi, la connettività NFC. Gli algoritmi di elaborazione delle immagini migliorano la qualità visiva, mentre le porte HDMI, USB e Ethernet offrono opzioni di connessione versatile. L'assemblaggio avviene con precisione per garantire un design elegante e funzionalità all'avanguardia, dando vita a un dispositivo che va oltre la semplice visione televisiva, integrando intrattenimento, informazioni e interconnessione. [more]
  • ScartOff
  • https://www.google.it/url?q=https://blog.libero.it/wp/television4k/2023/08/24/evoluzione-dei-sistemi-operativi/ Le Smart TV hanno rivoluzionato il modo in cui interagiamo con il mondo dell'intrattenimento domestico, e gran parte di questa trasformazione è stata guidata dai sistemi operativi (SO) intelligenti che alimentano queste moderne apparecchiature. I SO delle Smart TV sono diventati molto più di semplici intermediari per cambiare canali e regolare il volume. Oggi, offrono un'interfaccia utente intuitiva, accesso a una vasta gamma di app e servizi in streaming, nonché funzionalità di controllo vocale e di integrazione con altri dispositivi domestici intelligenti. I principali giocatori dell'industria tech hanno sviluppato SO personalizzati per ottimizzare l'esperienza dell'utente, come Android TV di Google, webOS di LG e Tizen di Samsung. Questi sistemi operativi continuano a evolversi, offrendo sempre nuove funzionalità e miglioramenti che rendono l'esperienza di visione più fluida, personalizzata e coinvolgente. [more]
  • yangxinming
  • https://www.overseadia.com/en-US/news/detail/thunderstorm-this-emerging-country-has-run-out-foreign-exchange-announced-default-583782837According to the official microblog of Global Finance of China International Television, the grace period for Sri Lanka's US $12.6 billion foreign debt has expired [more]
  • john123
  • https://www.overseadia.com/en-US/news/detail/heavyweight-four-departments-live-streaming-reward-list-has-been-completely-cancelled-574775226On May 7th, four departments including the Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the National Internet Information Office were established [more]
  • ScartOff
  • https://blog.libero.it/wp/television4k/ un sito tutto dedicato alle televisioni di ultima generazione cioè le Smart TV con recensioni, guide e articoli su tutto quello che riguarda l'intrattenimento televisivo e lo streaming su smart TV di serie TV e tantissimi film. [more]
  • pranaliahuja
  • What are the career opportunities after completing bridal makeup courses in Mumbai? Completing bridal makeup courses in Mumbai opens up various exciting career opportunities in the beauty industry. Graduates can work as professional bridal makeup artists for weddings, fashion shows, and special events. They can also pursue careers as freelance makeup artists, offering their services to clients and building their clientele. Bridal makeup courses can lead to employment in beauty salons, makeup studios, fashion magazines, film and television productions, or even as educators in makeup academies. For more information visit: https://www.dollygreenacademy.com/academy/advanced-bridal-make-up-course/ [more]
  • America’s Test Kitchen Stars Connect Us Read More Article: https://kitchenkosmos.com/americas-test-kitchen-stars/ Are you passionate about cooking and constantly seeking inspiration in the culinary world? Look no further than America’s Test Kitchen Stars, a group of exceptional culinary experts who have revolutionized the way we approach cooking and baking. In this article, we will delve into the lives and accomplishments of these talented individuals who have become an integral part of America’s culinary landscape. From their expertise in the kitchen to their influential cookbooks and television shows, let’s explore the fascinating world of America’s Test Kitchen Stars.
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