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  • MubazGmi
  • LI-FI MARKET IS EXPECTED TO SURPASS THE USD 2,548 MILLION BY 2025 Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) or Visible Light Communication (VLC) is a wireless communication technology used to transmit data quickly over the ultraviolet, visible light spectrum, and infrared radiation. LiFi systems consist of different components, such as Light Emitting Diode (LED), Photodetector, and Microcontroller. Light acts as the primary source for high-speed data transfer by activating the conversion of light waves into an electric signal by a photodetector. For more info: https://www.ktvn.com/story/45196904/li-fi-market-is-expected-to-surpass-the-usd-2548-million-by-2025 [more]
  • idyatechnology
  • AR Wearable technology is wholly the great modernism. Wearable AR may not replace your smartphone altogether, but it's sure to play a vital role in the next evolution of smartphone technology. Check out this blog - https://bit.ly/30BWMMq to find out why wearable AR is the next evolution in smartphone technology. Looking for an AR App Development Company in Australia? Visit #IDYA - https://bit.ly/3p5SI0m. #WearableAR #WearableARTechnology #ARAppDevelopmentCompany #ARWearableAppDevelopersInAustralia #ARWearableAppDevelopmentServices #TechUpdates
  • idyatechnology
  • With extensive knowledge of providing tech solutions, IDYA creates and offers a wide range of comprehensive IT solutions and services for your organization, that stands to serve the purpose of all your technological requirements. Looking for a trustable IT Solutions Provider in Australia to help you grow your business? IDYA is your answer. Check out this quick link - https://bit.ly/3maSinJ to know more information about us! #ITSolutions #ITConsulting #ITServices #ITConsultingCompany #TrustableITSolutionProvider #TechSolutions #IDYATechnology
  • Drpenusa
  • Buy the Best Professional Microneedling Serums Today! drpenusa.com Dr. Pen offers a safe and low-cost home treatment microneedling option that can permanently remove blemishes from your skin in just a few days. The Hydrapen H2 is a new concept skincare device that has proved to make your skin feel refreshed, hydrated, and natural. An automated serum applicator founded by Dr.Pen brand, use this innovative technology safely at your home to improve the efficiency of the skincare routine. One of the great advantages of using this pen is that it gives you the maximum flexibility of using it with one hand. So buy the professional microneedling serums applicator today and easily remove your blemishes in your own home. Visit us at: https://drpenusa.com/collections/glide-serum-post-procedure
  • spellboundwigs
  • la Buona vita means good life in Italian. The name of our latest, trendy, and sophisticated bob, "Bona Vita," comes from Bona Vita Coffee makers. Like the BelleTress team of designers and developers, Bona Vita Coffee engineers focus on their efforts to innovate with technology, luxury, and originality. Updated and modern, Bona Vita is made with the proprietary, most delicate yet durable lace front, partial mono, and Luxurious BT fiber. Bona Vita gives you a perfect length for comfort and elegance with a hint of thin layers and a soft curve. https://spellboundwigs.com/collections/new-and-featured-styles/products/bona-vita-cafe-collection-by-belle-tress
  • colourfast
  • With Colourfast, you'll get a team with a lot of knowledge, as well as the assurance that all plastic card manufacture is done with the most up-to-date technology available. Plastic cards of different types and sizes are printed to exactly suit the needs of your company. https://www.colourfast.com/usa/
  • ukvaporwaves1
  • The vape shop has an amazing range of vaping products starting from e-cigarettes that are disposable and perfect for one-time use to advance mechanical mods which can be completely customized. The mods are designed with intelligent technology for controlled airflow.   https://ukvaporwaves.com/blog/how-are-vapes-improving-with-the-addition-of-innovative-technology/
  • intellibuddies
  • RPA is a software technology that makes it simple to create, implement, and operate smart machines that mimic human behaviors while dealing with digital devices and applications. Demonstrate what you want the bots to accomplish, then leave them to it. Follow us - https://intellibuddies.com
  • MubazGmi
  • Autonomous Vehicle Market Share & Industry Forecast Report, 2020-2027 The ongoing technological modernisation and various research and development activities attributed to the development of electric vehicles have captivated a huge number of customers towards the global Autonomous Vehicle market. Also, the robust demand for dependable transportation system, increasing application of advanced technology For additional insights, click to access: https://unswap.com/read-blog/82863 [more]
  • sortedsuman
  • Facilities Management’s core role in manufacturing spaces is to make it safe for its ‘workers’. Multiple departments – FM, HR, IR, EHS, Admin – are focussing on the safety, wellness and productivity of its workers. This entails adoption of technology-based solutions for communications, process implementation and cost-optimization. Moving forward, outsourcing IFM, Smart Solutions, Digitalisation, Robotic Cleaning, and more will be part of the Future of FM in Manufacturing. Customer-centric approach, Collaboration and Leadership are core to successful operations. Hire Sodexo Onsite for the best facility management services. Please Visit: https://in.sodexo.com/services/facilities-management-services.html
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