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  • justwebworld
  • How to Develop a Year-Long Content Strategy for Your Blog Blogging refers to much more than creating content and SEO rankings. Yet, a lot of bloggers don’t seem to understand this issue. So, they dedicate all their mental capacity and creative thinking to their blog posts. https://www.justwebworld.com/how-to-develop-year-long-content-strategy/
  • sellinajohn
  • Ways Run Rapid Security Tests on Magento Stores to Avoid Threats Do you know that Magento stands on number three and has 13% of market share in the eCommerce industry? If you are running an online business then you must have heard a lot about Magento. Nothing could be better than using Magento development services to build an eCommerce store. However, Magento offers great security to the websites but considering the cyber perpetrators, it is not a good idea to turn completely blind eye. When it comes to the security of your eCommerce store then you must extra precautions. According to the report generated by “Astra” around 60% of Magento users have are facing at least one vulnerability. In this blog, I have complied together quicks through which you can run security test on your Magneto store to ensure everything’s working smoothly. However, if you are dealing with any kind of vulnerability on your online store then you can hire the eCommerce development services from professionals to fix it. Now let’s move on to learn some quick ways to manage security of Magento store. Quick Security Test for Magento Stores Basic Checks: Before moving on to anything else, you must ensure that Magento version and its extensions are updated. As we all know that various updates keep coming on regular basis. These updates come with security fixes and bug improvements. These updates will take care of all kind loopholes persisting in your Magento store. By downloading and installing the latest version of Magento, security patches, and tools you’ve completed most of the work. These updates with multiple enhancements and functional fixes. Secure Admin URL and Credentials: Another most effective and perhaps the most overlooked method to secure Magento store is by maintaining secured URL and credential. You can simply check the admin panel URL. Make sure that you have been using the strong usernames and passwords. The complex passwords can tighten the security of your Magento store. Along with that, you can even set new passwords time to time to keep your credentials safe. Gain SSL Certificates: By gaining secure socket layer, you can standardize the encryption of information private between browsers and servers. The SSL certificates are mandatory to add extra layer of security to protect sensitive data. This is one important security protocol that is deployed for making flow of information seamless between servers and browsers. This would make your internet traffic communicate using HTTPS protocol. Any information added to your Magento store will be encrypted timely. Another benefit of SSL certificates is that it would also help you with the SERP rankings. Choose Best Hosting Provider: One thing that could manage the security of your Magento store is through managed hosting. By using the right hosting provider such as Cloudways managed cloud hosting you can be sure about the security of your Magento store. With the selection of right hosting you will get SSL-certificate. It provides you reminder about the new versions of Magento. You can also remain assured about the data backups. Wrapping Up As soon as you face any kind of issues then instead of getting panic you can get in touch with the development team. The security issues and vulnerability can put your online business at stake. Seeking professionals to monitor the security of your website? Here is what you can do - Get Effective Security Solutions For Magento Stores from BookMyEssay! As a leading eCommerce website development company, Qdexi Technology comprise of the team of expert Magento developers who possess best knowledge and expertise to deal with any kind of security issues on eCommerce website. So, stop waiting and get in touch with them today! Read more here: https://www.qdexitechnology.com/magento-development-service Email Id: contact@qdexitechnology.com [more]
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  • You should find out the SEO strategy used by the top SEO services company to increase the ranking. Stay away from companies that use spam advertising methods to reach the top rankings.A good SEO company in India should not make false promises. https://bit.ly/3biZPcH
  • dseocompanyindelhi
  • Hi, i am Diya Soni and we are being the best leading SEO company in Delhi, we help all services businesses achieve better search engine rankings with top SEO services. The Delhi based SEO service team at SEO Latest Updates has years of experience in successfully ranking websites for their targeted keywords. https://www.seolatestupdates.com/
  • ResultDrivenSEO
  • Result Driven SEO Suite B605, 444 Harris street, Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia "Result Driven SEO was founded in 2010 to help small businesses develop their on-line presence through beautifully designed websites and organic search engine optimisation (SEO), at affordable prices that focuses on developing sales leads and conversion. Our service goal is to optimise your website to its highest potential, maximising business opportunities from prospects gained using search-engine friendly website design and ethical search engine optimisation practices. Our philosophy is not just about developing attractive looking websites or increasing rankings in search engine optimisation, but building websites and increasing web traffic that is geared towards affecting our clients’ bottom line. We put our clients’ benefit above all else, and we work hard every single day to deliver on our promised performance. For us, it isn’t a 9-5 working style; we understand that your website never sleeps and we remain available as much as possible to immediately resolve any issue or to answer any question. We treat our clients’ business as if it was our own and we always put ourselves in their position to understand their concerns, working together to solve any situation immediately as you would expect a reliable business partner to do. Expertise, hard work and honesty work as the critical principles in our approach to your projects, and the foundation for your website’s success." http://resultdrivenseo.com.au [more]
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  • digimediabiz
  • Digital Marketing Agency in Faridabad http://www.digi-media.in/our-services/search-engine-optimization/ Digi Media is the best SEO agency in Faridabad and gives professional and cost-effective SEO service in Faridabad to the customers. Our Seo team has enough capability to improve your SERP Rankings on Search Engines.
  • ellawilson
  • Local SEO Pricing: How Much Does Local SEO Cost? Local SEO is a game-changer for every location-based business, it improves your ranking in SERP and website traffic. Higher rankings lead to better traffic, more conversions, and sales. This article tells you about SEO pricing models. If you’re looking for local SEO packages, find out which model suits your business. https://bit.ly/358ReoM
  • deliciousslots
  • https://bestonlinebingogame.wordpress.com/2019/12/20/how-we-help-in-result-top-online-bingo-site-uk/ How we help in result top online bingo site UK Most of the online bingo site UK that create listings and rankings of the best bingo operators go as far as comparing the bonuses and the games. We think that there are many other vital requirements a free spins bingo sites has to fulfill after a player make a decision to create an account. #quidbingo #freebingonodeposit #freespinsbingosites
  • deliciousslots
  • https://mostpopularbingosites.blogspot.com/2019/12/what-all-you-can-expect-in-most-popular.html What all you can expect in most popular online bingo site UK? All new bingo sites in UK can’t be careful best or most popular online bingo site UK between players. There are only a few sites that manage to seize thought of players, highest rankings and ratings online bingo games. These sites also listed on various bingo sites UK portals such as Quid Bingo. #quidbingo #freebingonodeposit #freespinsbingosites
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