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  • http://gonorton-com.com/blog/how-to-use-guided-access-on-iphone-and-ipad How to Use Guided Access on iPhone and iPad It is a simple procedure to switch among applications on the iPhone and iPad. In case you do not want any other person to look at your device screen, then the Guided Access will help you put a security code on your device display to any particular application so that the things on your iOS remains safe. If you wish to know the steps for setting up or using the Guided Access on iPhone and iPad, then go through the steps listed below.
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  • How to easily track your flights on Apple devices An Apple device comes with a new feature of tracking your flights through iPhone, iPad, and Mac and this is the easiest way. The options like Flight Aware and The Flight Tracker helps you track your flights, while providing full details of your flight status. Only airline name and number is needed to know the status of your trip. For More Information You Can Visit - https://paulgenin.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/how-to-easily-track-your-flights-on-apple-devices/
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  • How to Join Online Meetings - ezTalks https://www.eztalks.com/eztalks-tips/how-to-join-online-meetings.html Video conferencing has changed the way we used to hold a meeting and expanded traditional meetings from conference room to office desktops, home laptops and mobile devices. Namely, EZTalks empowers us to join an online meeting anytime from ANY place! Generally, you’ll receive an email from EZTalks team with the information of meeting number. Copy that number and follow the 2 ways below to freely join online meeting with EZTalks. email invitation Way 1: Join EZTalks Online Meeting without Login ① Launch EZTalks and click the “Join a meeting” button on the top right corner to switch Login interface to Join. login eztalks ② Then you’ll get the Join interface as below. Enter the meeting number and type your name (It would display during the meeting). joinonlinemeeting ③ Click “Join” and you can freely join online meeting Way 2: Attend EZTalks Meeting Online after Login ① Launch EZTalks and login with your account, then click “Join Meeting” on the main interface. eztalksmaininterface ② Then you’ll get another Join interface with your name (The name you used to sign up for EZTalks) on it. Enter the meeting number. attend online meeting ③ Click “Join” and you’ll successfully attend EZTalks online meeting within seconds. Extremely easy, isn’t it? And if you want to join online meeting from iPad, iPhone or Android phones, you can get an equivalent iOS/Android version of EZTalks from download center. Note: Don’t worry that you may fail to join online meeting with no EZTalks at hand, one click on the “Join” button of the email invitation would guide you to quickly and rightly install EZTalks. [more]
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